Best 5 Ways How to Find Inspiration for Your Writing

For as long as it can be dated, writing has been an effective way of educating people and communicating with the future. Writing has a fundamental form of expressing knowledge and recording important information that has not only transformed the world but has helped solve many arising problems.

In academics, essays are an important way of expressing ideas, explaining concepts as well as answering exam questions. Just like anything else, writing has its quality. The rich content in an essay is the true indication that you fully understand the topic and you have mastered the concept.

Here are five ways to write that will give you the right inspiration for writing quality and original essays.

Understand the topic

Before you start writing, you need to understand that your essay must be outstanding. An outstanding essay contains well-researched work that contains facts that are proven and well accepted. Academically, facts are valued for they are the right source of the required knowledge for improved learning. 

The only way to understand a topic is to research it from trusted sources, read widely and consult experts. With such sources, you will have only quality information that will be handy in forming the content of your essay. 

Writing what you think you may know may compromise facts and create an impression that you are not familiar with whatever you are writing. Find inspiration by conducting quality research, wide reading and seeking expert help.

Prepare a thesis statement

A good essay must have a thesis statement. After sorting out your ideas and getting the very much required expert advice, you must have a thesis statement. A thesis statement explains the point of your writing and it should have two parts whereby the first part explains the topic while the second states what essay is about.

A thesis statement primarily forms the basis of your essay and further adds to the organization of your writing.

Prepare a good outline for your ideas

In addition to understanding the topic, you must know how to express your ideas in writing. A successful essay is one that has well-organized thoughts. This can be simplified primarily as planning.

You need to plan your ideas well for you to structure your essay well and make it sensible. The content in an essay will make adequate sense and create reading interest when the ideas flow and unfold well.

A good essay structure is the foundation of your paper. Branch your ideas mentally and imagine how you would like to structure them step by step.

Gather ideas patiently as you carefully guide the reader through your content by ensuring that you write in a way that can be easily understood. Start from the guiding facts to the main ideas. Doing this will enable you to create a reasonable prose that will help you write an organized essay.

Consult the experts

Expertise is one of the qualities that cannot be faked for it is evident in the person offering the service. Expertise is earned for it is those served that brand somebody an expert basing on their knowledge on a particular topic. Expert knowledge will give you the right inspiration for writing and will give you a good guideline on where to start. 

There are instances whereby you may be unable to meet the required writing standards either due to lack of content or a good writing strategy. For expert guidance on this, it is important that you seek essay help from Australian writers. Whether it’s thesis or dissertation, term papers or college essays, the writing experts handle everything that you need written.

Pay attention to details

You obviously know how to write well and you are familiar with all the formats required. Additionally, you have the concept and you are confident that you have written a perfect essay. True as this maybe, you may have messed up your essay if you happen to have failed to observe the details. 

Check the order of your paragraphs as well as the flow of your ideas. Make sure that your strongest ideas form the basis of the body of your essay. Follow instructions strictly and make sure that the flow of ideas of your essay makes sense. Use writing technologies like Evernote, Grammarly, etc to ease out the process.

Review the instructions again since there is a variety of instructions in writing. Review what you have written, check for grammatical errors and most importantly avoid plagiarism at all costs for it’s an economic crime.


Writing, whether an essay, an article or a guide requires you to have adequate knowledge. After all, what is the purpose of writing if your writing doesn’t meet the required standards By following the right format, organizing your ideas well, following instructions, finding inspiration for writing and being aware of mistakes, you will write an undisputed quality that will be of help to your readers.  

Always have it in mind that good writing is an expression of your capabilities and is a reflection of your brainpower and the extent of your knowledge about a certain topic. Make it your objective to write quality not only for you but for your readers.

Author Bio:

Connie Elser is an academic writing professional who’s working as a freelancer with online assignment services handling students from countries like USA, UK and Australia. He also providing writing lessons to the students who aspire to be professional writers in their careers. In his free time, he plays tennis, writes poetry and leans new languages.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A good essay must have a thesis statement.

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When Words Fail


My words resent being used like this,

stormy when I need weapons.

They want to wrap around you when you’re lost.


Cut me like diamonds,

when I feel the sting

my head in my hands but

I want you to stay.


My words want to love you,

let you stay,

surround you

until you’re mine.


