Monthly Archive for November 2013

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Tears Won't Be Fallin' Poem ramonathompsont Nov 8th
I Was't Made For Lovin' You Poem ramonathompsont Nov 8th
alarm clock Poem nightlight1220 5 alarm clock Nov 9th
Last Year Poem AlwaysBeenTrouble #death #depression #grief #love Nov 9th
Don't Judge By The Cover Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 9th
Days Like Today Poem liltigg10 # addiction # love # passion # relationship #ex's Nov 9th
TOGETHER Poem joy family, love, marriage Nov 9th
voices. Poem Ivorykeys #Dark #Gloomy #Bleak #angry #betrayal #sadness # lonely Nov 9th
Don't write me fucking poetry Poem SSmoothie 34 #lovepoems #ordinarylove #love #unromantic #romantic #real Nov 9th
Greatest Work Poem Michaelshine Creativity, perspective, POETRY, Self Love Nov 9th
‘Break an Egg’ or ‘Kill an Egg’? Poem KingofWords breaking the rules Nov 9th
See what happens, when I show it? Poem Ivorykeys 1 #Dark #Gloomy #Bleak #angry #betrayal #sadness # lonely #bloody #creepy #insanity Nov 9th
I am Still Alive! Poem KingofWords alive with you Nov 9th
My Long lasting dream Poem A_dead_love 2 Nov 9th
A Silent Tear Poem word_man Nov 9th
Hidden Secrets. Poem sweetwater 10 Nov 9th
Once upon a time I born Prose Bhagat_1984 Nov 9th
evolution Poem nightlight1220 5 power greater than self Nov 10th
They dance a dance Poem A_dead_love Nov 10th
T.H Poem FearIsWhatGaveM... # addiction # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #learninlove #theone #life #secondchoice Nov 10th
Between the lines Poem FearIsWhatGaveM... # addiction # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #learninlove #theone #life #secondchoice Nov 10th
Live Poem FearIsWhatGaveM... #live #life #adventure #makethemostofthings #lifeisshort #wordsofwisdom Nov 10th
Hands of Seasons Poem FearIsWhatGaveM... #love #unrequitedlove #heartbreak #guyssuck #hands #seasons Nov 10th
The common person can be the most powerful Poem FearIsWhatGaveM... #power #people #hurt #love #tragedy #brokenheart #lifelesson Nov 10th
Help for humanity Poem FLboy555 help, love, positivist., Thoughts Nov 10th
All Change Starts WIth One Person Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 10th
Harm None Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 10th
Gay Or Straight (When Did You Choose) Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 10th
خزامى Poem ثناءدرويش Nov 10th
Beautiful for a Black Girl Poem MrGone2morrow 2 Beautiful Black Women Woman Love Nov 10th
What Would You Do? Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 10th
Another Reason Poem 48daniel Nov 10th
OLD JOKES Poem joy 1 getting older, Humor Nov 10th
Gunpowder Poem neptriton Nov 10th
An estuary Poem neptriton Nov 10th
Faceless Poem Anonymous 3 Nov 10th
Sonnet Chimes Poem Anonymous Nov 10th
Soul Poem FearIsWhatGaveM... # soul #love #heart #head #memory #memories # breakup #brokenhearted Nov 10th
Symbolism is Bliss Poem FearIsWhatGaveM... #symbolism #love #broken #bitch #mean girl #the other girl #seasons #winter #summer Nov 10th
Melissa Poem FearIsWhatGaveM... #bestfriend #melissa #life #seesmelltouch #family Nov 10th
