You can be my kryptonite

You can bring my downfall

Bring me to my knees

Pull the energy out of me

You can be the fire

That finally consumes me

Weakness or ecstasy

You could be my kryptonite



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Black Robed Maiden

A black robed maiden, born in a sacred world
With dreams and aspirations that swell’s her femininity
She intrudes in my innocence, my future is in her hands
It is possessed by violence and lust
My idiocy has lead me to this, it’s all upon me
In this darkened night, I fluster at the words of this minx
Her impudent flirtation is terror against my ears, the haunting whispers of a succubus
The pain and desire you give to me
You demand my flesh, so I’m your whore, you want my blood, I’m now your whore
Emasculate me, this is heresy, my humanity is now her slave
I can see heinous behavior in her eyes
All the victims she violated, fractured, that’s so precise
I can feel her icy heart beat through her breast
Ball-gagged, chained, chained, and whipped my soul is damned
Scratched and burned paralyzed with torment
She licks my wounds with bloody kisses
Her sadistic reign eternally through my nightmares, will I ever sleep again
A chilling defilement makes her scream more and more
She-beast what emotions are and not felt
You demand my flesh, so I’m your whore, you want my flesh, I’m now your whore
Her nature is something I can’t comprehend, an act that I will succumb too, pressure in her being soon to be released
This is incarceration
I’m trapped by her savagery, I’m now helpless
This ancient mythology shatters everything
She knows no shame, I can’t escape
She wants to feel me so she can take me
She only wants what she can control, forever branded because I’m hers
Her source of energy, her source of deserving
Crush me, chaotic lividity
She wants to have me, violate me, in this stranglehold she is queen
I’ve barely eaten for days, dehydrated my strength is drained
All I hear is her cries of joy
I’m in disbelief, this is shocking, I cannot plead
Pulled an lashed by my hair and body
I will never be spared, a malevolent witch unleashing physical torment
It’s too much to bear, this is her brutal show with no grief till the end of time
You demand my flesh, I’m now your whore, you want my blood, I’m now your whore
Through your lust you’ve created a man who is now in love
You will never leave
My primal urges have intrigued you now
You are cunning seething in beauty
You have conquered me, I live to serve

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It’s official!


I’ve transitioned

from getting old

to being old.


I was at

a bachelor party 

watching a stag film.


Everyone was hootin’

& hollerin’

over the action on the screen.


I was sitting there,

incredulous look (I suspect)

on my face

thinking, “Damn!

That position can’t be comfortable."


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She beheld her Grace


Before his love,
she had been afraid
before his touch,
she had been ashamed

Mirrored in a gaze,
stormy blue
she beheld her Grace,
in clear view

He awoke in her a song
long repressed, so natural
then a dance, demanding rave
with beauty, raw and sensual 

He made her feel safe in love,
to yield to body and voice
he taught her it was always
something meant to be rejoiced

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I Don't Know How It Goes

What do I write about?

The story of my life!
I don't know how it goes, do you?
It's a matter of question to you and me to ponder on.
This side of eternity once given is true........or false in ones perception of it all.
Do you remember or is it I've forgotten in all this distraction freely given, to what ends I do not know.
Make believe is what it is I think. It's here in one moment and gone in the next.
How could it be anything other than
Games, we all play them, in hopes to gain some more of it.
Of, 'it'!, whats 'it'?
Life I said. Don't you remember?
or have you forgotten what it is, what it's all about.
I'll tell you what, lets make believe that I am you, and you are me.
Okay now, tell me about your life.
I don't know how it goes, I've forgotten you.
             Copyright 2018 by RW Erskine
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Broken Puzzles

In a unforgiving
train of thought
I lay my head
to weep
upon my pillow
Which comforts me
on the horizons
of my mind
I put together
of broken pieces
and never realize
How many of them
are missing.

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Animal Inside

Women are animals
It is in their nature
So if you respect the woman
She might show you
her the animal inside of her
So RESPECT the woman
So she can free her naughty side

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Be an animal for love

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You Ask How I Want You

You Ask How I Want You

You ask how I want you; as if the walls of my veins,

the marrow of my bones, the well of my soul

could cry out—


I want you in every place 

that my body could fit:

In the little crevices of my brain,

In the deep compartments of my chest,

In the hollows behind my eyes,

In the beginnings of my every breath--


I want you in secret and in sight,

Beneath my sheets

Or the naked sky—

I want you as a seductive whisper

In my ear

As a ripe fruit

For my teeth to undress


I want you in so many ways;

In “sshhed” moans or wild cries,

In heavy sweat or tiny tears


I want you inside—outside—

A top—beneath—

Planked against me—

Pushed down over the frame—

Legs upwards, outwards;

Dancing upon my back


I want you: right or wrong,

touched or untouched—

pure or tainted

But most simply,


I want you.

Nois Sesbo


The cup was half empty
before we were born
The taste mirrored sour fruit
I collected drops of uncertainty to fill it up
And yet full it never did run
I found you in a sea of faceless books
Drops of laughter filled page after page
of self-loathing
The drug you chose was the remedy
I was deprived
Deep, deep down parts of me
My darkness, dank and distorted
reached for your elusive light
My madness is infectious
you never stood a chance
We tiptoed silently, searching
for a way around the Burden Tree

A path never travelled would have

been better suited

But now I watch and I wait

you moved on with grace

The staccato rhythm of my thoughts

echo across empty walls

I wish I could split in two

But I was a plague and you were a Pachelbel fugue


rhyme with no reason

the devil's interval

a space with no shape in an augmented form


the cup was full

the fruit was sweet

And as always...

My madness stained the blue to red

I only know how to create destruction in my Path

I thank the darkness for the distance

and only hope that you find happiness



Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the event it's not obvious- the title is a play on the word, "obsession."