When words fail

and we sit here like

all we know has been swallowed by swords

I don’t need steel to steal your heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/30/19

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About You


tangle me in shadow and silver

lead me to where you lie

if you stop stepping in my footprints

maybe we’ll get to fly


speak with me till we lose something

my best friend my tomorrows

fall with me till I find something

better than the time I’ve borrowed


give me another day to matter

mess with me like we never wanted to

if we keep each other’s fingerprints

I still want to write songs about you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/21/19

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Like Blood


I empty and fill

open and close.

I stifle the world with strong pepper.


You swallow me senseless

count the stairs, I’m still blind

and I can’t be apart from you.

They all forget my name.

I forget the sounds I’ve made

in every handshake.


I keep getting caught in their tears.

Maybe swords.

I keep writing the words,

Love is like blood.

Strong and helpless and falling,

collapsing over my fingers

to crawl out of me.

I choke on all the spoons

that turn out to be spikes.

I still don’t know how to write the words,

Love is in my blood.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/25/19

Cut Me Deeper


I feel the ink flow through my veins,

After fearing it all had dried.

As once again, reality awakens muse,

When all hoping again, has died.


For a jolly poet, simply cannot write,

Unless it all goes tragically wrong.

So to hell with all the make believe...

And to hell with being strong.


I'd rather feel this release again,

As from me, this blood pours out.

A letting of this verbal plasm,

Pouring forth from an emotional spout.


A too-tight tourniquet of sorts,

Long staunched, a healthy flow.

But now, like before, it flows warm and red,

And eagerly fills again, a river of woe.


So muse, now cut me deeper still,

For we have poems to be created.

Since life prooved to us, yet once again,

The tempests will never, be abated.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

No, I am not now, nor have I ever been a cutter. It's a metaphor for the poetic 'RELEASE'...ie: ink, like blood.

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Use of Credible Sources Improves the Quality of Writing

Quality is one of the most important parameters, which helps in smooth completion of an essay without involving any sort of complexity. To enhance the quality of essay writing, it is necessary to consider and use appropriate information that improves the contents. The use of credible sources supports in gaining reliable and valid information that, in turn, improves the quality of the essays.

Increasing competition in the academic field has put immense pressure on the students. You receive many essay-writing tasks from your college throughout the academic year. Writing quality essay is important for you, as it would enable you to get good scores, which can add to your academic achievements. However, you may face several difficulties to write quality essays especially when you experience a stressful situation wherein you need to complete several academic tasks such as assignments and essays within a limited period. In such cases, you may not have adequate time to conduct thorough research on the essay topics and read the information to build quality contents in your essay.

To enhance the quality of your paper, you must use scholarly articles while writing essays. This is because scholars who have extensive knowledge and understanding of any specific topic by conducting extensive qualitative and/or qualitative research write these types of secondary sources. Thus, the use of these sources in your essay would lead to the attainment of credible information, and that eventually will increase your essay quality. In addition, the use of books, authentic websites, government reports, and newspaper articles can also be considered reliable to be used as secondary sources of information to write academic papers.

You must also maintain the formal writing style throughout the papers because it is the basic requirement. You can also make a note of important points that you can write in your paper because at times there is a possibility that you can provide ample information, which is not relevant as per the requirement. You can also make a basic outline and plan the completion of the essay by segregating into various tasks. Then you can set your own deadlines to ensure final paper completion on time allotted to you by your tutor. Furthermore, as far as possible you must include sources that are recently published so that the information is relevant in the recent context. Hence, the sources that were published within the past 10 years need to be majorly considered.

Besides, using credible sources, you must also consider the writing style, paper format, and word count constraints while writing the papers. After rough completion of the paper, you can also send a draft to your tutors or supervisors to get a second opinion about your adherence to instructions and guidelines. After altering the papers, you must then revise and proofread the paper to avoid any grammatical, spelling, punctuation, or alignment errors. After considering these aspects also, if you continue to face quality issues, then you can take help from college essay writing service providers. They can write a paper instead of you if you lack time and knowledge, or writing skills.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ray Trey

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Other Ways to Heal


On my walks at sunset

I still hope

you’re the one who cares

what’s in my head.


Even when most of the seconds

I am wondering why

and my pillows have soaked in so many tears

they could probably

fill your sink when you finally get out of bed.


I tear out all these thoughts and toss them out the window

it feels like I am throwing you off the road


they’ll grow a garden.


Maybe I’ll get to make the colors into space

instead of space into color

like they usually

expect me to do.