My ode to Steven Seagal Poem DaztheDruid Nov 10th
She Is Human Too. Poem IsidaDerrvishhasani Nov 10th
Forbidden Love Poem rania_esmat Nov 10th
Loved Poem wantingthatrelease Nov 10th
My Love For Fear Poem wantingthatrelease Nov 10th
My Wander Poem wantingthatrelease Nov 10th
Thank You Poem FearIsWhatGaveM... #thankyou #asshole #breakup #learning #love #brokenhearted #selflove #strength Nov 10th
The feeling that you cant explain... Poem That_ginger_girl15 Nov 10th
One Day Poem FearIsWhatGaveM... #love #waitingforlove #brokenheart #him #comebacktome #life #oneday #always Nov 10th
I'm Sorry For Walking Away Poem wantingthatrelease Nov 10th
Selfish Poem wantingthatrelease Nov 10th
It’s just a broken van Poem running_with_rabbits 8 Nov 10th
Love and me LOLing Poem Plagues 1 Nov 10th
Shattered Poem expressyourself2000 Nov 11th
Thirsty forever Poem bishu 3 Nov 11th
Exhausted Poem thelohaspiral Nov 11th
Cupid Poem thelohaspiral Nov 11th
My ode to self centeredness Poem DaztheDruid Nov 11th
Feeling at home within yourself Poem dampsoup Acceptance, confidence, love, Self-Loathing Nov 11th
A LUCKY WOMAN'S DAUGHTER. Poem Dadio 1950S, boy, EELS, girl, london Nov 11th
INNOCENT GIRL STARE. Poem Dadio 1962, boy, father, girl, Life, mother, sister Nov 11th
Garden gnome Poem Matt Nov 11th
NOT ASK AGAIN. Poem Dadio 1950S, girl, Life, london, mother, WEST END Nov 11th
Simply Chocolate Poem Moscadini Chocolate Nov 11th
Fairy Tales Poem violetskies Nov 11th
Invisible Room Poem violetskies Nov 11th
the poet alone Poem 9inety 6 Nov 11th
fools delight Poem violetskies Nov 11th
Writer's Block Games Poem Anonymous 3 Nov 11th
Lavender Rose Poem Anonymous 2 Nov 11th
Southbound Poem AngryLaughter 1 Nov 11th
Remedy Poem violetskies Nov 11th
Claire Poem violetskies Nov 11th
The crystal storm Poem neptriton Nov 11th
A chirp before dawn Poem neptriton Nov 11th
Giving Abundantly Poem trumpet7 1 Nov 11th
HE AND SHE AND ANOTHER DATE. Prose Dadio 1950S, boy, girl, Life, london, mother Nov 11th
Too Much To Bear Poem cows_cry #alone #sad #pain #hurt #lonely #loneliness Nov 12th
Suffer Poem cows_cry #alone #sad #pain #hurt Nov 12th
Hell On Earth Poem cows_cry #death #abuse #sad #depressing Nov 12th
Love will not exist Poem cows_cry #lonely #sad #broken #depressing Nov 12th
Girl Talk Poem nightlight1220 2 bras Nov 12th
Remember Those Poem ers Nov 12th
you may think as you please Poem allthingslovely 1 #feelings #love #thoughts #freestyle #poem #listen #observations Nov 12th
LIKE DOOMED BLACK BIRDS. Poem Dadio 1967, boy, Drugs, girl, london Nov 12th
Peace + Balance + Purpose = Life Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 12th
Long Live The Dreamer In All Of Us Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 12th
I Have To Be Who I Am Poem LittleLennonGurl 2 Nov 12th
100 DAYS Poem joy 1 POETRY, TAKING A CHANCE, Writing Nov 12th
You Poem cevance 11 A love poem love Nov 12th
Never Home Poem LovingLovelace PTSD, solider Nov 12th
A Mother Can Die, But Her Love Cannot Poem LovingLovelace Nov 12th
Honey-Bun Sonnet Poem Anonymous 2 Nov 12th
she sees through me Poem 9inety 3 Nov 12th
Swing-Dancing At Dawn Poem Anonymous 2 Nov 12th
Sheer Friendship Poem Anonymous 4 Nov 12th
