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Women We're Sorry

I can't believe how
We mistreat and
The greatest source
In this world,
Without woman they'll
Be no little boys
Or little girls.


And women listen you don't
Deserve to take
The beatings you receive
From your false
Significant others,
It made me
Cringe and stutter when
I first discovered
The way man treat woman.


Now I'm using my
Lyrics to
Intertwine with
The feminine spirit
I say this on the
Behalf of men,
We're sorry for the centuries
Of misery we dropped
On top of
You repeatedly!


And I know my words
Won't heal your
Physical wounds,
But with the flow
Of time your
Bruises will
Wash away soon!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Women we're sorry!!!


I am not a toy

You cannot play with me

Until you are bored

Until I am broken

I do not belong in the back of a dark closet

I am a rose

Shower me in positive rain drops

I will grow with every passing day

Bask me in warm sunshine

I will bloom to the best i can be

Dont pick me

Just look at me

With all the love you can fathom

And I'm yours