Monthly Archive for November 2013

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
When I Go Poem trumpet7 Nov 17th
PRAISES AND CURSES! Poem pbenarumairaj 2 Benefits of rain enjoyed by both 'good and bad' simultaneously Nov 17th
Respect Poem 48daniel 1 Nov 17th
The Full Moon Sets Me Free Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 17th
Ash Poem thelohaspiral Nov 17th
Dark Secret Poem Mindsue 2 #anger #betrayal #unrequited love #lies #love #secrets #relationships Nov 17th
Don't Be Bullied Into Being A Bully Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 17th
Blessed Night Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 17th
KKK (?) Poem joy Humor, KIDS Nov 17th
Dove Love Poem GashMusic Drama, joy, love, relationships Nov 17th
Under the Fallen Leaves Poem KingofWords falling leaves Nov 17th
Fact Poem GashMusic 1 Folk, Political, truth, War Machine Nov 17th
One Hundred and Ten Poem Lulumotzi 1 Nov 17th
WHEN WILL YOU BE BACK Poem CatherinJJ 8 #inspired #regret #lost #love #forgotten #hope Nov 17th
My Devotion Poem ReneShaude8619 #commitment #journey #life #confidence #god #faith #relationships Nov 17th
My Devotion Poem ReneShaude8619 #commitment #journey #life #confidence #god #faith #relationships Nov 17th
To A Lost Love Poem ReneShaude8619 1 # soul #love #heart #head #memory #memories # breakup #brokenhearted Nov 17th
Ask me again, I'll tell you the same. Poem schmuckjones 1 Nov 17th
Sour Grapes Poem nightlight1220 12 grandfathers Nov 17th
I NEED LOVE Poem wisdom # addiction # love # passion # relationship Nov 17th
Anxiety Attacks Poem FearIsWhatGaveM... #anxietyattack #anxiety #panic #panicattack Nov 17th
Just A Word Poem nightlight1220 2 LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.THE WORD LOVE. Nov 17th
Progress Poem Miss.Jenna 1 progress Nov 17th
MARVEL'S WIFE AND A DREAM THING. Poem Dadio husband, Lust, man, Wife Nov 17th
Blur Poem pixiedust #death #love Nov 17th
Epic Poem GashMusic Folk, love, Passion Nov 17th
Dream World Poem GashMusic Dreaming, fantasy, love Nov 17th
Free Leonard, The "Unforgotten Man" Poem nightlight1220 Mass incarceration Nov 17th
Not Anymore Poem LovingLovelace 6 Nov 17th
Yourself Poem Muhammeed 1 Idealism Nov 17th
alone Prose K.D Nov 17th
pass Prose K.D Nov 17th
Bello of the Beast Prose K.D Nov 17th
last Prose K.D Nov 17th
mind Prose K.D Nov 17th
burn Prose K.D Nov 17th
E.E cumins Prose K.D Nov 17th
why Prose K.D 1 Nov 17th
W.S Prose K.D Nov 17th
Straightforward Supply Of Wonderful Ideas To Assist You To Market By means of Online video Prose Anonymous QFGASD Nov 17th
6 billion souls Prose K.D Nov 17th
R.W.E Prose K.D 1 Nov 17th
Invictus Prose K.D 2 Nov 17th
R.L.S Prose K.D Nov 17th
The "P" word Prose GashMusic #children #parenting #love #lessons #life Nov 17th
mixed feelings Poem Bluemeeeeeee Nov 18th
thalasso baby bath Poem nightlight1220 birth, trauma no more, twin separation, womb Nov 18th
winter ramble Poem Abraxiis Nov 18th
Mutual Attraction Poem JermaineJupiter 2 #Love #Relationships #Sad #Hopeful #Disappointment Nov 18th
Don't cry Poem Anonymous #depression #selfharm #bestrong Nov 18th
MY SEX WITH YOU Poem wisdom 1 first sexual experience Nov 18th
Animal Worries Poem bishu 4 Nov 18th
Raging Poem Desperado raging Nov 18th
Live To Inspire Not Hate Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 18th
Two Paths Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 18th
Power Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 18th
You and I Poem gabz how it works, Me and You, ours, relationship Nov 18th
doubt Poem gabz don't let it get you, Doubt, Fear, not real Nov 18th
INGRID'S PRETEND HOLIDAY. Poem Dadio boy, girl, LONDON. 1950S Nov 18th
