Is this what people feel after series of fights?

Numb, tired of crying, doesn’t care anymore?

It can be his fault, it can be hers.

Once, twice or thrice did she forgive him.

But all he does is bring the argument up again.


“Tracie is a boy.” He said.

But dressed as a hot nerd student on Halloween.

Is it already time to say goodbye?

He says he keeps on hurting,

Which is nonsense because he’s a boy.

Boys are immature men,

So that’s probably why.



The Cycle

She forgives them too quickly.

   She always follows her heart,
   Only to let her down. 
They say they wouldnt
   Do it again. 
But they break her heart 
   A million pieces everytime. 
Why do they have to repeat
   The same things over and over again? 
Will the cycle never ends? 
Where is her happy ever after. 
She's now broken than ever before.
And its all because of them. 

He Doesn't

She has already shed a tear

   For he doesn’t have a clue.

He thinks she’s strong,

   For he doesn’t see it clearly.


She’s seeing things in the future’s perspective

   Causing her to think about them soon.

It’s getting serious each second,

   But the question is

   How much time can he sacrifice?


She always understands him,

   He barely has time for her.

How can they make it work?

   Can they survive?

For he doesn’t have a plan.

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Happy Go Lucky

There was this one guy,

Fun and games were all he wants.

And there she was,

Sweet, pure, special and innocent.


Walks on the beach every night,

With one kiss that changes all.

She took the risk,

She knew he was worth it.


He left her without a word,

Breaking her.



Nadav had rough skin

when he touched

it was like sandpaper

rubbing flesh


girls have a habit

of boring me

to tears

he said


I looked

at Miss Ashdown's

broad behind

as she walked down


the aisle between desks

in class

her skirt swayed

like old ship's sails


all they talk of

is dolls and prams

and doll's clothes

and about whom


they'll marry

one day

I wondered

if Miss Ashdown's hips


wore away the wood

at the side

of the desks

as she walked


between them

I prefer boy's talk

of guns and battles

and wars and such


he said

I watched

as Miss Ashdown
turned and faced


the front of the class

her big bust

like battleship guns

do you like girl's talk?


Nadav asked

I like their gentleness

and softness

and smell of flowers


I said

but talk?

he said

what of that?


the knack

I said

is to listen

only to the last


few words of speech

to get the drift

of talk

Miss Ashdown


glared at Nadav

and threw

skill fully

chunks of chalk.

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Reynard and I
held back
after biology
while the other kids


had gone
and we walked up
the corridor
I could have scored that goal


if Goldfinch
hadn't got
in my way


he's always
where you don't
want him to be
Reynard said


I saw Jeanette
walking ahead of us
with her blonde friend Angela
Jeanette had class


I thought
her friend
was a short
mouthy girl


but Jeanette
was quite reserved
and looked at you
as if you had stepped


in her sunshine
but I liked her
and that quick kiss
I snatched the other day


still felt stuck

on my lips
Angela had short tight
blonde curls


Jeanette had long
dark hair reaching
her shoulders
I gazed


at her thin figure
her arms by her side
the satchel
over her shoulder


Reynard was still talking
about the football lunchtime
I was looking
at Jeanette’s sway


of hips almost unseen
yet visible
to the trained eye
the way her legs


came down
to her well heeled shoes
the white ankle socks
think we ought


to try get Frazer
on our side
he'd be great in goal
better than Dunton


the prat
he couldn't save a goal
if the ball
was as big as he was


Reynard said
yes we must get Frazer
I said
wondering how I’d get


that kiss
that Jeanette promised
the lips tempting
and her cheek


just visible
the place my lips
the other day


and the kiss
just stayed there
and wouldn't
go away.


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Derek said
she smells peculiar
and don't she's
brush her hair?


I was standing with him
in the playground
by the steps
that went down


into the bombed out
cellar of a house
which was where
the playground was


I like her
I said
watching her walk
hesitantly around


the groups
of boys and girls
in game or conversation
bet she's got


lice or fleas
or whatever
he said
she's got an old man


who beats her
and a mother
who doesn't care
I said


well she could at least
wash properly
he said
despite the hardship


and such
my mother
let her bathe
at our place


the other Sunday night
I said
didn't find
no lice or fleas


she had said
just dirt and grime
you didn't bathe
with her then?


