alarm clock

Wake up

Wake up



(“woke up, fell outta bed…. dragged a comb across my head”…. the Beatles)


…... calling JIM! Are you receiving? Over!….


Taking hits from everywhere…

My stolen starship hitting venus hard….

Gonna get a little ‘dusty’ this mission…


All I heard was …

“multi-billion dollar…..”


Must have been on dinner break when they were telling us about the security…

Don’t matter now…

That rocket blast…


Bring….bring…cock a doodle doo


CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blackness, blinding light…


Racing my dinosaur…..

Mountains…. rivers…. battles…. shiny swords….


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bong a gong dingity BONG!!!!!!!!!!!!





“fred’s sick again? REALLLY?!”






I saw the magic sword and dived for it….

Blood, guts,  friend, brother, family….

Nothing, but a mass grave…


So exhausted…

I stand

And face my enemy with determination and…




Bing a ling a blooody ling!!!! wake up!



“What’s that you say, Lassie?…

Skippy, popeye and rin-tin-tin (whoever he was)

Got stuck down a well?….


Here’s a convenient phonebooth…

One tick, lemme get me cape on….

Superslug saves the day….



Things have gone sideways….

And we are now executing plan nine….

(... where the  hell is my supervisor…

I so not authorised for this….)




As I lie,

Twitching in my sleep…

Holding off the barbarian hordes….


A door opens in my left sole,

And 2 little dudes run out…

Plug the crank shaft into a hair-hole…


Wind like the devil was blowing a fire up their ar….


I sneeze and wake up….

And my left ankle, so bloody itchy….



Gonna be late for work.



“And we’re off…..!!!

Great work everyone…

Xept fred, tell fred he’s fired….!”





Author's Notes/Comments: 

i did...eventually.... wake up.....

just wish i couod rememeber wher i parked my dinosaur

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alarm clock




the whispers of passion,

the heavenly sight of that one special person,

the "one",

the forever who makes life easy,

they who are the brave hero,

whisking you off your feet,

into a never never land,

where you live happily ever after.




no worries,

no responsibilities to anyone,

just you and they,

forever in blissful love,


and maybe children at your feet,

always smiling,



add of course, 

enough momey to 

make the whole world happy too.




excuse me, please.




you have never met me before,

but I am your alarm clock,

I sit on the nightstand next to your bed,

and you rarely set me,

but the other day, you knocked me off the nightstand

and somehow I was set,

and it's a good thing too,

because your 3 year old 

(yes, she turned three the day you were too high to notice)

hasn't eaten since last night,

she needs her breakfast

that you were supposed to have had ready for her

3 hours ago.


I know your husband has lost his job

because of that broken ankle,

and no health insurance to cover 

the cost of the cast 

which was the paycheck

you gave to the bill collector

to try and salvage your credit

after buying that boat,

and I know this wasn't part of the fairytale,

but I am just the alarm clock,

so please ....don't 

"shoot the messenger".


I would have told you sooner,

but you were too busy

listening to the voices outside,

and by the way,

your neighbor is knocking on the door,

and he's pissed because 

your trashcan got blown over by the wind last night

and made scratches on his 


and in case you are wondering,


he has no mercy to speak of,

in fact, he needs the number 

of your insurance company.

(you know, the one you don't have).




now this may not be adding up to your expectations,

I totally understand that,

and I would give a suggestion

if I thought you could handle it,

but I know your xanax is all gone.


please be kind to me,

for I am just an alarm clock,

and I may be famous one day,

I have dreams too,

you know?

don't laugh!

just look at the cups and saucers in beauty and the beast!!!




one day I will have my dream too. 







 Inspired by Dovely..


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ah.... but the life of fantasy and young love!! The magic wand awaiting like a dream of fairydust that turns into a broken steering column on a bumper car at a church carnival when/if you finally wake up.

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