Often understood as a chase
But none is exceptional.
To take a walk,
To find out more and more
about the well-off of an alliance.
Though it is well known,
Marriages are made in heaven.

Beautiful looks,
Pleasant talks,
Delicious eateries,
Dusters the event,
Nevertheless, we all hunt for
Roots of an alliance.

New link traps,
Old links are reflected.
yet, best one for them,
Who cries to be humble,
Worst one for them,
Who fails to meet the test.

It is a big event in life.
For the couple,
It might be love at first sight.
For the alliances,
It might be a venture.

Often realized all chasing
Halts at heavenly call,
too many doors
Open and shut for an alliance,
Oh! Marriages are made in heaven.

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Life is full

Only when I live it with you.

Love is real

Only when I behold it in your eyes.

Wine intoxicates

Only when I taste it on your lips.

Fire becomes pleasure

Only when I touch it with you.

Cold begets fire

Only when you’re here with me:

When wafts of love begin to soar,

Whispering my endless love for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A message that accompanied a hand-made card made by me on St. Valentine's Day 1995 for a very special person dear to me during my days as a student in University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She helped me bear a lot of the weight on my shoulders.

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What is Love?

To me and everyone else you were always Alex C.


I fell in love with Alex C.

I married Alex C.

I travelled with Alex C.

I wanted children with Alex C.

Alex C. Told me I was his everything

Alex C. Told me he could never hurt me

Alex C. Told me I was the only one for him

Alex C. Vowed to be loyal to me forever


My Husband Alex C.


Then one day you were Alexander.


I cried because of Alexander

I broke because of Alexander

I lost my love because of Alexander

I have a hole in my heart because of Alexander.

Alexander knowingly hurt me, more than anyone has hurt me in my life.

Alexander did unspeakable things to me

Alexander broke his vows

Alexander gave himself to someone else.


A whore’s lover, Alexander. 



You told everyone you wanted to be Alexander but no one listened. Is that still what you want Alexander?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My Husband always told people he preferred Alexander, yet Alex C. was what he used on everything, he would introduce himself as Alex and everyone always called him Alex...until her. She called him "Alexander". 


He came to his dad on the eve of his wedding asking

“Dad, any last minute advice?”

“Any words of wisdom?”

“And please can you be precise.”


“When it comes to your wife,” Dad smiled

“I have a few insights that might apply:

Know when to make her laugh 

and know when to let her cry.”


Let her know you will do your best 

to never make her frown

to encourage and support her…

and never let her down.


And finally tell her she need not be afraid 

because you want it known…

you will always be beside her…


and she’ will never be alone.

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Maiden In Waiting

Simple Thoughts

"She had been waiting, 

for her knight. 

Her proper gentleman, 

the one who at night


would hold her tight,

the only way

that seemed right

to sleep.


So deep,

was her love

for someone she hadn't met yet, 

it kept her away


from the others.

No prince

could ever save this

damsel in distress. 


She was busy, anyway.

But on one

humid, busy day,

one said hello.


And in a blur of a year,

she realized 

she had said 'yes', 

with stone like Ocean


adorned on left hand.

She was happy.

She was going to unite 

with one whom


she had searched 

her entire life for.

One who loves her

for who she is,


and every thing

that implies.

He is no knight, 

no master-commander,


just a man

who has a way with words; 

or so he likes to think.

All she wants,


is to ink into passing

the change of last name.

A light love story, 

that began two year ago,


one busy day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I met me wife!


My new Russian bride can only speak one english word and that word is no.

If she doesn't start behaving like a wife, she will have to go.

When I paid her way to America, I didn't know things would go sour.

We've been married for six weeks and I'm sick of taking cold showers.

When she arrived, I was thrilled to see the plane land.

But now I'm having to get some relief by using my hand.

Married people are supposed to make love, her behavior is absurd.

I'd really like to kill the idiot who taught her that one english word.

Sexual relations is the only thing that my marriage is lacking.

If she doesn't learn how to say 'yes', I will send her packing.

I'm sure you can understand my frustration and distress.

If you marry a Russian, you'd better hope she can say yes.

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Forever And Always

At night I lie awake and wach you sleep

Right beside me

And I feel an unchanging passion, an irresistable attraction


And the tears pour from my eyes

As I think of you in my life

And I know for the rest of my days

I'll love you forever and always


Girl I know we are meant to be

Although we may disagree

You're still my angel send from above

I'd rather fight with you, than make love with someone else


And the tears pour from my eyes

As I think of you in my life

And I know for the rest of my days

I'll love you forever and always


And I can see you walking down that isle

In that long white dress

This could be your fairytale

Baby, all you have to do is say yes


And the tears pour from my eyes

As I think of you in my life

And I know for the rest of my days

I'll love you forever and always


And the tears pour from my eyes

Because you'll always be in my life

And i know for the rest of my days

I will love you forever and always


I will love you forever and always


Forever and always

Jung Park and his opinion on Marriage

Marriage, what a delicacy. 

But it's better to stay as a celibacy.

If I would marry someone, I'd do it genuinly.

To give love affectionately.


I don't want to do it unintentionally.

It'd be awful if I did it with hesitancy, questionably, and senselessly.

But eventually, I will marry professionally and majestically.




A friendly face is always one to remember, and I remember his the most. 


When we were kids we played together, in highschool we were inseperable. Then in college he became my husband, till death do us part... Thats what we always said. But what we didnt expect was the arguments, two years into marriage and we were both done. We tried to stay together, it was just to hard. After many arguments we decided one last try, one last 'honeymoon' vacation. 


"Lets go to Mount Fuji he says, It'll be fun he said." Beth punched a wall as she angrily muttered mean words about her husband.

Jamie rolled his eyes at his wife, knowing exactly what she was saying about him. Beth took a look at her knuckles with the light on her head, they were bleeding.

She quickly wrapped her bandana around them to stop the blood, "How are we going to get out of here?" She asked.

Jamie looked around the hole they fell into, it was dark, cold, and wet.

They had attempted to climb Mount Fuji on their own, it hadn't worked out so far.

" I don't know Beth, but it looks like there might be something over there." He pointed his light towards something in the distance.

"What is it?" Beth walked towards him, she squinted, it looked like it was almost glowing.

Jamie went to the wall that held the odd glowing object, Beth followed.

It was a gem, a blue glowing gem with small white specs in it. "What do you suppose that is?" Jamie said while poking it.

"Jamie." Beth Squealed "Don't touch it, what if its alien?" Jamie snickered, "Honey I don't think aliens exist." Beth rolled her eyes and smiled. "Haven't you seen the X-Files Jamie? The truth is out there." They both laughed, the most real laugh they've had in many months. 


Jamie and Beth Sighed, Jamie still having his hand on the gem, touched Beth's hand. Then all of a sudden the room lit up, there were many colors, dancing and swirling. Beth closed her eyes, she was afraid, she felt Jamie embrace her. The light stopped, she looked up to see Jamie's eyes very wide. She looked around her, she was in her living room. She ran to the window, and saw everything just as it was when they left home. She turned to her husband, "Alien." 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not too sure about this story... Really need some feedback on it!