getting older


When I used to talk about the older generation of which I am now a part

I was the first to kid around, you know, say something funny, wise or smart.


Like, “Hey Dad do you know how I can tell you’re getting older in this life?

Because that little old lady you help across the street happens to be your wife.”


“Good one, son,” Dad would smile and say, “but on your mother’s and my behalf

That joke was just so funny that I forgot to laugh.”


As you can see my dad’s witty comebacks...well they almost always bombed.

Makes me wonder where I got my talent for humor...must have been from Mom.


At any rate I guess it’s only payback now that I’m one of the older folks

That I must listen and accept the telling of old jokes.


So I laugh along with the people, who are not as funny as they think

When they remind me now that I’m over the hill and I’ll probably start to shrink.


“But, don’t worry about getting shorter.” They chortle loudly with youthful vigor

Because, your nose and both your ears will continue getting bigger.


They are quick to remind me how I’m almost bald and when the laughter clears

They inform me if I’m looking for hair to check in my nose and ears.


They say I’m slowing down a bit, that I’m not the same go-getter.

Most likely because my eyesight’s getting worse and my hearing is no better.


They ask, “Does your wife wake you up in the morning or is she checking if you’re dead?”

And God Forbid if I ask, “Have you seen my glasses?” when they’re perched upon my head!


They remind me how I reminisce about the ’60’s...about how the good old days are gone

They say the only grass I talk about these days is out in my front lawn.


They certainly don’t mean any harm, I know they hold me in good stead

Besides they also know tomorrow I won’t remember what they said.


In truth it really doesn’t bother me when the these old jokes they do unfold

Because I know it won’t be very long until they too will be old.


It’s part of life to grow old, we’re all growing older every day

And it’s healthy if we can laugh at ourselves as we journey along the way.


So you see I’m quite content with getting older; I don’t think it is unfair.

For slowing down a bit is healthy and I never have to comb my hair.


And think of all those wonderful aromas and the fantastic sounds I’ll hear

With a nose the size of a cucumber and my two enormous ears.


Yes I’m satisfied to giggle at their levity and share in the laughter too

And I’m quite happy knowing the little old lady I help cross the street is the one I’m married to.





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When I look into the mirror I’m appalled at what I see

I do not recognize that person who is looking back at me.


I know I’m better looking, you can be assured of that.

I wonder, then, who this is, who I am looking at?


I know I look much younger and I certainly have more hair

So I can’t possibly be that person looking at me over there.


And in this crazy mirror all my muscles look so small

Now I’m certain that person over there cannot be me at all.


Look at all the lines on him and his cheeks are much too packed

It’s hard to say…I’m not quite sure…but I think this mirror’s cracked?


Is this a fun house mirror?  Am I wearing a Halloween wig?

Or could it be a magnifying glass ‘cause my ears can’t be that big.


No…wait!  On further observation looking over and over again

I see the person looking out is the same one looking in.


I’ve heard it said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder

But it’s only in the mirror I realize I’ve grown older.

Most of the time I feel younger, like when I was 20 or 32

And I think inside my head I should look much younger too.


I do not wish for a mirror that will disguise, obscure or conceal

But I’d like one that shows how old I am and how young I feel.


Then when I look into the mirror I would be happy with what I see


For it would be easier to recognize the person looking back at me.

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Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez died this week and tho I can’t say I was a fan

What made this story significant...he was the world’s oldest man.


He was born in 1901...the mathematics you may forego 

According to my calculations, that’s 112 years ago.


When someone asked Salustiano how he kept his death at bay

He said, “I took 6 Anacin tablets and ate a banana every day.”


We live in an odd yet wonderful know I speak the truth

When I say here in America we celebrate our youth.


We want to look and feel younger that’s very plain to see

Just flip through any magazine or turn on your TV.


If you don’t think the desire to look young runs rampant through the human race

Then why do people take a bacteria and inject it in their face?


If you don’t think that old age is something many fear

Then why were 15 million plastic surgeries completed just last year?


In many ways if you think about it a youthful bill of good we’re being sold

Because from the minute of our conception...we all are getting old.


I have no problem with people changing or any procedure they go through

If trying to look younger makes them feel better too.


But I believe we should be encouraged from the moment be begin

To embrace each moment of our life no matter what age we’re in.


To me life is a miracle...a wonder to behold

When we are babies, teens, or middle aged...yes even when we’re old.


So, so long Saluistiano as from this life you have withdrawn

May we celebrate the life you lived not just the fact you’re gone.


And as for me, at 60, getting older has really been a treat

Now if you will excuse I need to take some Anacin and I’ve got a banana to eat.






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what do i want to be?
more than anything,
a flower.
so soft and tender,
you must touch me
a fragile thing i’d be.
i’d have it easy.
to be beautiful
without ever trying.

maybe we are all flowers
lovely little things
something to admire
in each of us
with intricate details
of our own
that others discover.
but only those who are
those who stick around
until we bloom,
once every petal is
one by one,
opened up
when we decide it’s safe.

i think i am a flower
that hasn’t seen the sun,
and has yet to be watered.
well i’m starting to think so
but i haven’t got a clue.

maybe i am one that is
dried up,
whose petals are dying
loosing its color
and everything there is
to desire
until there’s not a point in trying
and there’s nothing
to admire,
and i’ll give up,
no other choice but
to retire.

no way of knowing
if i am right or wrong.
if i am closer to the end
or the beginning.

i want to believe
i am a flower
only unnoticed because
i have yet to blossom.
that my efforts now
remain unimportant
entirely because
i am still young,
and not because
i am withered and worthless.

either way,
we all end up in the dirt somehow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i feel like i've gone through life unnoticed regardless of how much i try or what i do, while there are so many others whose every action is recognized and paid attention to. i'm only 18 but part of me feels like it's too late and that there's nothing left to give, but i'd like to think that things will change as i'm getting older.

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