The High Road

The high road is

Not an easy thing to take

You gotta have your ego in check 

Especially when revenge is the first

thing in your brain

You gotta have strength

You gotta know when to walk away

The high road is not

an easy thing to take

You gotta know whatever

They say to throw it out

All the way

You gotta have the knowledge

that karma

Will have fun with them someday 

You gotta know when

To let go 

You gotta know they are not worth

your energy anyway 



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Cause I said


Another man

Who can't  handle rejection 

The problem isn't me

It's plain to see 


Cause I said


So you decide harrass me

When you come buzzing around 

Like a bee

Bothering me 

Trying to get a reaction from me

But I put on my headphones and

Walk away from this sad display


Cause I said


Another man with

An ego complex 

Not making or having any sense

Who hasn't grown up yet

Wanting too much attention 

But acting less than a gentleman 


Cause I  said


Another talking idiot 

No respect for women

Wanting me to settle for him

No way


I have self esteem

I won't give in

I won't listen

I'll always show you the door

So called me whatever you want

Cause the problem isn't me



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Burn me

Throw my ashes to the sky

Don't bother to buy a tombstone

There Won't a funeral

Don't bother to cry

because you couldn't say your goodbyes 

I'm just going home

Somewhere that is beyond this earth

Burn me

Throw my ashes to the sky

Don't bother to say

Oh no

Cause I no longer exist

Cause I can't no longer talk to you

Be happy for me cause

I'm going home

Burn me 

Throw ashes to the sky

When I die

When God says it's time to go

For now I just try to live my life right

Learn from my past mistakes

Learn my lessons and have some faith

Learn to grow and go with change

Learn to ride life's unpredictable wave


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What is the purpose of beauty without creatures to charm?

How can the moon awake passions without the black sky of the night?

Where would swallows be going without a winter making them fly?

Why are you afraid of the darkness if you experienced the light?


We are born in pain, because it is pain what proves us alive.

We must master the fall before we learn how to walk.

We can only accomplish success if we experienced the fail.

You are worried, I see, use this friend’s ear, let’s talk.


I hope you believe me, my friend, your worries will pass.

You will endure the pain, you will soon understand.

It can’t be always the same, it can’t be back as it was.

But your night will be over, making place to a brighter dawn.


The phoenix has risen from ashes infinite times.

The flood of punishment passed for resurgence of life.

Our ancestors strove struggles to bequeath us  some peace.

You can make the future brighter. Stand up! Do not abdicate!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Transformations can be painful, pain makes us grow, growth has a purpose. If you ever asked yourself: Why is this happening to me? Hopefully you'll get some relief understanding the metamorphosis of the caterpillars. I used a metaphoric title to describe in one word what all of us go through at some point of our lives.

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   If I'm the one who's chosen/ why isn't my path golden, haven't talked to god i a minute/ maybe that's why I' suspended/ maybe that's why they're offended 


My fater gave me this rage/ turned me into a spirit who doesn't need sage to hide from the flames/ now I'm in reality questioning mentality/ mixed feelings like I'm a disorder/ product of society such a disorder/ I was declared prophet but i see no profit/ all my knwledge has me hostage/ memories have me trapped but it's mapped, I collaged it  

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3 Haiku




Dreams they are walking
Spawns more kills more these old streets
8th avenue blues


2 Library


We're closed for today
Bring another day to read
"Tomorrow", I said


3 Windows


Light's getting in through
Questioning eyes they peep out
"I'm old", says the house

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Have you ever wonder if you are going to die sooner than you have expected? 

The human life expand of a human being should be about 110 years old based on the bible 

But the sin of man has minimized the life expand and life expectancy has decreased tremendously  

Many people would say that everything started with Adam and Eve

It did but it did not end there, the way of man has limited his ability to change life 

Look around you what do you see death, death and more death 

Humans killing each other every day the world does not end we are ending each other

Many environmentalists, theorist, and scientist would say that we are destroying our environment 

I would say that our actions are causing us to see death even sooner that what we should 

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Why are my feelings always so dark?

Why are my feelings always so dark?

By jfarrell


Why, when something goes wrong,

Do I always go straight to thoughts and feelings of suicide?

I’m sure many have been where I am;

Done nothing wrong and just lumbered

With £800 worth of rent arrears.

And, though I don’t imagine they smiled,

Said “Thank you, guv’nor, shaft me some more”

I do imagine they got on with it;

Sucked it up, went out and paid it all off.

Instead, I just feel down, dark, full of rage

Full of self pity

This new obstacle before me just saps

What little hope and confidence I had

And all I can do is sit down and cry “I give up”


Why can’t I be like others,

Just suck it up and get on with it;

Find a job, pay off them arrears

Instead I feel I just can’t go on anymore

Why try? They’re only gonna kick me in the teeth again

And tell me to suck it up

I hate this self pity and I hate this anger

Hopefully, one day, a worm will turn


Author's Notes/Comments: 

good morning, Worm, your honour

Don't stop (D)

Fuck god, fuck god,


Ugh, now you are going to lose everything,

Fuck god,

Ok dont stop, 

Fuck god, fuck god,

You gotta remember,

Fuck god,

Don't push thoughts away or they will get worse,

Fuck god, fuck god,

Freaking damn it,


I wanna slam my head in the fucking wall,



He knows you don't mean it,

He knows,

They know you don't,

Nothing is going to change,



Listen to me,


Nothing is going to change,

They know your heart,

Fuck god all you want to,

All you want to,

Its ocd.

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