Heart's Desire.

A secret garden - hidden nooks,

And willow tree within

That dips green fingers in a stream

Which ripples soft beneath,

Filled with quiet whispers

And dance of damselfly.

Bordered by a hedge of rose

And picket fence, for to enclose.

A gate that opens to a park,

And countryside beyond.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The house and in particular this garden is somewhere I have wanted to live since I first saw it fourteen years ago, unfortunatly I have always been beaten to it, by other buyers. Maybe one day I'll get it. 

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running_with_rabbits's picture

keep the desire and one day

keep the desire and one day it will work out, work for it, save money, get friendly with the current owners and then hopefully they cut you a deal cause they like you...or marry an axe murder :p jks

Much Love


sweetwater's picture

Think it'll be the axe

Think it'll be the axe murderer, lol. Tried other ways. :-) x

cevance's picture

Beautiful, Sue... You knew

Beautiful, Sue... You knew I'd enjoy this one.

sweetwater's picture

Yes I hoped you would :-) X

Yes I hoped you would :-) X