The show's not over
till the fat lady snores,
I should know,
I was there, 1973  
or 74 and Mahler
still playing
on her Hi-Fi,
the last movement
of the Ist symphony.


We liked that, made
love to it, wondering
what Gustav
would have made
of that, the fat dame
and me, empty
whiskey glasses
on the table, curtains
drawn against
the night sky and moon.


The first time
she snored,
her soft whiskey breath,
her globes caught
in moon's glow,
her closed eyes
like upturned shells.


Her Scottish tongue
soft but sharp, her
flab sufficient
to keep warm
if needed,
but it was along ago,
she's gone now,
so I heard, my fat
dame lover, my sex
making love bird.

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Mr Cutler had passed away
the room was cleared and ready
for the next resident
clean sheets


fresh blankets
the curtains taken down
and washed and dried


and put up again
but that didn't stop Sophia
penning you in
standing with her back


to the door
blocking your escape
he is dead now?
this Mr Cutler?


yes died the other day
you said
nice bed
she said


you looked at
the candlewick bed spread
blue and smooth
yes guess so


you replied
you gazed at her
with her blonde hair
tied in a pony tail


her ice blue eyes
focused on you
her Polish English words
harsh yet also soft


you could fuck me there
she breathed
rather than said
too risky


you said
more exciting
she uttered
her Polish tongue


the English
who will see?
the old man dead


who else
will come in here?
some old boy might
come in by mistake


you said
an audience
will add to the fun
she breathed out


the words
you could smell
their sensuality
no I can't


I have baths to do
you uttered
looking at the door
behind her back


they can wait
she said
or you could
bath me first


she said smiling
I've got to go
you said
someone might need me


I need you
she uttered
here on the bed
I can't


you said
if you try to leave
the room I will scream
she said


I will say you try
to touch me up
as you lot say
she put one hand on a hip


and the other
against the door
they wouldn't believe you
you said


let's try
if I scream loud enough
and cry they will
she said


she mimed opening
her mouth and screaming
you said


no need to scream
she smiled
good boy
I like you


she said
moving away
from the door
and unbuttoning


her blue overall coat
revealing her tight
short dress
her breasts pressing out


the top
she dropped her overall
on a chair by the window
and drew the curtains


that's better no?
it made the room darker
the shadowy light
made the moment surreal


come on
she said
mustn't waste time
and she began to undress


and you stood there
open mouthed
and doomed
when someone


called your name
down the passageway
Mr Elks needs you
where are you?


oh fuck
Sophia said
dressing quickly
and standing


by the sink
out of sight
of the door way


you said
maybe another time
and you opened the door
and closed it behind you


as Matron arrived
ah there you are
Mr Elks has been
calling for you


I think he needs to go
to the bathroom
o right
you said


just been making sure
the place is ready
nodding back
at late Mr Cutler's room


she nodded
and gave the door
a quick look


and then went on ahead
leaving Sophia dressing
and forsaken
no fuck


for her today
and followed Matron
with no
more to say.

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