Brain Cylinders Poem Sickyx666 brain, consciousness, deathless, Mi-Go, Space Nov 18th
This is for me Poem drudz 1 Nov 18th
MEMORY Poem joy memory Nov 18th
Dark Love Poem Sickyx666 Dark, love, Nyarlathotep, romance Nov 18th
Made2Break (Rated R - Viewer discretion advised) Poem GashMusic 1 #anger #confusion #heartache #numb Nov 18th
Story of Their Lives Poem GashMusic 4 adolescence Nov 18th
Destined to Shine… Poem KingofWords 4 Fate/Destiny Nov 18th
You are Poetry in Motion Poem KingofWords #beauty #love #free verse Nov 18th
look a little deeper Poem whitneybeck 3 Nov 18th
Love Should't Be A Slap In The Face Poem ramonathompsont Nov 18th
Free Heart, Breaking Control Poem SeaOfInk Nov 18th
Taken Away From Me Poem SeaOfInk 2 Nov 18th
The Promise Poem SeaOfInk 2 Nov 18th
Thoughts Like Waves Poem nightlight1220 2 1220, emotion, Life, light, Love universe, me, night, ocean, seas, stars, Thoughts, waves, you Nov 18th
There's No Pot Like Home Poem nightlight1220 4 There's No Pot Like Home Nov 18th
The Mock Poem Muhammeed Insults Nov 18th
The Mock Poem Muhammeed Insults Nov 18th
The Mock Poem Muhammeed Insults Nov 18th
Thanksgiving-To-Go Poem Anonymous 2 Nov 18th
Caper With Me Poem Anonymous Nov 18th
Everyone's So Nice Poem nightlight1220 3 brightside, darkside, jung, People, same, shadow Nov 18th
Your Ocean Or Thine? Poem Anonymous 2 Nov 18th
one two three Poem PaulyCtown Nov 18th
Initiation Prose Aishira Nov 18th
Seeking A Small Website Marketing Assist? Try out These Guidelines Prose Anonymous EVOA Nov 18th
W.L Poem K.D Nov 19th
By God’s Authority Poem trumpet7 Nov 19th
More thoughts from the day... Poem nat_w_dogg Nov 19th
One day Poem Jakecewells alone, depressed, feelings, happy, relationships, sad, tears Nov 19th
You Poem pixiedust 2 Nov 19th
Dead Boy Poem Sickyx666 boy, dead, death, dreams, ghost Nov 19th
What Really Makes The World Go Round Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 19th
Kids Poem bishu 2 Nov 19th
The Best Teachers Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 19th
Let Your Freak Flag Fly Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 19th
Moonshine Poem bishu 1 Nov 19th
Dead By Dawn Poem Sickyx666 Dark, dawn, dead, death, gulf, night, Undead, Yog-Sothoth Nov 19th
Soul Mate. Poem Disgusting 2 DESPAIR, lost, love, Soulmate, whatever. Nov 19th
MEETING LYDIA. Poem Dadio 1950S, boy, girl, london Nov 19th
Dead Girl Poem Sickyx666 cellar, Dark, dead, girl Nov 19th
Dear Full Moon Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 19th
WHO AM I? Poem joy who am i Nov 19th
Dead Meat Poem Sickyx666 blood, brains, cannibalism, corruption, cruelty, dead, Demons, ghouls, madness, meat, mind, outsiders, rotten, Vampire Nov 19th
Dead Rat Poem Sickyx666 Dark, dead, dreams, monster, rat Nov 19th
lost and found part II Poem craigyw 2 Nov 19th
Dead Universe Poem Sickyx666 Dark, dead, Egypt, ghouls, Kephren, Murder, Nitokris, pyramid, universe, Zombies Nov 19th
Deadly Madness Poem Sickyx666 Dark, dead, Déjà vu, enemy, husband, madness, matrix, Murder Nov 19th
Deitus Poem Sickyx666 Crowley, Dark, God, knowledge, Satanist, Setian Nov 19th
To Love Poem nightlight1220 1 love Nov 19th
Moon In A Daydream Poem nightlight1220 2 beautiful, breathtaking, Moon, so Nov 19th
Cadillac Dreams Poem ramonathompsont 2 Nov 19th
Because That's How It Is Poem nightlight1220 4 how it is Nov 19th
**** dont come Poem natalieguest random Nov 19th
Sweet Siam Poem humanpulse Nov 19th
poetry Poem montyc6 1 Nov 19th
Celestial Right Poem nightlight1220 2 love, universe Nov 19th
lost and found part 1 Prose craigyw #live #life #adventure #makethemostofthings #lifeisshort #wordsofwisdom, #love Nov 19th
counting people Prose craigyw Nov 19th
Lost and Found Prose K.D 1 Nov 19th
