Genesis Memoir 11/14/2013

Chronicles Of The Notorious

A Genesis Memoir;

          November 14, 2013


                         People say I have changed here recently, close friends have noticed this and point this out to me. I am even sure those chance acquaintances have even thought something was different. Awhile back ago I looked into the mirror and stood contemplating the very notion that I now too noticed the difference. I am sure rumors flew across the gossip line that, “It's the drugs”, “It's the people he associates with” and hey they “might” be right. It's no secret to some of my habits from the countless literary pieces published by my hand alone. Open for the world to read and 'Judge' and they might be right with the people I have and had associated with. It is all within their right to assume what they want. However as that old saying goes, assuming makes you look foolish. It took me a long time; hours and days, weeks and even a few months now to figure that out and all the while some hecklers would scream in public places that I was back to swallowing the opiates. Perhaps it was the haze of smoke that truly kept me from realizing my plight. Pushing back the pit that ate at me constantly. I had made a promise to myself many years ago, that I find myself breaking everyday. Knowing that I am blatantly kicking in the teeth of my own words. I know now what I must do, and to procrastinate this will only lead me further down this road of despair that mocks me at every turn. The promise I made was that this situation was only temporary, That my life right now is not to be buried alive within this quicksand. I will move forward, and I will follow my horizon to new places, and I will do it with my pen, and my will. Desire will be my motivation, and love will be my reason.






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Makes me want to read

Makes me want to read more.


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "