Self Love

Me To a Tee

I am from the month of August and the sign of Virgo.
Mississauga General, 1980 Fowler Dr, and that gap in time.
I am from the corned beef, cream corn, and scalloped potatoes.
Atari 2600 and 700 in 1 games for Nintendo.

I’m from chess pieces, the eight ball, the laughter, and tears.
The sun, moon, planets, and stars. Including the plants and animals.
I am a part from the musicals “Les Mis” and “Phantom.”
I am from the honey lemon and ginseng, painted toes, and warm clothes.


I am from the order, the chaos, the overdose, and the recovery.
I am from the past, present, and future.
Also I am from my hopes and fears.
The first hug “Hello” and last kiss “Goodbye.”


I am from the first solid knot in a friendship bracelet.
The notes and words from many different songs.
From today’s hereafter and tomorrow’s yesterday.
I’m from all the antiques in my Grandmother’s room.


I am from the cold brisk nights of Winter and the crisp breezy days of Summer.
From the warm painted sunsets of Fall and the cool misty sunrises of Spring.
I’m from the lightening and thunder, the pink, and black ribbons in my hair.
I am sprung from the hate when all the love is gone.


I am from the memories and the ones to come.
From Animé in the margins of my notebook.
I’m from the love of my mother, my father, and will always be.
I am from all of these and many more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this back in 2004 as a final for my English class. I had also taken the time to use a typewriter to add a feel of old and worndown by time. Hence, why I have posted the poem in "Courier New". It tells a small story line of my life. Not all of us can share our past without fears of being judged. I had a old friend, (sweet girl), use it as inspiration about a story about a girl, then it was changed to a girl whom had a mother who had a fling while in Africa. I really hope that I got/get some kind of credit. If not, that's truly a shame, to use someone's work without crediting them. To me that's thieft.

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Greatest Work

To make it right, you can take away

until only skin and bones remain.

With elixirs you can reign over pleasure and pain,

you can go on,

feeling only frustration that there is something missing,

that in this piece you cannot find more than a morsel

of dignity, which wouldn't bother you so much

except that you can sense the potential

 for so much more.

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Loving yourself.



Loving yourself.


Loving yourself is the essence of life.

Loving yourself is the love of our lives.

Loving yourself is the food for our lives.


We should give love to ourselves everyday.

We should cherish ourselves everyday.

We should be in love with ourselves everyday.

until today: bricks & ripples

She did the best she could
Will all the guilt and shame
Handed down from generations.

She made the best of love
Though there wasn't any good examples
to draw from.

She loathed pain
Yet could never separate herself from it;

Today is the catalyst
For all of her tomorrows.
She is brave, wise
And able to overcome her fears.

She still feels the doubts, uncertainties
Common in modern life,
But the wisdom of the ages
Is there to comfort her.

Her ego and higher self wrestle
About what is to come next,
But she makes no decisions
Defaults to the divine instead.
It gives her peace and the outcome
That is best to be anyway.

Floating downstream I see a
Reflection and realize
She is me.

She Bad

She likes to go out, keep it fresh and new
She smiles at others, but belongs just to you
She cooks, cleans, works hard for the money
But still will put it down when you ask for it honey
She may not be safe, but she’s damn sure home
She’ll stay by your side, never leave you alone
She don’t lie, wont cheat
She’s can be humble, and meek 
She’s a woman of ambition, building an empire
Once haven is reached, she’ll still look higher 
And best of all she won’t ever be phony 
Can’t be duplicated she the one and only, ZOMI! 

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Love You First

Go then, child,
Leave the nest, and fly,
Into the world of golden skies,
Raindrops of sweet, blissful mornings,
And nights of the silver moon,
Among the dreams and dreamers,
Into the garden of enchantment,
And gumdrop delights,
Icing on your cake of fortune,
Find your twinking light,
Go beyond the starscapes,
Climb the ladder of laughter
To it's shadowy depths
Of chaos, and after,
Find your piece of solitude
Amidst it all, marvel in that prize,
Applaud your fancied conquered plight.


Be the master, be the thief,
Call yourself another name,
Reach for all your heart can hold,
Catch that star of fame,
Slay the dragons
And dominate the demons,
Do it ten times over, touch the burn,
Then return and look into my eyes,
And tell me what you've learned.


And when my eyes remind you that
You cannot change the past,
Perhaps then it will all make sense,
And you'll treasure things that last,
One's hell, another's heaven,
One's glory, another's pain,
You will never escape the truth
That every sunshine one day turns to rain.

Hold this life in gentle hands,
Hear your past with every pace,
Praise the raindrops when they fall,
And never hide your face.


6:10 PM 5/20/2013 ©

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How I learned I was black



I was 5 when I first learned I was black

1st grade 2nd grade something like that

It wasn’t a big issue, just a fact

As long as I had my juice box, when It came time for snack

Even as a child I knew, that I wasn’t right

My hair much more curly, giving me less insight

Everyone who looks like me, must be less bright

The best future for me in sports or limelight 

If I’m lucky ill be famous, as long as my rhymes tight

But lets be real....when you look like me, there’s no real future in sight

At least that’s what I learned when I found out I was black

And unfortunately for me there was no turning back

But I cried and I tried cuz I wanted to be

Anybody and everybody that didn’t look like me

Because there was something held back, when they told me "Your black" 

Somehow the history , it fell off track

You see my 5year old self didn’t know I was caring with me

Hundreds of years of pain and agony

My 5year old self didn’t know the psychology

Of the hurt of generations within my community

My 5year old self couldn’t pay respect

To the slaves that built this country on their backs

Couldn't even pay honor; to those who had to fight

Just so I could have basic human rights

You see its far easier to believe it’s a lack of trying, a lack of ambition

As opposed to a socially constructed set of conditions

If only i could go back in time, and meet 5year old me

First I would say she cute, tell her to follow her dreams

Let her know she's not allowed to have low shelf esteem

As I'm  pulling her aside, looking deep in those beautiful brown eyes          

Telling her, girl you are intelligent and beautiful, you know things like that

Most importantly remember you are far more then just black!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Im really happy that this poem came to me tonight im  really digging it lol 3/11/13

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Wulfman Adventures

My soul is cold
As the sin venom
Drains from me
The days of sobriety
Grow in numbers
My fear breathing
Nightmares shrink
But without the intoxicants
The concealed skeletons
Come out to march
Even in times when I rest
I still have to suit up
I look to the positive
The war has been won
Now until the small battles are solved
I just have to survive
The relearning of myself

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Some Adjustments

Wulfman Adventures

In the late hours
When I use to be electric
Now I tiresome, drawn out
Sore exhaustion from the day
Being the ruler of my new world
It is new, like me to myself
Though I dream of being free
Free of armor and responsibilities
Free of wars and battles
I won't be hence
I claim that I am a knight
What is a knight without armor?
That would be like midnight without the moon
A fish breathing air
Utter nonsense
So I remain
Within a metal cocoon
Though there are more days
Where I am not in suit
As the days of peace settle
I grow restless
I hope soon to be adjusted
I am driving my self nuts

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