Short Verse #11



                 How one person can get to you and ruin your day. I will distract myself from the problem, suck up the pain and take care of what I need to do. Who needs those extra few years to the end of your life anyway? Having been around those in their last days more then usual here lately, aging gracefully is a blessing far to over rated anyway. So indulge me the privilege to over work my body, expand my mind, and satisfy my pallet. NO ONE has yet to prove to me that I will be able to experience this life again once I am gone, in fact I know I wont. I live my life with the simple goal of knowing that when I am taking my last breath, I will bare no regret of something I did or did not do. Say or did not say. We are only promised tomorrow will come, given that hope like the faith you have in your god (or gods depending on your religion) that it is real. 


Reality is simply your experience within this existence, are you happy? Or are you miserable? Far to often we let an outside force control our emotions, our desires. The great pink elephant in the room is when it is clearly visible that man's lust for paper and coin is their greatest pleasure and lust. Everyday a religious man calls wolf, when the only evil is in his deception to use that religion as a sponge for all the darkness he harbors.
I truly pity humanity.



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