A Web of Life

Disenfranchised, discriminated, decapitalized

Disorganized, dominated, doomed,

The middle pushed to the margins,

The margins, influencing the middle.

The right is right, the left wrong,


A web woven of similar work,

Yet the fly does not see the web infront,

He is merely trapped in the web,



But yet the web is his death.

He struggles to get out, but the web’s grip is too strong.

He waits to die, struggling to get out of the web, but as he struggles it continues to wrap around his body further.

He is now consumed.

He’s in the belly of the beast.

Dead, consumed. 

Little Liar


little black liar on your perch so high
see how you lie see how you lie
tax us to death
steal our bread
sell us to your brotherhood
tell us we'll be alright
we'll be alright
you'll make things right

little black Marxist on your perch so high
why do you lie why do you lie
steal another term
let America burn
play your fiddle above the noise
liberty falls into despair
we fall into despair
things are fine you'll be there
little black liar

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On Simplistic Garbage Cans

So there are garbage cans
For your garbage can lids
To place your household refuse
And olden wasteful deeds!

Forgetting that they are
Reservoirs for uselessness,
Without one member,
It's incomplete, sure is!

Because even if they're plastic,
The instrument, tho' exploitative,
Will forever be full--replicative--
For even the very narcissistic!