Rummage Sale

Rummage Sale

Karyn Indursky


Rummaged through the merchandise

to find the bar-codes unscannable

and stripped off a label to 

type in the UPC, but that didn't work either.


Rummaged the numbers to find the SKU

and with the ticketing gun

the problem was shoved

until I had to do a Void

because someone grabbed

one too many making a double scan.


I typed in numbers one after another

until tax was added to your order,

which I had to explain sales tax

for Uncle Sam always wants his cut

and your price will rise, not deflate.


I labeled the next banch

of products awaiting the next purchase

as I had to read off expiration dates

and must-be-reduced it's being discontinued.


I took your order, charged your card.

Got your John Hancock, gave you a receipt.

You got what you wanted, company made profit.


And with the "snap" of the light

it's end of shift.


See ya tomorrow.

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i injoyed reading your poem

i injoyed reading your poem very fun read


Fritz etheart

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thank you

thank you kd