Mr Chaw Prose K.D Nov 19th
cutting ties Prose craigyw Nov 19th
Delirium Prose Sickyx666 2 asylum, delirium, Dreamlands, Nyarlathotep, patients, sanitarium Nov 19th
Attempting To Evaluate If Video Marketing May Be Beneficial? Please Read On For Many TIps! Prose Anonymous OYQRRB Nov 19th
Letting Go Prose K.D Nov 19th
Study for your church exam Poem itsthesmallthings 2 Nov 20th
Uninvited Poem nightlight1220 uninvited Nov 20th
Daily Grind Poem drkpuzzle 2 haikus Nov 20th
Bottled Sun for Ladybug Poem Sivus 11, Eleven, HOME, house, Ladybug, Life, light, sun Nov 20th
let go Poem craigyw 1 Nov 20th
End Of Story Poem nightlight1220 not more stupidity, stupid people need love Nov 20th
A fog lit morning Poem brianalynn 2 Nov 20th
Dream eater Poem darkcornypoet Nov 20th
Axe Lady Poem nightlight1220 axe, deceit, insecure bitch, lies, love, rats, woman hooked on attention Nov 20th
I wouldn't be writing this if I had that giraffe Poem readmy5tuff 1 Nov 20th
LIZBETH'S THIRD VISIT Poem Dadio 2 13, boy, church, girl, Life, sex Nov 20th
Land Of The Free (When Will We Truly Be) Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 20th
From The Heart Of A Born New Englander Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 20th
Life Is Too Short To Waste Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 20th
Virginia Forever Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 20th
Demonic Words Poem Sickyx666 books, Dark, DEMONIC, Demons, divinity, dreams, madmen, madness, Prophecy, tome, Words Nov 20th
Day........Night Poem MyMindMyFreedom Nov 20th
I will never be perfect daddy. Poem Elfy 4 Nov 20th
tired of living this lie Poem Elfy Nov 20th
half my life is a fairytale, half is a nightmare. (not finished) Poem Elfy Nov 20th
Greenhouse is not Green! Poem KingofWords 2 Greenhouse Nov 20th
My ode to the State of Israel Poem DaztheDruid israel, zionist Nov 20th
A Stuck Pig Poem nightlight1220 Nov 20th
Sharpened Steel Poem Lazer_Flip 1 Faith Life Confidence Jam Is On Nov 20th
If You don’t Love Me, No Problem, Love My Poems Poem KingofWords 6 #first #poem Nov 20th
My ode entitled Currency Devaluation Poem DaztheDruid Nov 20th
another ode to Russell Brand Poem DaztheDruid Nov 20th
Boomerang Poem ramonathompsont Nov 20th
If Scott Pilgrim wanted to date me he’d have to kill thirteen men to do it Poem running_with_rabbits 6 Nov 20th
Let me know if I can help out, I could cover the cost of one school for you* Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Nov 20th
Tuck Fitles Poem schmuckjones 1 Nov 20th
Misread My Body Poem ramonathompsont Nov 20th
Flower Petal Count Poem Anonymous 2 Nov 20th
Good Enough Poem Abowling1424 Nov 20th
What's That Called Again? Poem Abowling1424 Nov 20th
Untitled Poem Abowling1424 Nov 20th
Won't Let Go Poem Abowling1424 Nov 20th
If I Said No, I'd Be Lying Poem Abowling1424 Nov 20th
Want A Taste? Poem Abowling1424 Nov 20th
Solitary Confinement Poem Abowling1424 Nov 20th
Eyes Poem Abowling1424 Nov 20th
Now, You're Gone Poem Abowling1424 Nov 20th
You Caught Me Poem Abowling1424 Nov 20th
Wish Upon A Storm Poem Abowling1424 Nov 20th
Walk On By Poem Abowling1424 1 Nov 20th
Yesterday's Promises And Tomorrow's Sins Poem Abowling1424 Nov 20th
Losing It Poem Abowling1424 1 Nov 20th
The Box Poem Abowling1424 Nov 20th
Gold Poem Abowling1424 1 Nov 20th
Void Poem Abowling1424 1 Nov 20th
faded grace Poem 9inety 5 Nov 20th
soul lover Prose craigyw 2 Nov 20th
Genesis Memoir 11/20/2013 Prose MatthewWayne 1 Nov 20th
late comer Prose craigyw 1 Nov 20th
The Planner Poem metaphorist Nov 21st
Looks Aren't Everything Poem metaphorist Nov 21st
Fear of Silence Poem metaphorist Nov 21st
Miss You More Poem metaphorist Nov 21st
Track of Time Poem pinkdot7 Nov 21st
