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Blood on the roses

When your shadows rotts away like a rose,

A cold wind blows with a first snow,

But in the cold winter night you appear bfore my eyes,

But when I try to touch you ,your skin turns into dust,


I'm left alone with this burden heart,

addicted to your sweetness that had to die,

Love flowers in a spring time,

October takking a warm shine,


In the winter the rose leaves it's thorn,

The blood runs cold,

I close my eyes and see,

The blood onthe roses,


I keep only memories of an olden days,

Now when the things have changed,

Once dreaming of a perfect beach,of a perfect sky,

Now separated between death and life

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I’m sitting in a dark room.

There’s a knock on the door.

As I slowly creep out of my bed,

I can feel a rush of cold air going through my body.

I step very slowly and quietly.

The wood beneath my feet starts to creek.

I get to the door and look through the blinds.

A dark shadow is all I see.

Without thinking I open the door. I gasp. 

My heart stops.

And I

am taken.

Pure or Pain.

Life is a new experience for every one when your very audacious,

life doesn't promise you safe travels and warm places,

but what you choose and what happens to you is your very own fortuitous,

sift threw memories, problems, and worries but there is no races.


Luck and chances are two different things or ways you could choose,

destiny is what happens to you while your making other plans,

but your never gonna escape your fate, its what life chose for foes,

you could change life simply by choosing the right side, but some times your slow.


In the bad days of life I chose to be happy when I was shattered inside,

nothing to look forward to every day but for that one thing in life that matters,

every one clings to the thoughts or dreams of what they want in life that inclines,

I clung to my feelings that said keep up, no matter how bad your heart shatters.


If your ruining others lives why would your life be fixed by wanting it better,

change is in motion, but if you don't change whats wrong your never gonna be happy,

emotions and feelings get mixed up so much we can never tell them apart like a letter,

show others your kindness even when they treat you like nothing, makes them feel better.


No matter how bad you've been treated in life, you'll be blessed if you choose the right trail,

never be to weak to reach out to other cause of your life, it may seem your scared or frail,

always shine no matter how you get beaten down or drug across the ground in dreadful ways,

you will be highly praised showing your glory, you'll be remembered and never be left unpaid.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lifes many ways and tears.

See what happens, when I show it?


Be gone my dark mind

Be gone so I can search for the light I shall never find.

Though I lie to myself and say it’s not true

I really never had a clue

That my soul has no light

It is built from sadness, darkness, wrath and anger

How dare you abandon me?

Why? What did I do to you?

I was always nice, always agreed,

Always, always followed your decrees’.

Is this what I get for my faithfulness?

Hate, loathing and a wish for my death?

How I hate you, loathe you and wish you dead.

But I don’t say that, I turn the other cheek.

I do that, because deep in side my will to hang on to life and sanity has become weak.

Why must I suffer this torture? What’s in it for the nice people?

For I am done being nice. I will show you my dark side.

Isn’t that what you wanted?

Well finally, my sanity has snapped.

Just like I snapped your neck.

I will purge my soul, in your blood.

My vengeance will taste oh so sweet.

Yes! Run away, my prey, so when I catch you, nothing will have felt so good.

I have lost my humanity,

I have lost my mind

I have lost everything

But gained all.

I feel no guilt, sadness nor pain.

I just relish in the pleasure that insanity's grasp brings.

And before I know it, my soul has plunged into sweet, sweet darkness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

oh how i loathe the people i once called my friends right at this moment. i trust no one now. only my cat, but then again, how will i know if he hates my too? 

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