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Passion Fruit

Your body is like succulent fruit

Vine ripe, plump and tasty

I must quell my desire to gobble you up

I mustn’t be so hasty


Your skin so smooth and supple,

Tender to the touch

Wanting so to taste your flesh

My yearning is just too much


Your sweet aroma fills the air

And I absorb your pleasing essence

Entering my nose then body

Where it reacts like effervescence


My mouth is now watering

And I’m unable to fight

This thirst and anticipation

For the first delicious bite


I finally give in and peel away your clothes

Like the skin of some exotic fruit 

The goodness I find hidden within

Is exquisite without refute


I savor every morsel

The taste of you is divine

I’ll never share you with another

The pleasure of you is all mine


You satisfy my every desire

My hunger and thirst you sate

No other can compare to your passion fruit


It’s the best I ever ate.

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O' Lovely Pain

Torn magazines and a ripped prom dress.

Material things in deadly excess.

I know this isn't right, 

but you're all I have left.


Like the alignment of the Sun, Earth and Moon.

A syzygy forms with our mind, body and soul.

Your eyes shine like diamonds with a golden afterglow.

We speak no words, but the conversation overflows.


But like steam rising from a hot spring,

Like a ghost in the night still haunting.

Like the smell just after it rains.

Our love has slowly began to fade...


Like the beats of our heart,

Like the hemmohraging Red Sea.

There is a constant power struggle

ragin within me. 


When I am responsible for all the demons you fight.

And your body cannot shed one more tear.

When your closed eyes try to cry.

the face of your pain you see is mine, my dear.


Now you're bleeding inside and out.

I've hurt you more than I care to announce.

But when your skin touches mine...

Please tell me what you feel inside.


One more kiss, one more hug and one last smile.

I'd be suprised if we both make it out of this alive.

You were always the rock. The solid, hard ground.

That I used to land on and crack when my high was coming down.


Do you forget, forgive and kiss?

Oh the phenomenon! The power to forgive.

Physical, mental and emotional bliss!!

But one's soul never forgets...


Please love, leave as you are.

The hurt you feel will soon be scars.


You were my stepping stone and my mind is made up.

No more footprints will be left on your heart by me, my love.

But for your own good please run...

This gun doesn't need to kill both of us.

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Who can Love You More than Me?

None can love you more than me,

I can proudly guarantee,

The way they love is not really love,

Fake they are inside and outside which you don’t know of.    


Can’t you see with your open eyes?

My heart like that of Apollo never lies,

I may not be that famous now but have I some dreams,

Alive they are and will always be like those ambitious streams.


I promise you this 'my dear' you will ever be happy by my side,

All I have for you is love, there’s nothing fake, nothing to hide.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the 6th line, Apollo is the God of 'prophecy' in Greek mythology; he is also known as the God of 'truth'.

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Hold My Arm and Move on…

Don’t you ever dare to cry,

If you do, believe me I’ll die,

Let the bad memories take a hike,

Let the black hole of oblivion strike.


Future is calling you,

With something unexpected, something new,

If time makes us apart, if I lag behind,

Will I still live in your mind?   


As long as the snow falls,

As long as the cuckoo calls,

And the poets keep writing,

For you my heart will never forget beating.


Does the present take you back to the past?

When time would run so fast,

On your rosy lips the kisses,

Would turn you into Marvell’s 'coy mistress'.  


As blood is for the body,

So are you for my existence, for my me,

You know it well my love, I can’t ever live alone,

Just hold my arm and move on.

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Miserable and Empyty


Screams and thoughts

yet still halfed,

looks and smiles,

heart glowing on yonder

i'm still here, am I not?

Compasion and love

excell to present.

pounding rythm,

"turn around"

cries and triumph,

warm with ants,


has found,


have found


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My name is Eustaquio, I am a 15 year old who desires the aspiration for literature. Comment.

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Love is Life.

When I look into your eyes i see trust and love. You make me feel like I can do anything. I hate how far we are from the love we share. You make me smilie everyday without you my life wouldn't have purpose. Your mine and I feel good that you are. When we get in fights they don't last long because me and you are a story that can be told another time.

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You My Love

Love Poems

You my love are like poetry in motion

You glide along

With charm and benevolence

When you pass by you strike a heart’s chord

I hear songs of love playing in my head

You’ve mastered the technique of seduction

Yes you do have my heart watering

I stare when you enter the room

Your presence demands responsiveness

Oh my love I wait for the day

When you will whisk me away

In your strong arms of comfort

Where I will dissipate in your arms

And you will proclaim your love for me

And it will echo throughout the world

And then we will flee so unreservedly

To our own planet of fervidness