My second ode to Roseanne Barr

current affairs



Greetings Roseanne how do you do?

Just had to write a poem to you

not an ounce of hate in me: True

Unlike the disrespect shown by you

To a well trodden point of view

The Torah forbids a permanent state of Jew


Sionist's needed a lap dog state

to stoke permanent division and hate

throughout the middle east

when all the people want is peace

Good people are just getting used

as Palestinians just get abused


plenty of video pre 1949

Jew, Palestinian living side by side

with big smiles, peace in hearts

for some this just could not last

those who wanted to divide the region

and want to stoke hate in all seasons


though settlements have just been stopped

perhaps America's lap dog?

has finally been muzzled for good?

stopping the destroying of neighbourhoods

have you seen occupation 101?

no wonder the Palestinians are glum


so do you think there's a divine right?

To take lands with unfair fights

just cos a few old words say

a divine right exists in perpetuity

news for you, the sionist's wrote

many holy words and anecdotes


to maintain control and dupe

most that descend from the Jew

needed brainwashing for their plan

of middle east death and division

and most think their divine right

ensures god's shotgun by their side

a programmed superiority complex

that just fosters a lack of respect


but gods in each and every one

of us, white, brown even Palestinians

no divine rights exist at all

the idea of preferential states is mental

we all have gods grace within

that anger and hate just shrinks


the Buddha said that holding on

to anger just caused glum

it scalds you like a hot coal

mashing up inside your heart and soul

can I suggest you learn to meditate

then perhaps you would have less hate


you might also see some truth

around the propaganda that's blinding you

Sionist's control all media outs

it's just like a media black out

but with too much information instead

designed to mess with your head


So Roseanne just how do you sieve?

The truth from this sham of a reality?

The only way is to meditate

and to permanently rid yourself of hate

if you don't do any of that

you got no chance of telling lies from facts


cos your relying on someone else

when you have always had this ability yourself

even David Icke is spiritual

though most of his info adds to the hell

he is still alive anyway

Milton William Cooper RIP

so must be doing the bidding of some

keeping people worried and glum


I can only give you some of my truth

sorry if it don't resonate with you

most of my info is channelled too

designed to lift away the blues

there's a box on your head I can see

but I can also see your inner beauty


and you said I was a satanist

such a waste of time that is

Satan don't exist anyway

that’s any energy that darkens days

there is no hell too

this is also a well ploughed view


Big love from Cardiff, Wales

Land of leeks, dragons, Daffodils

I really am on your side

though love debate about subdivide

my stuff is off the wall too

much will not register with you

but there shouldn't be walls at all

no restriction, INFINATE POTENTIAL







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Roseanne called me a 'Satanic Fucktard' cos she wont accept the truth that the Torah forbids a permanent State of Israel. Video of Rabbi saying the same here

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