hi, i'm max polasko, 

bathing in sadness, showering in the rain,

getting all emotional, crying through the eye strain,

hereism to this disease, to this gaping catechism, 

constant complaining, shred happiness like a prism,

i go though the day, not enough sleep,

buying time, but only when it's cheap,

i look up, the clock ticks, 

i look forward, the hour hand sticks,

in bed, out of bed, back to bed, in the world,

in my dreams, the bleakness refurbished and pearled,

a little infection, a little antibiotic, 

a little life, a little erotic,

the rest takes place in my mind, the mundane and the murky,

crawl to bed, asphyxiate life with a pillow, reveries so perky,

i'm sad, it comes, it goes, 

it populates, like fungi in-between transient's toes,

germination of this mental germ, 

of this parasitic tape worm,

of this thorny fluff, this uncomfortable seashore,

doesn't exist, like the terrific personality she wore,

disintegrated, and then there's society,

i'm not in it, it's inside of me...

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