lonely Poem natalieguest 1 in greek and english Nov 12th
My ode to Declan Curry Poem DaztheDruid capitalism Nov 12th
IT Poem Miiranda31 youth imagination fun now living life reality Nov 12th
Woven Tapestry Sonnet‏ Poem Anonymous 4 Nov 12th
Unsent Letter Poem Anonymous 3 break up, hindsight, love, moving on, relationships, retrospect Nov 12th
Angel In The Garden Poem WJB angel, gone, Hope, love Nov 12th
Women Poem FearIsWhatGaveM... 1 #men #feelings #ego #women #people #emotions #watching #frustration #disgust #roses #symbolism #toys #boysareidiots Nov 12th
R.I.P little bro </3 Prose That_ginger_girl15 Nov 12th
INGRID'S PICNIC Prose Dadio 1950S, abusive, boy, father, girl, london, picnic Nov 12th
Hal'Do Maguamme Poem Sivus Nov 13th
Dangerous Blizzard Poem nightlight1220 2 backstabber, blizzard, brats, childish, drunkard, nature's fury, selfish anger, too bottled up, too proud to listen, unweilding Nov 13th
Box Office Seat Poem nightlight1220 box office seat Nov 13th
My New Best Friend Poem TheCounterHegem... body, Existential, existentialism, friendship, mind, mood, Philosophy Nov 13th
The New Me Poem TheCounterHegem... 1 DESPAIR, Moods, personal, Philosophy Nov 13th
Feeling vs. Knowing Poem TheCounterHegem... 1 expression, love, personal, Philosophy Nov 13th
My Darkness Poem TheCounterHegem... 1 Darkness, DESPAIR, expression, light, love, mood, personal Nov 13th
A Web of Life Poem TheCounterHegem... existentialism, expression, hegemony, Marxism, Philosophy, proleteriat Nov 13th
Melissa Stone Got Thrown Out Of Her Home Poem PeterChristophe... 10 #Mother Nov 13th
empty bottles Poem nightlight1220 2 # addiction #recovery #life #need, Alcoholism, fear of feeling emotion, Mental Health, wallowing Nov 13th
ONE MOROCCAN BEACH. Poem Dadio 1970, boy, girl, morocco Nov 13th
dirty dreaming Poem nightlight1220 dirty politics, don't make me dream, dream Nov 13th
When Will We Learn To Learn From Each Other Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 13th
Give A Voice To The Wrongfully Convicted Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 13th
when it comes to you. Poem dampsoup love Nov 13th
A SIMPLE LESSON Poem joy death, LESSONS FROM DEATH, Tragedy Nov 13th
My second ode to Roseanne Barr Poem DaztheDruid divide conquer Nov 13th
You Never Know Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 13th
Never Stop Dreaming Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 13th
lord jesus please help me bust this nut Poem pldappls 5 Nov 13th
rummage sale Poem nightlight1220 2 expression, POETRY, rummage sale, Words Nov 13th
Untitled Poem Samentalmonkey depression sonnet love loss memories heroin drug addiction passion pain Nov 13th
Forgive Yourself Poem Anonymous Nov 13th
IMAGES OF WHAT WAS Poem heatherburns35 Nov 13th
IMAGES OF WHAT WAS Poem heatherburns35 Nov 13th
IMAGES OF WHAT WAS Poem heatherburns35 Nov 13th
IMAGES OF WHAT WAS Poem heatherburns35 Nov 13th
Ode To Thanksgiving 2013 Poem Anonymous Nov 13th
Why? Poem nightlight1220 19 i love you Nov 13th
Dove's Freedom Flight Poem Anonymous 1 Nov 13th
as they whisper Poem 9inety 5 Nov 13th
Rummage Sale Poem Anonymous 2 Nov 13th
Heart's Desire. Poem sweetwater 4 Nov 13th
