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I should have known the moment I saw you,

The first time we walked in that sushi bar,

When our hands first touched,

Then there's the first time our lips pressed against each other.

Should have known what waited at the end of this love song,

Well it was a road that came to an end,

Nights filled with laughter and fun,

Would only end up in tears. 

How could I be so blind.

Not to see that you would never love me the way I loved you,

The way I still love you. 

So fuck you, fuck the nights we spent together.

The times I looked at you like you were the only human alive.

I loved you, I love you...

I hate you.


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sad poetry

You leave me searching, 

Seeking through the depths of darkness lurching.

Wishing,praying,hoping against all odds or reality,

But you seem content to end us with complete totality.

I would have loved you for all eternity,

With plans for us to share a life long journey.

I can no longer blindly look the other way,

While you carelessly sabotage our love each day.

I feel you have made your choice so I'm listening,

Stuck it out though our chances were truely dwindling.

You don't even know what your leaving on the table,

A bright beautiful future reduced to nothing but a label.

So, before you say goodbye and watch me move on,

Remeber I believed in us til it was over and you were gone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Having a hard time dealing with a break up. 13 years ........

Her Majesty

Like a smooth melody sweet memories mentally move me with ease-

As I sleep-

Peacefully and in harmony, viewing our artificial unity-

In a dream-

A dream I never want to leave-

Even though I know your love for me by now must be a faded memory-

Thoughts of you, brush up on me, like a brisk breeze in the summer heat-

Royalty TLC is what I need.-

Tender loving care from her majesty.


Wipe away the stress that's strolls down your cheeks-

Her majesty more precious than the air I breathe -

Fuck the world you deserve the whole galaxy-

Eye leak -

When emotions reaches its capacity

To A Lost Love

This pain

Feels strange

The worst four months of my life

As bad as I want it to change

The fact still remains

I'll never forget the day I lost you

Everyone around me saying we shouldn't be

Seems everybody was in on it but me

I made the one mistake that changed our relationships fate

Being left in the cold

Always reminding me

The day I lost you

Every tear that falls

Represents the very day my love fell for you

But what scares me the most

Is when all my tears are gone

Does it mean I've moved on

Do you share this feeling

If you showed me

Would I care to see it

Lost in my emotions

All I can think about is the day I lost you


Rena shaude'


You are just a whisper in the wind now

I cannot feel you anymore

But i know you are there

Now and then you creep up on me

Send chills down my skin

Reminding me that you were once there 

My heart and head are numb to it now

No more sadness, no more anger

Just a simple memory

But my soul

My soul knows better

The memory is pure, it is alive

It will never die

My soul loves you

And always will

My poor soul.