holding onto hope

Dream For Me

Castrate the blame from your temper,

There is devotion to your temple;

I worship each drop of blood from your hungered kiss,

Drugged and sated; empowered, insatiable yearning,

A coffin for your fears to dwell in,

As forests burn and the skies crumble,

Passion burns so bright; all that is left are the ashes,

You smile, but your eyes show torture.


Child soldier bleeding, stitching the wound to keep on breathing,

Dragged through the trenches, with only himself as the enemy:

Identity fixed with a diagnosis and alien prescription,

Medicated cure for the human symptoms,

Creating a man-made preservation: 

Lawless, careless; trading handshakes for guns,

A lust for love, nurtured by anxiety:

Dream for me, and I will be yours. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The battles we go through ourselves, and through others, to reach equal ground, understanding, but also something much deeper than anything each have known. 

No Rest

You sit and stare as everyone moves on.
Force your eyes open.
Prove your spirit isn't gone.
Not quite dead. Not quite sane.
Not conscious enough for a body to remain.
Ill bring the glass.
Just pour and pour.
Shouldn't follow through.
At least I feel more.

Believe in me.
Hold me.
Give me a reason to see.
A reason why I should go, why it should be.
What is free?

These chains are all I know, my reality.
These walls as bland as bread and water.
Nowhere to go, no one to meet.
As walk down this street I pray a car knocks me off my feet.

As long as I keep moving my heart will keep beating.
Keep stepping to show them your not retreating.
Even if you dont know where your going just run away.
If you stop to sleep youll have wasted your final day.
Blindly keep moving and you'll find her arms one day.
This way when shes there you'll have more love and much more to say.
Keep running and running, for her smile is in the sky.
Rest, and you die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thoughts were pretty scattered when I wrote this, I feel like all these could blend but I'm not really sure. comments appreciated.

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Got to have Hope

My thoughts

We've got to have hope,
to get through our lives,
without ending up,
going insane.

If we loose hope,
then everything is lost,
because hope is what
we rely on daily.

Even though we
might not know it,
hope is there inside us,
and it stays until we give up.

Once we give up,
the hope will get away,
but that's a shame,
'cause we really need it.

We have got to have hope,
it's what keeps us going.
When we don't have hope,
we don't have anything.

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