Respected India Man



Highly respected indian man,


Honors the sacred holiday,




Grand feast of lights,


Enjoys the honoring of spicy foods,


(-: Drinks :-)




He leaves as a salty dog,


Captain of his ship,


Returning like Tarzan swinging 


Wildly on a vine through 


The post poem jungle 







Hey, Jane


Hey, Jane, you taught we never need a cross

To get to heaven or to go across

We sing Taylor's old country tunes

Yet you also like '22'


Oh, Jane, I like the fact that you don't judge

Even though I've gone way too far and much

But what I like about you the most is

How you make a smile with your tender lips


I remember that post-test walk

A lot of things went to our  talk

About that boy's common game

Know that his name rhymes with shame


I like the fact that you like green

You tell the things that you will feel

I hope you won't love that cheat

'Cause when girls cry, he does feast

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"HEY, JANE" is a poem dedicated for my friend in college.