My ode to Declan Curry

current affairs


Greetings Declan, how do you do?

Just had to write a poem to you

then perhaps you will read it

not that this counts as an edict

you look a really nice guy

I'm betting this system, some grinds


and if a 12 yr old girl can find

fundamental faults in this bind

a journalist like you must be able

to see injustice and fables

your a investigative journalist

come on Declan what gives?


The rich are getting richer too

does this really bother you

that there is one family that has

in the bank more cash

than all the Forbes billionaires

come on Declan, do you care?


Or don't you investigate any more?

cos I got news for you on that score

if your selective with the truth

not only are you uncouth

your just a propagandist instead

walking on broken glass in your head


The people that run capitalism

about to do a controlled demolition

they know the polar shift comes next

going to really screw with heads

no electricity for a month or two

when power back on, panic will ensue

as 2 billion people disappear

won't include me or you!


Only then will people realize

without electric, no good digitized

cash, will revert to commodities

or bartering, what can you swap with me?

Why do you think golds in demand?

I'm not the only soothsayer/magician!

I get it from my cousin Old Mother Shipton


The banks lack of glastegel now

a run on them reveals no cash cow

people get robbed blind

what do you think happens when they realize?

The people have had everything stolen

under 'pay the bearer' false notions

every QE shrinks the sterling pound

a few more of them and permanent frowns


The Tottenham riots will be childsplay

won't be good to live in any city

as looters look for food for tea

life won't matter to them definitely

we over-played our hand of poker

and Gordon, for selling our gold cheap is a joker


I don't expect all countries to suffer

industrious ones will have a buffer

but we don't make anything anymore

Capitalism is a financial trap door

and when that industry's swept away

the suns shining for making hay


it wont be all that bad in the end

the banking clique will be condemned

western leader war crimes too

the Golden Age, a different world view

and one thing I will guarantee

before too long free electricity

all the covered up tessler technology


loads more secrets will come out

but the word means 'to be revealed' anyhow

when your electric goes out next year

remember me and please don't sneer

cos you would have candles in by then

sacks of rice and lots of pens

a japanese sword on the wall too

things are going to get hairy for you


cos the system you actively support

was never built to last I proport

the only thing that does is love

only casualties of war, white doves

whilst the rich make all the cash

and the elite control all circumstance


a problem cannot be solved, Einstein said

by the same thinking that created it

so they fester and create injustices

Capitalism is just a humanity cyst

forms parasites on the public purse

only thing to shake them, a re-birth

coming sooner than you think

just sorry that a 12 yr old had the bottle

to point out the obvious stink


inspired by this 12 year old girl




Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by this 12 year old girl

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