i love you


Mornings with you, that's all I really want to do. 
Rainy afternoons, lets go for a cruise.
your hand in my hand. I know you feel it too.
lets stay awake from sunset to sunrise.
 roll over on my side. "come here you got something in your eye."
type of love.
Forehead kisses. really make me miss you.
Damn, it fucks me up.
I thought that shit is too good to be true.
you wanted me, I wanted you.
you got me and... I. got. you.
that a rare find- hard to come by.
lets go for a ride. cruising with her by my side, hand on her inner left thigh.
shes even down for a drive by. 
now that's a woman in my eyes.
could you be here in the mornings? 
love me on my downtime.
lets get high.
 laugh about those guys or that one time.
I know im sorry aint good enough but ill put it to the test cause I love you enough to let you know that I fucked up.
I really do miss those late nights trippin on drugs in the back seat of your Toyota corolla.
I promise you there is no other lover. I am yours to uncover. discover.
lets go for a hike and open up my third eye, connect thru our minds.
fuck you on your side. im on your time.
wake up with you in my arms with the fog rollin up.
pull out the rest of the blunt.
but all I have are the memories of us.
its hard to wake up without you crossing my mind.
im not gonna lie, I miss you all the time.
I guess that's why im writing these rhymes. 
I thought it would go away with time,
here you are.
still on my mind. 
consuming my time. 
you seem to be doing just fine.
 that explains why you never hit me up.
just let me ask, what happened to us?
good morning texts and kissing waking up to not even knowing you.
im sorry I couldn't love you. 
i know you tried, and i really tried, too. 
Im sorry I hurt you.
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I Love You Madly

Haqueian Verse


Love you,

As a leaf,

Loves the rainy,



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The Family Pet





Fourteen years ago, I was with my family on a typical Sunday night
on the highway when a man made us move aside the road and told us that he was
giving away a dog. This dog was a puppy whose breed was Springer Spaniel and
obviously me and my sisters wanted a dog more than anything in the world so my
parents accepted it. We named our puppy Annie and on the first weeks she was in
our home she caused all kind of troubles. She destroy our bathroom door and she
cried all night long, but she needed to learn to be by her own because she was
going to be a big dog and someday she was going to be on the backyard the
house. That's why we give her a teddy bear, which made her tranquilize during
the night. Months passed by and she was getting bigger and bigger so we decided
it was time to take her out, so that
s what we did.

One day when my sister and I woke up, we went downstairs and Annie was asleep on the sofa, which was very funny to me but I guess it wasn't funny in my mom's opinion. Annie was a very playful dog, she
always wanted us to play with her and her toys, her favorite was a chicken leg
that made sounds. Every time we bought her a new toy, she never wanted it and
we understood that she wouldn't accept any other that wasn't her chicken leg. Annie
was also a very strong dog but sadly that strength started to diminish. Years
ago, my family and I found out that she was getting sick and the doctors told
us that it was nothing dangerous so we believed them but it turned out that it
was actually dangerous. Another period of time passed by and she began to get
really weak and then what we all fear about, happened. She died four weeks ago
and she was near her fourteen years of life. Even though she is not physically
with me and my family, we will always have her in our hearts and in our
memories and we will always be thankful for her life and the happiness and love
she bring us. Annie was a very special dog for us and we miss her like crazy
but that's how life is, sooner or later it was going to happen and we thank God
that she stayed with us the time that she needed to stay. 




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Love, Romance




I love you because of who I aspire to become

When I look into your heart and feel the depths of your soul,

I love you for the way we pull ourselves up

Through the eye of each tornado that comes to pass,

And how every time I turn around,

It is you, who is here beside me,

I love you for all the things

You probably think I shouldn't...or wouldn't...or couldn't,

And I love you for all the tomorrows in my life

That sprouted from the seeds of each day we shared,

I love you because through this love for you,

I learned that I have no choice in this life,

But to love,

And if you should ever not be here, 

For some utter fluke of possibility,

I will love you ...still,

For whatever remains.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by my fiance...reminded by Beavis. ♥


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I Gotta Have You


Your face looks so bright

You came right on time

Cut off your old lines

Let's enjoy the ride


We go downtown and shop

Laugh at those lousy shots

Eat food in this infamous bakery

I look at you once and start to daydream


Keep smiling like the very first day

I promise I won't say it's cliché

Whenever you're with me I smile

Now I forget I was once shy


I gotta have you

I know you want too

You know it's fun to

You make me brand new

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Fractural Pieces

Fractural Pieces

I know it sounds so cliché
But you never took the time to look my way
And now I’m gone, it’s the end of the day
And the only thing left is this song to play.

“I love you”
When said by a fool
That’s what you hear out the classroom at school
There’s no Psyche, Aphrodite
Love doesn’t end well
If love’s just a look, then you’ve tasted hell.

Real love is patient, love is kind
It fills the heart and eases the mind
Love is trust, love is time
And that is why I wrote this rhyme.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

These are just some pieces that I found in my note book, that I never really used except as free standing verse. Yes they sound similar, and have a beat like rap, but they were written at different times in different places, so I grouped them together.

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i love you

I’m so glad you’re my best friend
Looking at him I see his kind smile, sweet face and caring eyes
Oh how I wish I can take off this disguise
I want to scream from the rooftops that I LOVE YOU
But instead I say me too
Oh how I would do anything to be in your arms again
To feel your warmth and love again
But friendship is what you want, so friendship is what I must give
For you I would do anything, though this is not how I want to live
Friendship is all I have left; I don’t want to lose that too
Sorrow follows me everywhere and sometimes I wonder, what about you?

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When You Are There

An ineffable sentiment
My spirit bears with joy
For a life so lilt
I will pray for no more

Creeps through the offing
The sunshine of a new morn
The humming birds with gambol
Sing their merry songs

Redolent blossoms
Illuminate our path
Melody of crashing weaves
Echoes in our hearts

Sorrows in my life
Evanescent to this thin air
The love of my life
When you are there…………..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for the love of my life... You make my heart sing!!!!!!!!!

I Love You

If I told you that I loved you
Would you reject me?
Or would you run down the street saying that you loved me back

I just cant do this any more
Waiting for you hurts me so much I wish I could hold you in my arms
I wish I could hold you
I wish I could kiss you

But the question is do you love me?
The shadow of my lonelyness
Speeks to me ever night telling me that you would never go out with me
But I dont listen to him

My demons come back just to tell me about the pain I feel from my past
But when I didnt have any one they were the only things that saved me
From doing something that I would regret

In the night I look up at the stars
A falling star passed my eyes and i wished for you
It didnt happen nothing happen
I think it just got bader
I want you
I love you
Cant you see we can make this happen
If only I could get to you

original poem by: Katie Menzies

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