Memories are burned

into Mamma's mind

of the son who

never returned.

Yes, it's true,

the freedoms that bind

us together

had a steep price.

The price of blood and

memories that are burned

into Mamma's mind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to those who paid the ultimate price for or Freedoms.  May their sacrifice not be in vain. 


Memorial Day 2018

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Cant vote wont vote

Cant vote wont vote

I wont be voting Mr politician
Because I've got no fixed abode
Once a proud British soldier
Now I walk a lonely road
I swapped the medals on my chest
For a blanket and some food
I no longer guard the Queen
She will not think I'm rude
I don’t have a TV set
Politicians I despise
My own film is in my head
I can still hear those men’s cries
Of comrades long gone now
They will be with me to the end
We once made a vow
This Country we would defend
Some say that not to vote
Would be an awful shame
Be we veterans no the truth
Your all the bloody same.


© Tony McNally
Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is a general election next week in the UK, this is why I wrote this poem.

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The other day Deborah and I were discussing the wonders in America we can see.

We realized how lucky we were to live in a land where we were free.


A land where freedom allows us to come and go as we please

Where we are afforded the ability to travel around with ease


It made me wonder about freedom and what that word entails

From the many different forms it takes to the miracles it unveils.


V-  Freedom is not Voluntary in this or any land

     It is the right of every individual...something to demand.


E- Freedom, true freedom, when all is said and done

     Enhances and respects the freedoms of Everyone.


T-  Freedom is Tolerant of others and unequivocally embraces

     The differences between us that tyranny erases.


E-  Freedom is what we pray for at the bedside of every birth

     For freedom, as Abe Lincoln knew, is the last best hope on Earth.


T-  Freedom must Radiate from each of us, it’s a song the world must sing

     From every bell in every church freedom’s message should always ring.


A-  Freedom derives from Action, it should be the goal of you and me

     That every person in this world can say with confidence, “I am free.”


N-  And though most of us in this country know freedom and feel blessed

      We must remember No one is truly free when others are oppressed.


S-  Finally freedom is Spiritual, it truly make a person whole

      When the freedom in their heart matches the freedom in their soul.


Today we celebrate Veterans, it’s a day to formally address

And thank the veterans for the freedoms all Americans possess.


Ah, but freedom is a curious many with freedom have forgot

That either everyone on Earth is free...or everyone is not.


So we pray for the day people everywhere will come and go as they please

That they’ll be afforded the ability to travel around with ease


We pray that someday in every corner of our planet freedom will be on display


But until then be thankful for the freedoms we have...and thank a veteran today.

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The soldier was alone and frightened 
He wished his comrades were with him now
Hardly breathing for fear that they could hear his heart beat
Why has it ended like this?
His body pressed harder and deeper into his cold dark hiding place 
They were getting closer
Shaking with cold and terror he said a prayer
Please do not forsake me now God
This must be the end
They were almost upon him
He could smell their breath
He could hear someone taking a piss
A cigarette butt landed by his head
There were at least three of them
He had no weapons
Laying like a corpse it was unbearable
How can they not see him trembling?
Then they were gone
He let out his breath
Quietly sobbing he felt his crutch was warm
He had pissed himself
I miss my family and friends
I miss my Regiment and the lads
The soldier ate a rotting apple core he found
He pulled another piece of cardboard over his thin body
Exhaustion overcame him and he fell asleep
Another homeless veteran on the streets of Britain in 2010
©  Tony McNally
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