BATTLEFIELD Poem inamorata #love #war #hurt #heart #arms Nov 13th
Watch Poem DarkLight 2 Nov 13th
NOT A TIME TO DIE. Poem Dadio 1962, first, girl, MENSTRAUTION, School Nov 13th
Target Acquired Poem Bqe28 # addiction # love #learninlove #theone Nov 13th
Me. Poem Bqe28 #hopeless #moods #anger #confusion #secrets Nov 13th
Sandy Poem owlcrkbrg 1 Nov 13th
Goodbye Friend Poem girlfriend friendship, Goodbye, loss Nov 13th
TO THE POOL WITH BENEDICT. Prose Dadio 1950S, boy, girl, london Nov 13th
Genesis Memoir 11/13/2013 Prose MatthewWayne Nov 13th
Short Verse #11 Prose MatthewWayne Nov 13th
Working. Colors. Fall. Together. Poem Astral_Tides 3 Nov 14th
False Memories Poem 48daniel Nov 14th
Always on My Mind Poem RoC 7 Nov 14th
A Silent Soul Silenced No More Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 14th
WORDS Poem joy 1 cancer, Compassion, Words Nov 14th
SENSED FEELING HOT. Poem Dadio 1950S, boys, feelings, girl, london Nov 14th
The Flight Of Freedom Poem Anonymous Nov 14th
All In Poem mookamok ancient ice Nov 14th
So Low Poem robincj Nov 14th
Love Poem Kathrinegould Nov 14th
Thanksgiving Meal Poem Anonymous 1 Nov 14th
I Hate Rapists Poem Anonymous 3 Nov 14th
Blessings Of Thanksgiving Poem Anonymous Nov 14th
lost Poem K.D Nov 14th
Dream For Me Poem Anonymous 3 break up, Devotion, hindsight, holding on, holding onto hope, In memory of my first love, love, Lust, relationships, requiem, true love Nov 14th
the girl who sat next to me` Poem manamonga Girlfriend, love Nov 14th
My Poem about ex AMD/Global Foundries bad treatment of staff Poem DaztheDruid Nov 14th
WISH Poem nightlight1220 2 bodies, God, Gods, heaven, Heavens, love, physical, spiritual, universe, Wish, wishes, World Nov 14th
Star Poem nightlight1220 love Nov 14th
Still In His Hands Poem trumpet7 Nov 14th
How much is too much? Prose manamonga Greed, overpopulation Nov 14th
rambling Prose Leo87 2 Nov 14th
IS Poem nightlight1220 isness Nov 15th
POUR FAVOR Poem palewingedpoetess 3 Nov 15th
US Poem nightlight1220 clarity pyramid Nov 15th
Time Poem Mgartland1037 1 Nov 15th
Troubles of best friends. Poem boardergirl #trust #mistrust #life #taken #granted Nov 15th
Waving Ocean. Poem Astral_Tides 7 Nov 15th
Dare to be different Poem Mgartland1037 1 Marlyn manroe Nov 15th
BELIEVE Poem miguelito7911 Nov 15th
What this has become. Poem PseudonymTruth Nov 15th
Not Everything Is As It Seems Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 15th
Sick Mind Poem 48daniel 1 Nov 15th
Imagination: Your Road To Being You Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 15th
We Need To Fix The Breaks Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 15th
What Wicca Is And What Wicca Isn't Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 15th
PLOT Poem nightlight1220 plot Nov 15th
Free Your Mind Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 15th
All I Ask Of You Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 15th
Remembering Poem 48daniel 1 Nov 15th
Imagine… Poem KingofWords 7 imagine Nov 15th
COLD AS SNOW. Poem Dadio 1971, boy, girl, Life, LOCKED WARD Nov 15th
Spider Webs Poem ADAPT Nov 15th
Unjustly. Unworthy. Poem Mindsue 5 #betrayal #love #pain #regret Nov 15th
