The Witch in the Forest.....


The Witch in the Forest, , , had a

"terrible rep'...

for years and years, people

had thought that she ate

children..and "Their children"!

to be more exact!!!

But, heavens no!

This witch, had cable!

This witch loved to cook!

She watched all of the

food channel shows!

When two little children,

(Hansel and Grethel,


came to her door, one

fine November morning,

she bustled to the front


"Oh, My! Two Weetle Chewdren"

(that is how she said it!)

The two children knocked,

politely...and the witch hurried

to open the door for them!

"Come in, Come in,

you are most welcome!"

Then Hansel said,

"We are terribly lost, and

my sister is starving, well,

so am I!"

The witch had "instant

dinner guests!" (and no,

she wasn't going to

eat them!")

"Would you two like to sit

down? I have just made

a very fine meal, fit for a

a nobleman!" she said

beaming widely.

The children smiled and


Soon, they had gone thru

the Asian Chicken Salad,

the crablegs, and the tofu

soup, and the large Texas

toast, and the strawberry

rhubarb cobbler!

"Would you two like

anything else? " she

politely asked them.

"No. we are FUUULLLL!"

they laughed together.

Those two children

had never known that the

Witch in the Woods could

cook so fine, and or make

such a delicious and

satisfying meal, as she had

cooked that very night!

"YOU are the Bomb!"

said the boy.

"YOu sure can cook, and

bake!" said the little


"Do you think so?!" asked the

forest witch, quite pleased.

"Oh, definitely so!" the two

children said with gusto,

in unison.

"Why, you should open up

a restaurant...I 'd bet that

many, many

people would come to

eat here!"

Well, do you know, that

that is exactly what that

witch decided to do, , , and

do you know what else?

SHe named it after herself,

"The FoReSt WiTcH "

, and then she had a bakery,

in which she dubbed

"Hansel and Grethel's".

Just as the children had

predicted, people from

nearly everywhere came

to dine at "The Forest Witch"!

At Halloween, the Witch

in the Forest, made up

some dandies...there were,

broomstick "pops", frozen

and candied, candied

eyeballs that moved and

or jiggled, witches on

broomstick sugar snaps,

and cats made out of

chewy ginger cookies!

She also made more

assorted yummies

for more

Hallows Eve trick or treaters!

Yes, The Forest Witch became,

quite well known

, and very well

welcomed as well

as a beloved

"role model"

for all, everywhere.

Nobody warned their children,

about the nasty old witch in the

woods, as she was a caring,

and quite loving senior


...and oh, did I forget to mention?

Yes, I think that I did...

after their "huge dinner"

the first night at the Forest

witches' home, she walked

with them to where

they thought that they lived,

and then their parents and they

talked all night long,

about her plans..and they

all decided to live near by..

as the Forest Witch was so

taken with the whole family,

and wanted them to live next door!

You see, she wasn't REALLY a

bad person at all....there was just

a lot of BAD PRESS!

It just goes to show you, that

you just can't trust the

Media all of the time!!!!

P.S. They lived and ate happily ever after!

Author's Notes: BY lilwinky

Written Sunday May 14th, 2006

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