Southern Gothic

Tales and Fables

I can't tell where I'm going

Don't know where I've been

But I feel I'm moving quickly

And I guess that's all there is


I've gone round in my head

Side to side within

Reason had too much sense

Foolishness left me behind

Walking to a dirt-road crossroad

Guess I'll say hello


Whiskey from the heavens

Daniels in my veins

Traveling to hell on that southern gothic train

Baptized my humanity in the river

Left my soul with the morning star

Guess I've lost it all


They say that those with nothing left

Have nothing left to lose

Well hell, I'm far past that

With no future, and no past

Don't mess with me, son

Or my face will be your last


Whiskey's long gone now

But the moon's still shining bright

And there's heaven to gain

But hell to pay

The brass is still warm

But I'm cold as the grave

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This I Know


Though I was born into sin

My Savior, He died

To bring me back home once again

And Heaven did shake

And the saints they did cry

For salvation of sinners and I


Now this I know

From the scars in His hands

That He died, with me on His mind

He died then He lived, and He rose up on high

The gifted eternal is mine


Now someday soon

The Bride and the Groom

Will join in the sweet by-and-by

The angels will sing

And the trumpets will sound

As we join our dear Savior in the sky

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First two verses and a chorus of a hymn, perhaps I'll return to it someday.

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Haqueian Verse


Reach heaven,

We must be good,

Do good,



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what  a peaceful thought.

Cant wait to be in a place with no societal pressures

Cant wait to see all those who passed away.  

Have so much to ask, so much to say, and cry.......

Maybe we can be a family in heaven

With no outside pressures maybe we could love each other

Maybe we could stand each other!

Maybe we can support each other

Maybe we can count on each other.




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Took her away


I came home to this big house
Been working 8 hours at the ranch
Just to found this empty house

I can't believe that she is gone
Life ain't faire sometimes
Why did God take her from me

Life was so good
A beautiful house, a good job
And the most beautiful wife

I pray every night
Asking the Lord to give her back
But he won't grant me that wish

She is probably angel by now
Cause a woman like her
Would take the best place in heaven

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If i had one wish

   if i had one wish         2015


if i had one wish i'd want to talk to you once more
to see you smile at me i'd know what life was for
and hear you whisper softly i'll know its not a game
i'll know what i'd wanna to hear and that would be my name
if i had one wish i would wanna hear about gods heaven
and have you tell me about all these streets of gold there paven
then i would tell you things i've never told a living soul
so when im feeling blue i will think of you and know
if i had one wish it would be an easy choice to make
i'd wish to hold you once again your death i then could take
all the pain from losing you would then just slip away
it will be a joyous reunion just to talk to you all day
you would say those four little words that i do so miss
for when i hear i love you dear ill know i had my wish




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem cuz i was missing my parents hope you like it!!

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*If I Were An Angel (2)*


 December.10.2007 3:28am/ May.24.2015

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


If I were an angel

I'd sit down and cry

Because I feel so helpless

I can't do anything as I watch the world die

I can't seem to figure a way to clean up the mess

All I can do is linger and wait

Wait here above the clouds in the sky

Once again a life is taken because of hate 

As I caress my wings I sit and begin to sigh

Today no one can help not even fate

I must go now

I better hurry before I am late

So many souls not enough time to do it all

I don't know how

Greeting each man woman and child at the golden gate

Each waiting for me to to do my name call

There are too many rushing to get in 

I ask them to line up against the cloud wall

I then tell them

This isn't a competition no ones going to win

So please walk slow

Your turn wil come around

Even though in the back of my mind

I know the line will only begin to grow

So please wait and be kind

People stand there sad as can be 

Walking without making a sound

Their loved ones they no longer can see

But if they look into thier heart

The loved ones can be found

They truely never did part

The pain they felt is free


If I were an angel I would find a way

To put this evil vibe in the world to rest

Every night I pray for that very day

But every day seems to be a test

I don't know what to do or say

All I can do is my best

Greet each person with respect

Wrap my wings around them and hold on tight

I will guard them from neglect

I will try to make things right 

I'm their angel now

I will protect them the best that I can

Living in heaven I will show them how

Right next to thier side

I will forever stand

The truth to them I will never hide



A piece of heaven! 2015

A piece of heaven! 2015


when we first met you could tell i needed a friend

so you took me under your wing and helped me to mend

you were quick to tell me i was worth saven

thats when i thought i was looking at a piece of heaven

your cheery attitude gave me reason to smile

and your endless happiness went on for miles

wheather you were talking to some one or waven

thats when i realized i was looking at a piece of heaven

and when my mom died you never left my side

you didnt give up on me instead you became my giude

family always came first to you they were your everything

there was nothing you wouldnt do for them you always made there heart sing

i looked into your loving eyes and knew your love you've freely given

and then i knew with out a doubt i was lookin at a piece of heaven

you made there world a better place and put a song in all there hearts

you always looked out for your daughter and was very proud of your son

pride and joy shows in your eyes when your grand kids are having fun

we're all lost with out you here your love and guidance draws you near

your strength and courage made you strong enough to concor all your fears

knowing you has been a pleasure you helped me to wanna go on living

by leaving a piece of heaven in all our hearts.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem for a very special lady who i concider my second mother she was always making me laugh and feel better about all i was going thru this poem is for younRita I love you!!!



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put down those pills! 2015

put down those pills! 2015


put down those pills is what she knew they need to say

for if they dont she might just take them anyway

she needs the sleep these pills shes certain they will bring

they will take her up to heaven on pretty angels wings

put down those pills is something she wishes she would hear

but all she hears is silence and that will cost her dear

shes good at hiding all her pain behind a cheery smile

but no one sees her heart break and wont go the extra mile

put down those pills is something no ones ever said before

she knows that if they do she will have a little hope and more

no ones ever looked in her eyes and seen a lot of sadness

they've never asked her no not once why she felt so hopeless

put down those pills she knows that if they do not say

she will be sleeping permanent in every possible way

but then one day she met some one and saw he did so care

and then he looked into her eyes and knew with certainty

what she had planed after he left that he didnt want to see

so then he took her by the hand and said put down those pills




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem was dificult for me to write because i have had those pills in my hand and wished time and time again some one would say that to me and it happened just like that my friend looked me in the eyes and knew what i had planned to do for the second time in my life and he did tell me that very thing to put down those pills and i remember feeling like someone really does care, it was a great feeling knowing some one did,  i hope this poem can help some one to put down those pills because there are people out there who genuinly do care.


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