alive with you

I am Still Alive!

Yes I am still alive 'my angel',

If you miss me even a little,

Come and see me, I have no other choice,

I must talk to you and hear your voice.


It has been long since we quarreled,

Enough of everything, I am really sorry for what I said,

Let’s be together,

Leaving all the bitterness at the rear.


I just can’t live without you,

My soul keeps crying all the time-I love you.


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My most important person

You are everything I have

The most important person

From the moment of my birth

You covered me with your love

You are my dearest person

I live solely for you

For you to be proud of me

My dearest person alive



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*Your the everything I need *

Time passes to quickly when im with you,

Time passes to slowly without you,

Your everything i need and the only one id ever wish for,


Im very lost without you,

cant help but need you even more,


Your my everything I thought id never have,

to good to be true through and through,

im so glad that im alive and with you,


I love it when you stroke my hair,

I love it that you take the time to show me you care,


Your gentle ways have me dreaming and im mesmorised by the magic that shines from within you.


Theres no ends to your talents,

Your one of a kind,

A rare treasure to find,


So who or what pointed us in the same direction?


I know the magic that flows from your beautiful being will take me on a journey that i wont want to end,


Together we can acheive perfection


You and I have forever together xxx

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to my husband Richard Wing written years ago but only put up today ;)