Free Leonard, The "Unforgotten Man"

 Titled by Dove



The case of  'a forgotten man'


A Native American,


Not perfect, by far,


But killed two human beings,


Who must have been more 'special' a man.



A Native to a country whose roots 


Lie in the beauty of the land


And once was looked after,


Until raped by 'the white man's hand'.



The fruited plains rolled under,


God 'shed such grace on thee',


And 'the forgotten man's' story,


Might never be known by the people,






But the issue underneath remains,


Why, where might such a soul go?


Because who out here 


Would care for a man,


Who's branded a killer so?


Lacking of forgiveness,


The crimes upon his soul,


We walk in blameless blindness


With our bugles that we blow.



America so beautiful,


I love you so... (you know),


But show me of the people


You so boastfully bestow.



America the beautiful,


You take the suffering blows,


But when it comes to responsibilities,


(I wonder where it goes?)


Accountability no one knows.


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