Karyn Indursky

Reading though the confines

of your poetry looking
deeper than the pages...
Feeling the emotions
expressed upon words
of heart-felt illustrations...
Smelling the roses
of a lovely garden
planted by your nourishing hands...
Touching your friendship
through sharing our poetry
and exchanged opinions
with those hugs...
Seeing your poetry
as nothing shy
as creative and wondrous...
Hearing the breezes
of your tonality
shifting with versatility...
Tasting your delicious
descriptions of imagery
and left craving more....
Without a picture
nor a real name
I remain as
your faceless friend.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Bishu

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thank you

thank you nightlight for your comments. that sounds like a poem in itself and you should add it/title it. 

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Much honoured Respected Poetic_Eyes...Thousand bows!!

Much honoured Respected Poetic_Eyes...Thousand bows!!



Showin mah face shall be a disgrace

Mah face  is not a painters canvas

Where artists paint lovely  faces.Alas!!

What mah writes is mostly gas

We'll meet doomsday at Sunday Mass

In the Big Church made of pretty glass   (Glass concept is nightlight's)

Stars shall shine in day moon also

Sun shall hide his burnin face 

Tho morn we've to shout "Grace" !!!      

Haw !! haw!! haw!!! Gotcha nappin.Have a very nice day/night Respected P_Eyes.I'm certain mah name shan't be mentioned after this hideous comment.Your friend till 3013 A.D.



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this has possbilities

this has possibilites. with some tweaking, this could be a poem. love your comments bishu. you're one of my new favorites on this site.