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In my past Life, I was a King the animal hide symbolizes my Royalty

Formulated my plans, motivated by dreams; Am I changing in front of your eyes? Becoming someone you dont recognize? funny how so close can seem so far....see its not the distance between us that separates us its the scenery. what I've seen you couldn't even fathom its glance...

I'm just a young 22year old man, haven't seen it all but I been threw a lot. this poetry expression sorta come natural to me seeing as I been writing since before I knew its form was called poetry. some would say I'm talented ... mm some wouldn't, either opinion is appreciated all feed back neg/pos. are ask for because I definietly have room to grown if you reading this know that you can help.. I consider my poems more of a spoken word, from the perspective of a young black male its basically my prerogative included with a pin & pad. take a look

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Stolen Legacy - Dr. G.M. James

All The Book by Historian J.A. Rogers!

From the Browser File - Anthony T. Browser

Black Man of the Nile - Dr. Yuset Bin Jochannon

Cross Theory of Color Confirmation - Dr. Francs Cross Welsins


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