Song: Sometimes your best is wasted Poem SSmoothie 4 Song: Sometimes your best is wasted Nov 15th
Bullying. Why? Poem Kathleenbabii Nov 15th
A night of passionate love........ Poem Kathleenbabii 1 # addiction # love # passion # relationship Nov 15th
Love is Life. Poem Kathleenbabii # desire # love # passion # relationship Nov 15th
Detroit Shock City Poem ramonathompsont Nov 15th
Who do you think you are? Poem IsidaDerrvishhasani 2 Nov 15th
No One Deserves... Poem Anonymous 4 Nov 15th
Scary truth Poem pikurpoison Nov 15th
Hungry For Thanksgiving Poem Anonymous Nov 15th
Sorrow's Keeper II Poem MajesticDravon Nov 15th
Paws and Boots: Lone Wulf I Poem MajesticDravon Nov 15th
Fade Away Poem hopelessly-candid 13 Nov 15th
Mourning Time Poem hopelessly-candid 3 #emotions #sad #depressing #Letdowns #disappointment #problems #family #familyproblems #whydoiexist Nov 15th
What others say Poem Rex 2 Nov 15th
Please Somebody Poem Rex 1 Http:// Nov 15th
For You Prose PseudonymTruth 1 Nov 15th
Genesis Memoir 11/14/2013 Prose MatthewWayne 1 Nov 15th
Brake up to Make Up Poem connie 1 Nov 16th
Novembers Past Poem nightlight1220 November Nov 16th
I wrote it all over your face Poem SSmoothie 8 Nov 16th
frames Poem burkej1h 4 Nov 16th
short story Poem burkej1h 2 Nov 16th
the mind Poem nightlight1220 2 mind Nov 16th
Child Poem Polo. #child #Beautiful Nov 16th
LIZBETH'S SECOND VISIT Poem Dadio 1961, boy, girl, Sexual Nov 16th
My Dear Moon Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Nov 16th
Waxing Gibbous Poem nightlight1220 5 waxing gibbous Nov 16th
YOU COULDN'T SAY Poem Dadio boy, CANARY, girl, gran Nov 16th
Respected India Man Poem nightlight1220 4 jane, olive oil, popeye, sailorman, swinging on a vine, tarzan, virile, wild and free, wild banshee Nov 16th
Political Love Note Poem nightlight1220 Nov 16th
Love Is Love Poem LittleLennonGurl 4 Nov 16th
The Colors Of Peace And Hate Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 16th
SCHOOL SPIRIT Poem joy high school, SCHOOL SPIRIT Nov 16th
Fuck Edison Poem Faded_shades Nov 16th
One Word. Poem sweetwater 7 Nov 16th
Thine Panties And A Table Dance Poem nightlight1220 love, panties, silly, Table Nov 16th
Addicted To Love Poem b.n.souza addicted to love Nov 16th
SYMBOLIC ARROW. Poem Dadio 1962, boy, girl, kiss, School Nov 16th
In This Moment Poem Diamond_Wills_N... 3 Nov 16th
Knights Of The Turned Table Poem nightlight1220 4 2013, emotional abuse, male domination, women's liberation Nov 16th
She Said She Hates Prose nightlight1220 cancerous, Hate, letting go, Rape, Revenge Nov 16th
Voice of the heart Prose K.D 2 Nov 16th
413 Prose Leo87 1 confused, Fear, Lust Nov 16th
Know Bodies Biznazz Poem nightlight1220 1 anybody, body, bonnie, Everybody, Nobody, ocean, sea, somebody Nov 17th
Mask Poem DeadRoses Nov 17th
The search for an exit begins Poem SSmoothie 6 Nov 17th
break Poem K.D Nov 17th
pain killer Poem K.D Nov 17th
The Secret's Out Poem nightlight1220 alone, crying, hiding, love, misplaced, Parents, PTSD, soldier, tears Nov 17th
Flower Seller Poem bishu Nov 17th
Building The Courage Poem thelohaspiral Nov 17th
Shame Poem thelohaspiral Nov 17th