empty bottles




the strangest sight,

is to see a grown adult,

misplacing courage to

replace it with sadness,

holding on to a baby blanket,

filled with the holes 

of yesterday's empty promises

and stained with the tears of bitterness,

all because of a fear 

that doesn't even exist,

and a belief that if they were to let go,

there would be nothing at all,

curling up at night after 


clutching to empty bottles

that never live up

to the taste of warm breast milk,

and the screams 

of despair




It is possible to 

Stop making exceptions

And accept what is,

Was, and what always will be,

To cease the cycle of 

Turmoil that stifles 

A life, society, community,

Race, people.


First, it has to be recognised

Underneath all the 

Litter and trash in 

One's conditioned 

Mind and set of moral



Humans usually,

At some point,

Arrive in this place,

Because if they did not,

The guilt would be 

Their extinction,

And any good 

They did for humanity

Would be lessened,

To the detriment of 

All of humanity.




07/22/2013 ©


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