Days Like Today

I should have forgotten about you a long time ago

but instead,

Thoughts of you and me,

And how he used to be,

Play like home movies in my head.

On days like to today I hate that I miss you this much,

And that my body still longs for your touch.

I find my self thinking about what might have been,

And wondering if I had to do it all over,

Would I make the some choice all over agian?

I miss the smell of your cologne and the way it smelled on you,

You might not think I remeber, but I do.

On days like to day I hate the tears I cry,

that you will never see,

I hate that your memory does this to me.

On most days you would think that I would be glad that you are long gone,

On most days you would just be water under a bridge that I had burned,

But on days like to day you are just a reminder of the painful lessons I have learned.

And someday in the future I will be able to move on

and be thankful that your not here,

But so far I have not been able to do that for almost 15 long years.

Because even after all these years, and all you put me through,

There is still a place in my hear,

That still holds love for you,

And if you asked me today how I was doing, I would tell you that I am fine,

But the truth of it is we both know I would be lying.

So on days like today if I happen to cross your mind,

I would like you to know, and I hope it makes you mad.

I was the best thing you never really had.

Because it is the cold hard truth,

You could never really love me,

Because you were too wrapped up in you.

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