Free As Nature's Essence Poem nightlight1220 8 free, in me, nature Nov 21st
Weary Day Poem bishu Nov 21st
Shoes Poem bishu 6 Nov 21st
Drinkable Pleasures Poem bishu Nov 21st
THE GOOD BYE LETTER Poem miguelito7911 2 Nov 21st
Investing Poem 48daniel 2 Nov 21st
Poem Loveliness Poem Anonymous 4 Nov 21st
Counting Poetry Lane Poem Anonymous Nov 21st
Tracks Poem IntoTheDawn 1 Nov 21st
Dolphin Writers Poem Anonymous Nov 21st
Solitary Leaf Poem foolforlove 2 #Unrequited love #sadness #life Nov 21st
Flying American Pride Poem Anonymous 2 Nov 21st
sex of the time Poem burkej1h 4 Nov 21st
Moon Lit Romance Sonnet Poem Anonymous 2 Nov 21st
Smoke and Dust Poem ReilaMorello 2 Memories grief time pain healing love promises Nov 21st
Gray Days Poem ReilaMorello 1 content calm clarity mist rain mornings breeze balance Nov 21st
Little Caesar Poem ramonathompsont Nov 21st
Cinnamon hearts and two eggs shells Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Nov 21st
Prisoner In A Glove Poem ramonathompsont 2 Nov 21st
Daydreams For 2 Sonnet Poem Anonymous Nov 21st
DATE FOR THE PARK Poem Dadio 1950S, boy, girl, london Nov 21st
Seasonal Love Poem metaphorist Nov 21st
broken toys Poem overton80 Nov 21st
Feelings Hurt Prose nightlight1220 2 Alive, emotion, feelings, Heartache, hugs, love, Pain Nov 21st
Runaway Hope Prose nightlight1220 2 runaway hope Nov 21st
mt encounter with death. Prose Ivorykeys #death #absurd Nov 21st
Roulette Game Prose Anonymous FYOF Nov 21st
read Prose K.D Nov 21st
Langton: Origins Prose darkpool 1 Violence gore Nov 21st
hard walk Prose craigyw Nov 21st
old house Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
dentist Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
shark attack Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
domestic abuse Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
supermarket trip Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
trapped Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
in hell Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
winters heart Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
shallow people Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
money is a disease Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
man in the crack Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
a soldiers farewell Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
hit man Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
common man Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
tramp Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
mother earth Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
the last milkman Poem overton80 Nov 22nd
Sweet dreams Poem Anonymous #hope #love #sorrow # pain #warmth # desire Nov 22nd
The "What if" can finally be put to rest Poem csuh05 Nov 22nd
A TRIUMPHANT FEAST Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 22nd
Disarmed Poem bishu 2 Nov 22nd
To Change The World Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 22nd
HAUNTED Poem mystery7905 Nov 22nd
Be There Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 22nd
THE BEGINNING OF NIGHT. Poem Dadio 1950S, boy, girl, london, night Nov 22nd
If I had to talk of truth Poem SSmoothie 6 Nov 22nd
Word Court Poem Anonymous 1 Nov 22nd
Waving Poetry Sonnet Poem Anonymous Nov 22nd
Truth Detective Sonnet Poem Anonymous 2 Nov 22nd
Silly Bird Poem foolforlove 1 #Caged #Bird #Escape #Survive Nov 22nd
Moonlight Party Sonnet Poem Anonymous Nov 22nd
IN SOLEMN RETROSPECT Poem palewingedpoetess 3 Nov 22nd
to reign Poem burkej1h 2 Nov 22nd
Silver Spoon Poem ramonathompsont Nov 22nd
tree hugs 4 free Poem Anonymous 2 Nov 22nd
LIVING IN HARMONY Poem heatherburns35 Nov 22nd