Dream For Me

Castrate the blame from your temper,

There is devotion to your temple;

I worship each drop of blood from your hungered kiss,

Drugged and sated; empowered, insatiable yearning,

A coffin for your fears to dwell in,

As forests burn and the skies crumble,

Passion burns so bright; all that is left are the ashes,

You smile, but your eyes show torture.


Child soldier bleeding, stitching the wound to keep on breathing,

Dragged through the trenches, with only himself as the enemy:

Identity fixed with a diagnosis and alien prescription,

Medicated cure for the human symptoms,

Creating a man-made preservation: 

Lawless, careless; trading handshakes for guns,

A lust for love, nurtured by anxiety:

Dream for me, and I will be yours. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The battles we go through ourselves, and through others, to reach equal ground, understanding, but also something much deeper than anything each have known. 

Unsent Letter

Every day is a war, but I know I’m on the losing side;

A dead man walking in borrowed shoes.

Desolate and open, an outsider looking in,

In moments, in waves,

The pre-planned illusion of destiny;

To see a future lover, lost to propaganda,

The isolation of what was meant to be,

Lost in hazy, daydream possibility;

There’s a bleak, momentary gain,

In knowing there’s loyalty in-between the shade.

Pain is a refuge; impossible communication,
Intertwined blood brothers, coming out from the inside,
Scratching at each other’s skin; another addiction, another pill,
Forgetting the beauty they’ve clawed within.
An unresolved dominance; freedom with a gun,
A weapon replaces where there was once a tongue,
What was never said is now written in blood,
A myriad, labyrinthine mind swallowed up in cataclysm,
The moment is strangled in an everlasting hold.

Kiss the sky, cold peaks and a forest to lose each other in,
A man cannot be saved by his own futility,
Unloved, unwanted, undeniably yours;
When nothing presents itself, but you,
Endlessly waiting, nothing but hesitation,
Your lust for everything that is not me,
Does your love exist? Only the fantasy is preserved,
An epiphany formed from the evangelist’s son.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lot of things left unsaid, both during and after a relationship ends... but also the journey...

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Cry Over Me


"Cry Over Me" 11 - 8 - 2011

surrounded by the dreams decay i find it here again
lingering emotions of what was torn apart
a basket of my sins
all caged inside a dying heart

haunting all my new starts i find it here again
shadow figures and puppet masters
attached by strings
and masks made of plaster

i can't stand it any more so i've brought the wrecking ball
i've come to tear it down
to silence the cries, absorb the tears
to wipe the slate clean

i'll make you cry for me, c'mon cry for me
cry for all the darkened memories
c'mon cry for me, show me you bleed
oh, cry for me, no, no, cry for the memory

seeing all i've done in a slow slideshow
my sins unmasked by hindsight
i blocked them out, now they return
in haunting dreams, awakened screams
darkened corners lit by ember stings

so baby cry for me, please cry for me
i've found out i'm nothing compared to could-be's
scream out for me, halt all i be
cry for me, so-so don't let it need

i've done nothing but hurt you, all i've done is hurt me
a hundred times i saw what i could not be
i can't make you cry for me, i can't make you cry

for me

now she cries for me, sheds tears in a mental bleed
torn asunder, made so many blunders
hindsight finds all i hid from me

she doesn't cry for me, it's now i see
she only cries for the dead inside of me

the door's unsealed, gasps escape
dying breaths of all i tried to be

no, she can't cry for me
she never cried for me
trauma blooms, regretta roses
are all my tears can feed

no, she didnt cry for me, it's now i see
she cried for the one thing i'd never be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ive had this song in my head for years, incomplete. i have not written in some months/year and suddenly felt the ghostly urge to write it. i may revisit it, touch it up some. but i believe i captured the emotion ive held for so long. such a relief!! to finally find the words for something that was once unexpressable.

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