My Poem about ex AMD/Global Foundries bad treatment of staff

current affairs

Greetings ex/AMD and how do you do

was told to write a poem to you

cos that's exactly what I do

praise the good, chastise the uncouth


for the ether I work full time

god consciousness, also known as divine

who’s love and truth so sublime

but they don’t like humanity crimes


and this is why I write today

your work practices causing dismay

AMD principles did not betray

their workforce at all any day


Unlike your factories in Malaysia

you, the management don't care

for your workers, goodwill not spared

your profit drive just a prickly pear


profits are up by a long way

yet your workers, you do not pay

all their hard work today

not rewarded, no give away's


And owned by the Emirates

Let me tell you about Muslim profit

its only supposed to be 10%

anything more not heaven sent


construction, oil, they are a boom

makes me wonder why they bought you

bet your sad to see AMD go too

wouldn’t disrespect their own crew


how do I know your people are sad?

How do I know they are not glad?

The divine says your a deadbeat dad!

that your management is plain bad!


And I work full time for them

I know who is making heaven

I got AMD in my meditation

and carried out further investigation


could find no wrong in AMD

the pain lead to you certainly

the bad karma in your circuitry

leads to a lack of harmony


which is karma by another name

hey i'm not the one that's insane

sacrificing staff for capital gain

you can only see profit maintain


the only other man I know

who treated his staff equally so

Apples founder Steve Job's

killed by his bad karma you know


no good for staff 15 hour days

like they DO in your factory's

treating your staff like battery's

to me this is just insanity


not that I have ever been there

just was told by upstairs

about you and your lack of care

change your way of devil may care


If you don't, karma's a bitch

and noone can escape this

Steve Jobs lead a life of perfect

knew was being killed by karmic debt


and this is no idol threat

no escaping anyone’s karmic debt

ask yourself if have any regret?

About your companies character set


never too late to change at all

your attitude monitored by angels

who's task is to minimise personal hells

decide to help, will be looked on well


but if you don't change your ways

not only will your staff's dark days

continue and generate malaise

you will not get a good appraise

from the divine, remain in their gaze

please Global Foundries change your ways

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just had again the words SOS AMD in one of my meditations. I have never been to these factories but they must be bad.

Please help/ forward this on to any company member or journalist that might be able to help. The factories are in Malaysia

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