Uncle Dan's Will

Uncle Dan wrote out his will,

All legal-like and proper.

He knew he'd not much time to kill

Before he'd come a cropper!

He'd truly lived a merry life

And led us all a dance.

He never took himself a wife,

But loved a good romance.

A ladies' man he'd always been,

And when the will was read,

Several females graced the scene

To hear just what was said.

All those women came away

With trifling bits and pieces,

But old Dan's fortune on that day

Went to his darling nieces!

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2017


Author's Notes/Comments: 

They say that blood is thicker than water!

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Grandma's House


I loved to go to Grandma's house

When I was very small.

Those big old empty rooms upstairs 

Always seemed so tall.

I'd play up there without a care,

With just one chair, that's all.

Imagination was my friend;

I'd gladly play alone.

I'd be a pirate captain, or

A king upon a throne.

Then I'd be a wizard, who

Would turn things into stone!

My mother's voice would end my play,

Calling from below.

I'd grumble and complain out loud,

But then I'd slowly go

Down into the furnished rooms,

With coal fires all aglow.

Lemonade and chocolate cake

Would suddenly appear.

Grandma, with a smile would say,

"Here you are, my dear!"

I'd smile right back and thank her,

Then make it disappear!

Soon it would be time to leave,

And we would kiss goodbye.

Grandma would stand by the door,

A tear within her eye.

I'd turn and wave, and she'd wave back,

Then give a gentle sigh.

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2017

Author's Notes/Comments: 

 The Victorian coffeepot in the photograph was originally my grandmother's. She gave it to my mother and my mother eventually passed it on to me. My wife likes to use it as a flower vase (as you can see), but every time I see it I am reminded of both my mother and my grandmother.

Cabin Fever

The rain drums hard on the caravan roof. The kids

Are restless, and ready to flip their little lids!

They'd rather be outside now, playing in the sand;

I tell them it's too wet, but they don't undersdtand.

We play Snakes and Ladders, but not without some tears.

My sons don't like to lose; but then my wife appears

With lemonade and cookies. The boys both shout, "Hooray!"

Our board game is abandoned. "Now what else can we play?" 

I find a pack of cards, and start a game of Snap! 

I make sure I don't win (for I'm a decent chap).

Then they fetch their colouring books, giving me a break.

I read my magazine, but that's a big mistake!

The boys sneak up and ambush me, ruffling my hair.

I'm taken by surprise, while sitting in my chair.

Amid this rough and tumble, my wife returns once more:

"Hey look! The sun is out! Let's all get through that door!"

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2017


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired by memories of family caravan holidays in Filey, on the Yorkshire coast.

These Paths and Lanes


These paths and lanes I've walked along

So many times before.

They've barely changed throughout the years;

Still steeped in days of yore.

Old memories cry out to me,

With tales of family lore.

The cottage where my parents lived

Lies empty, looking sad.

I smile as I recall once more

The happy times we had.

But that was oh so long ago,

When I was just a lad.

St Martin's church, with steeple tall,

Stands proudly on the hill.

My uncle Joe once rang those bells,

And they are ringing still.

Old Joe's long gone  he's buried there,

Along with auntie Jill.

The farmland, stretching out for miles,

Has hardly changed at all.

The cattle grazing in the fields

Are just as I recall.

Same trees  the ones I used to climb 

Still stand there, by the wall.

I turn, then walk back to my car

Parked down beside the green.

I think about the friends I had,

Now gone, or never seen.

A one-hour drive and I'll be home.

She'll ask, "Where have you been?"

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2017


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if tomorrow i dont see!

If Tomorrow I Dont See!            02/23/20

one day while i was sitting around and thinking about you all
The thought had crossed my mind when my number God would call
When memories of your childhood flashed thru my mind to me
and i was thinking i didnt say enough if tomorrow i dont see
then i thought about the day you was born and smiled from ear to ear
i watched you sleep those first few days afraid you'd disappear
thru the rough times i spent on my knees praying for God to set us free
once again that thought had crossed my mind if tomorrow i dont see
did i help you accomplish all your dreams and keep you safe till i depart
have i said enough thru out your life so you'll know whats in my heart
then my fathers words came back to me and they have set me free
he simply said remember i will always love you if tomorrow i dont see!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one for my kids  hope you like it

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Goodbye for now

Can it be real

or am I just fooling myself?  

To believe that your love for me

Has not been put on a shelf


Packed away and discarded

Like an old photo or toy

Your pure and unconditional love

Like when you were a boy  


Innocent and sweet

You held me in your heart

But now the years and life’s challenges

Have torn us apart


You have chosen a path

That is rocky and tough

And my guidance and attempts to divert you

 Have not been enough


You ran from youth fast

Confused and unsure

Towards the deceitful blinding light

Of adulthoods allure


As I stand here and watch you stumble

Like when you took your first steps

But now unable to help or reach out to you

Now that you’ve fallen into the depts


But my hand will always be within reach for you

And my heart open wide

To take hold of either

If you should ever decide


I wish you only happiness

And pray you will find

All the things you’ll need in your life

To replace what you’ve left behind


I will say goodbye to you

But only for now

Because I know you will find your way back to me

Someday or somehow

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for my son during turmoil in his teens.

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dark night

as silence leave its place 

hatred took guarantee

leaving all memories behind 

thou couldn't see anything


tears roll down from everybody's eyes 

without noise at various intensity

heart filled so high

hatred took guarantee

still, she wanted to stop this race


caring was always there

love or war

whichever in the way

as heart poured out

calling your name

hatred in ones heart

took its place


the whole night was so big, so scary

seems like darkness worked its part

took light from our soul

put darkness in our heart


tears roll down 

without any noise 

how come thou couldn't hear anything

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cancer kills

All alone with the voices inside of my head. ill put my pride to the side and write it out the rest. 

I hate how cancer kills the one you love and not the one you hate instead. 

it puts you through so much pain, id rather see hell, face my demons and be better off dead then to see another loved one go through that again. 

Your body is eating you from the inside out and theres nothing you can do cry and take pain meds. 

losing hair and weight at a fast scaling rate. worry and confusion, i swear this all feels like an illuision. 

sitting alone in my room every night thinking why didnt they take you. (maryanne)

they didnt take the right one, and now its fucking me up in the head.

trying to sort this shit out like why god?

why take not her instead.. 

take the crackhead.

not someones mother, a family friend.

but you cant pick and choose

so let me cry and lay in my bed. Wishing i can see you again and tell you all the things i never said. 

see your face and tell you that i love you, and thank you again.

youre in a better place, with danny. so atleast youre happy. 

im sorry for the pain this shit has put you thru. its a cold world, but atleast i got to know you.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Elaine Mousie 

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I cry for you Argentina

I cry for you Argentina

hectic planet’s southern corner

land of passion, crazy arena

aforetime our bonds were stronger.


No longer yours, you never mine

our lives belonged together once

I used to taste your scarlet wine,

your gorgeous girls, your charming dance.


The friends from ages, forgotten stories

so much privation, my heart is sore

my aging parents, the elder brothers

your call is clear I shall wait no more.


Exultant hugs, reunion is great

my parent’s sanctuary regaining life

but there is an end, a settled date

cruel farewell that sticks its knife.


I’ve seen those humid agates before

I've heard how silence can drown the wail

hair-raising feeling on every pore

they'll stand upright, I will be frail.


Oh, childhood playground! my old-time shelter

long time impeded of children laughing

no words no tears, this way is better

my love, my kids, my home are waiting.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Leaving your childhood place leaves a mix of sweet and sour feelings. Visiting back your birth country is an emotional experience.

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