Are You Growing?

Probing Questions

Are you growing in The Lord, or does His teaching go ignored?

Has He in you made a change, or do you simply live the same?

Has His Word within your heart, sincerely given change a start?

Or does the change you begin, get hampered by your daily sin?

Just like a baby my dear friend, are all men who are born again,

And just like a baby at the start, we have for God a tender heart.

We need to trust and follow Him, as God leads us away from sin.

And like a baby we need to grow, so our fruit for Christ can show.

Can believers help other men, when they don’t grow my friend?

Will men believe what God can do, if they see no growth in you?

Do you build upon God’s Truth, making your life His living proof,

That He truly changes lives, through the Power of Jesus Christ?

True change begins in The Spirit, and The Word as men hear it,

And as you then apply The Word, growth in your heart is stirred.

And our life becomes a testament, to the One that God had sent,

Then like His Son Jesus Christ, men need to become a sacrifice.

How can you not grow for Christ, when God gave to you His life?

How can you help others to see, if you remain a baby spiritually?

Let The Spirit, who lives inside, to help you grow and be a guide,

So you can be all that you can be, leading others to life eternally.

(Copyright ©08/2006)

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