Derek said laughing
no she bathed alone
my mother making sure
she was washing ok


Derek looked over at her
still smells peculiar
he said
it's the soap


we gave her
to take home
I guess
fancy a game


of cards?
he said
taking  football cards
out of his back pocket


I said
and so we went down
by a vacant wall


and flicked our cards
to see got nearest
the wall and see
who won


whose cards
but out
of the corner
of my eye


I saw Ingrid
walking about
the playground
her dull flower


patterned dress
having seen
better days
her scuffed shoes


shyly making tread
should be with her
I thought
but carried on


playing cards
with Derek instead.

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O'Brien said
the whole girl thing
was a falsity
why waste your time


on them?
he'd told Baruch
yes why?
Sutcliffe said


in an echo
as they walked home
from school


the New Kent Road
holding a cigarette
to one side
a thin line


of smoke
from his mouth
as she spoke


Baruch said nothing
about Fay
he just listened
thinking of her


as they walked along
his hands
in his pockets
his scuffed shoes


treading the pavement
his eyes looking
at Sutcliffe
at his blonde hair


and bright blue eyes
and O'Brien
with his shock
of brown hair


 and his crafty eyes
I've yet to meet a girl
worth losing sleep over
he said


not a wink of sleep
Sutcliffe added
Baruch had seen Fay
the day before


on the way home
 by the church
on the corner
of Meadow Row


she in her catholic
school uniform
clutching her satchel
her bright eyes on him


her fair hair
by the afternoon sun
how they had walked together


up the Row
she talking of the nuns
at the school
about the whole Latin thing


about the long list
of saints she had
to remember
he took in


her anxiety
her paleness of skin
he told her
of the pottery teacher


who ridiculed his pots
and how he did it
in front of the class
holding up the pot


and running it down
not that I care a toss
Benedict said
least not


about the pot
and they crossed
Rockingham Street
and up the slope


and there they waited
gazing at each other
the silence
like thin silk


he wanted to kiss her
but not doing so
she wondered
if she could get


nearer to him
maybe much closer
but feared her father
might hear of it


and he didn't like Baruch
didn't like the Jew boy
keep yourself free
of them


O'Brien said
girls cling to you
like leeches
and suck


the being
out of you
with their petty wants
yes wants and wants


Sutcliffe echoed
Baruch paused
by the hairdresser shop
by the crossing


opposite Meadow Row
best get home
Baruch said
yes me too


said Sutcliffe
hope my cousin's gone home
she's been with us
for weeks now


and always
in the bathroom
and wandering the house
in her almost


see through night dress
sure sure
O'Brien said
bet you hate that


and he laughed
and Sutcliffe walked off
home the cigarette
behind his back


in his inky fingers
see you around
O'Brien said


and wandered on
up the road
and Baruch
saw him off


and crossed the road
and walked down
Meadow Row
thinking of Fay


and that moment
he almost kiss her
how they stood
gazing at each other


he gazing
at her fine beauty
her figure 
and she fearing


her father
would know
and the nuns
at the school


always writing to him
about her
and what she does
and does not


and she seeing
Baruch there
feeling her heart beat
and sensed feeling hot.


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Boy Meets Love

Boy: What would you sacrifice in return for a love so true?

Girl: I'd sacrifice my all to have true love with you.


Boy: How would you show me, if that were the case?

Girl: I'd be there for all of the things that you face.


Boy: What if I mess up and make a mistake?

Girl: I'd tell you you're human...and show you our love's not fake.


Boy: What if you were hated for loving a guy like me?

Girl: I'd be facing that love is something others don't always see.


Boy: What if they saw it, and spat in your face? What if they mocked it, and our love was erased?

Girl: Why, I'd have to accept that our love is for us, and I'd build on the good things we share...respect and trust.


Boy: If I were sick, would you nurse me to health?

Girl: I'd reach for the bottle that says "love" on the shelf.


Boy: Would you face every hardship, if I acted a fool?

Girl: Yes I would, my love, always, but I'd also lay down new rules...;-)






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