When you have learned to let it go

I haven’t been told that way

I want to be the hand under your head

without being over you.


I am sick of caring about the wrong things

so if they wonder

why I don’t write anymore…

there are other

ways to heal.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/23/18

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7 Useful Strategies to Get the Best Results in Your Assignments

Assignments can make or break your grades. Most students, however, don’t know how to manage their academic tasks. Nonetheless, with proper planning and time management, you can keep up with all your assignments and attain the best results.

I always advise students to consider enlisting the help of a good essay writing service when they find that they cannot complete a particular assignment because of inadequate knowledge of the topic or lack of time.

Here are seven strategies I found useful in managing my assignments while in college:


Make a plan that you can stick to

Start by making a custom study plan that works well with your schedule and number of tasks. Estimate the amount of time in hours or days that you need to finish each assignment and spread it out within the time you have left before the deadline. Spread out your study time evenly on your calendar.


Mark the deadlines of each assignment

If you have multiple assignments at a time, make sure you note down their deadlines. This precaution will protect you from the stress that comes with realizing an assignment is due when you are yet to start. Note these dates somewhere you can see easily to keep yourself updated on time you have left.


Start as soon as the teacher hands out the assignment

Start your assignment as early as you can. You will thank me later. Students wait until an assignment is almost due and then begin to rush to keep up with the deadline. Two weeks to the deadline may look like a lot of time for a standard essay. However, remember procrastination easily becomes a habit.


Find an ideal study spot

Being around people who have the same goals as you can motivate you to stick to your objectives. Consider this advice when you are looking for the spot to do your studies. A library is a good place to do your assignments as it is quiet and free from distractions.


Limit your distractions

Even if you find a suitable study space, you may still be carrying distractions in the form of personal effects. Your phone, laptop, and even uncomfortable clothing can greatly diminish your concentration. Keep your phone off or in a silent mode and away from your study table. If you are using your laptop for studying, try and have your notes offline to avoid distractions from the internet.


Always do background reading

Before you attempt to do your assignment, make sure you have read on the subject matter sufficiently. Have enough information on the subject or topic you are writing about on your essay/ assignment paper. Do further reading in addition to using your class notes.


Ask for assistance when you need it

If you are having troubles with an assignment, ask for help from a more experienced person. It could be your professor, teacher, TA, classmate or parent. Asking for assistance is not a sign of weakness. Instead, you can find clarification where you are stuck or be corrected where you are wrong.

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How to Manage Time While Writing a Finance Essay

Are you struggling with time management when writing your essays? You need not worry about that because, in this article, we will look at some of the best tips you can apply to help you manage your time while you write. Lack of proper time management can result in fatigue, stress and even frustration. As a result, your essays are poorly written, and you have to repeat them from time to time or suffer heavy penalties.


Analyze what your ultimate goal is

Before you sit down to write your essay, analyze what goal it is you hope to achieve? You are working on a finance assignment, and you hope to impart a few things on finance theories to your audience. The ultimate goal for you as a writer should not just be writing and submitting the essay; it should be imparting knowledge.


Have reasonable deadlines

Before you start writing, look at the intensity of the work needed from the topic that you choose to work on. If too much research is needed, work with a deadline that you are sure works for you. Do not use too much time for an assignment that requires a little time and the vice versa. This way, you will create a lot of time to revise your work and even get ample rest.


Have a timetable for your work

A timetable not only helps to save on time. It is a means of management discipline. With a timetable, you know how much assignment you ought to have done within a given period of time. If you divided your assignment into sections, including the amount of time needed for each section in your timetable. This way, you will ensure that no time goes lost or wasted during that period you are working on the assignment.


Plan for your day

The best way you can do this in terms of time management is to use the previous night to plan for how much assignment you need to do the next day. Finance assignments are complex and tend to eat up too much time of one’s day. Plan ahead to ensure that you have substantial work done at the end of every single day until the assignment is done.



Taking breaks is also an essential part of time management. The more tired you are, the less you will work. In between your schedule, have a little time for rest and breaks. They are breathers and give one the energy to complete this finance assignment in good time.

If you are a very busy person, these may not apply however much you tried. There are custom writing services that greatly aid writers who are struggling with assistance. All you need is present your work, and the finance assignment services will connect you with a financial writer to work on your assignment. A sure guarantee is that they submit your work within the given period of time and ensure that it is of high quality.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

me :)

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