Thine Panties And A Table Dance





If thou might harken to 


The sound of my aching sighs,


But woe is me!! My heart lives with thy!


And mine heart lie cold and dark


Under the shining light of 


Such slight of hand,


For how shall I live 


Without the sight of thine 


Ruffled bodice graced upon mine weary eyes


So temptuously lying upon thy chest?




Thou mak'est 


Wretched thot of thy soul's shining armor


And thine inconstancy of thy hand


Upon my supple breasts.




I need thine dancing groin 


And thee glorious sight 


Of thine lacy panties upon thy soft feathered locks,


Thy serpent hanging low and mine eyes


To wake it's pulse as it doth reach the heights of heaven,


Like moonbeams tender kisses upon thy sea,


My love, I wait for those panties and a table dance,


I wait for thee. ;-)







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just practicing fun to learn old english. *with sarcasm intended* ;-)

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