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I am but a simple girl. Nothing about me is extraordinary. I am not beautiful, nor thin, I do not excel academically or in sports. I am simply normal. But I am different. I do not fit into a sterotype. I can not be filed away neatly. For while some may lead and other follow, I wonder down my own little path. For in my imagination I am not simple. I am a daring knight or a princess in disgiuse. I am brave, smart and skilled. I am living the impossible. Not everyone can see what I see. So I write. And write. And write. A picture may say a thousand words, But a story tells of something greater than any art.

For I am a dreamer and that itself is speacial.

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It's on my stomach. Dragon piercing. Must I elaborate?

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The norm. Except tumblr. It confuses me.

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Bring on the fire, bring on the hell,
set everything ablaze so theres nothing left.
Bring on the fire-

It's better to be a smartass than a dumbass.
- Gilbert Beilschmidt

Accept me for what I am today. Do not reject me for what I was yesterday.
- Ivan Braginski

"Those who call themselves ugly, do not realise to someone out there, they are the most beautiful person alive."
- Francis Bonnefoy

A friend is someone who understands your past.....
......Believes your future......
........ And accepts you just the way you are.....

and finnaly;

A person who reads lives a thousand adventures in their time, while a non-reader only lives once.


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