Still In His Hands

Still In His Hands


As The Mighty Physician, my God, please see me in a favorable nod,

Regarding this cancer growing inside, please stem its destructive tide,

Please cure this cancer, put it at bay, would you my Lord, put it away,

As I know not doctors, but Jesus Christ, is the One sustaining my life.


My life today is in God’s hands, as my Lord Jesus, beside me stands,

From the time that I was conceived, to the time in which I had believed,

The Lord God has watched over me, as God directs my eternal destiny.

Now as a believer in Jesus Christ, His plan and purpose directs my life.


No one living truly understands, just how all things are in God’s Hands,

Controlling every time and place, of everyone in this entire human race,

Allowing all things in this life, from His blessings, to the pain and strife,

Completely in control of all our days, for His purpose, glory and praise.


God has allowed my present trial, which He can alter, there is no denial,

For in The Lord God’s Sovereign will, all things indeed remain possible,

With God’s mercies new every day, God, not cancer, can have His way,

In ways that doctors won’t understand, God can heal me, with His hand.


It is The Mighty Physician friend, who knows the beginning and the end,

For it is only The Lord, who knows, just how and why this cancer grows,

And The Lord can heal me at any time, or ready me for a world sublime,

Either way dear friend, I understand, I am still in God’s Sovereign Hand.


(Copyright ©11/2013 Bob Gotti)


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