Monthly Archive for March 2014

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insufficient data Poem saiom2 Mar 11th
Taiji Dolphin Slaughter Poem saiom2 Mar 11th
art will bow to heart, unsung painting heroes and 7 other poems Poem saiom2 Mar 11th
Prime Minister Steve Harper Of Canada Poem saiom2 Mar 11th
into the wild Poem oneinthegrave Mar 11th
Moonbeam Poem bigcas8199 Mar 11th
Mass Killings Of Penguins, Manatees, Dolphins, Bats, Pelicans, Birds, Doves, Fishes, Frogs, Bees Prose saiom2 Mar 11th
Say Something? Prose crimsoncrow a secret love just friends Mar 11th
10 AM Pabst Poem kendralavine 2 #family #dysfunctional #fuckedup #uncle #liar Mar 12th
Just A Thought Poem giajl Mar 12th
Enraged Poem kendralavine 2 Mar 12th
suppression Poem kendralavine family traitor asshole loser liar Mar 12th
I Don't Want To Be Poem giajl Mar 12th
Sorry Poem giajl Mar 12th
Vermillion River Poem eternalpoet1389 beauty nature spirituality, nature Mar 12th
The Rockstar Life of a Poet (Synopsis) Poem Prince1995 Mar 12th
Haikus For You Poem Chadical 1 Mar 12th
Diamond Poem kendralavine Mar 12th
Fighter Poem kendralavine Mar 12th
Craving Poem kendralavine 2 Mar 12th
If Love Were a Drug Poem codyray325 1 #love #drug #addiction #rehab Mar 12th
I Cried Poem word_man 2 Mar 12th
in fire Poem christhedane Mar 12th
Opposites Poem Sky 2 balance, opposites, yin-yang Mar 12th
what if I Poem Daniel-59 Mar 12th
I Belong Here Poem KingofWords 2 Sylhet City Mar 12th
The Dream of a light Hearted Eternal Poem darkprince1331 Mar 12th
Fiction and Fact Poem darkprince1331 Mar 12th
Hopeless Poem LyricalUndertkr Hope regret weak lost dark hopeless Mar 12th
X's and O's Poem LyricalUndertkr ex, heartbreak, hurt, love, Pain, Passion, past, regret Mar 12th
ELAINE AND THE ELVIS SONG. Poem Dadio 1962, boy, girl Mar 12th
YOUR GREY MITTENS Poem Dadio death, father, MITTENS, mourning, son Mar 12th
SHIT BITCH YOU IS FINE Poem Zendn Mar 12th
THE OPTIMIST Poem joy Mar 12th
POSITIVES Poem pbenarumairaj 2 Positives in a person can do a world of good to him Mar 12th
Persevere Poem TheLadyBlue Mar 12th
Sorta prision Poem Crittleboxerz 1 Mar 12th
there we are entangled Poem 9inety 4 Mar 12th
Judge/Hate Poem Crittleboxerz Mar 12th
Into the wind Poem Crittleboxerz Mar 12th
Dear Diamond Poem Didi Mar 12th
Please Poem Didi Mar 12th
star velvet Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
dripping anger Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
The Mir In Miracle Ameeracle Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
Uranus And Neptune Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
"The Cancer In Me" Poem LyricalUndertkr cancer, Dark, death, Hate, Hopeless, love, me, regret, us, you Mar 12th
divine alchemist Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
Frame Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
Fall For Me Poem Contrasola # addiction # love #learninlove #theone #star Mar 12th
What's the poin of being nice. Poem joshie Mar 12th
Resident evil Poem joshie Mar 12th
Five Petitioning Souls Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
Earthworm Poem millyardo love Mar 12th
Gender Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
airdropped tickets Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
let all realize, pods, camelot, all is true, and five other poems Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
pink back, unglamorous flyboys, wrong advice, british public said, and 10 more poems Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
THE DREAMERS Poem chris Mar 12th
nectar Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
Scorpio The Healer Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
Taliban and Calibans Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
88 Poems Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
Fire-Fringed Lake Erie Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
Mango Manna Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
Stolen Honey Poem saiom2 Mar 12th
aleurophobe, photophobe Poem saiom2 Mar 13th
SOLILOQUY Poem emmenay A love poem/song with a touch of the night air's magic and a harmonious spiritual rapport with nature. Mar 13th
Désolé, c'est le seul mot que je sais ... Poem giajl Mar 13th
Mans Transition Poem mfernau 1 Mar 13th
Voyage Relation Poem mfernau Mar 13th
CONFLICT Poem miguelito7911 Mar 13th
My Christmas gift to my Mother Poem jheinlein Mar 13th
Perhaps it's a Problem ...of Poem giajl Mar 13th
Goodby3 Poem LyricalUndertkr alone, anger, death, Depression, fiction, Hopeless, loss, sad, Shock, Suicide Mar 13th
Missing...., Poem giajl Mar 13th
Learn to love.. Poem mauvena 2 Mar 13th
SOME WHEN. Poem Dadio boy, girl, kiss, School Mar 13th
I Like Weird People Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 13th
Will We Ever Learn? Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 13th
I HATE SPELL CHICK Poem joy 1 Mar 13th
Who's Dominant ? Poem silverengold Mar 13th
Duck Duck Goose Poem LovingLovelace 3 Mar 13th
eidolon blip. Poem SSmoothie 1 misbelief, misconception Mar 13th
Writer Poem EvieTravieAllie boyfriend, dreams, failed writer, love, support Mar 13th
NEVER KNOW NOW. Poem Dadio books, death, father, mourning, son Mar 13th
Another White Pierrot. Poem schmuckjones Mar 13th
Silent sanctuary Poem BlackRainbow0fHope 1 Abuse, bruise, Cold, deceit, Escape, eyes, fake, flesh, Hope, judgment, Knife, Memories, Pain, pale, paralysis, sanctuary, silence, Sin, trust, violence, Whispers Mar 13th
Untitled Poem StrangeCircleSy... 1 Mar 13th
To Find Peace Poem StrangeCircleSy... 1 Mar 13th
the muse was between her Poem 9inety 8 Mar 13th
Life is Rioting Poem Chadical Mar 13th
Once Upon a Crime Poem GashMusic 2 #life #sad #angry #dad #depression #rhyme #story #real #direct #long #deepthought #cool #expression #childhood #overcoming #pain Mar 13th
gloaming Poem saiom2 Mar 13th
Bridge Poem workm Mar 13th
El Artista Pirata Prose azizu liars Mar 13th
nationalize oil and impose price caps Prose saiom2 Mar 13th
Billionaires Profiteering From Slaughterhouse Suffering, Animal Research, Environmental Destruction Prose saiom2 Mar 13th
Someone Else Poem LostInSociety #socialanxiety #alone #lost Mar 14th
The Sky Never Looked So Full Poem LostInSociety 1 #stars #death #love Mar 14th
Girls Like You Poem ramonathompsont Mar 14th
Substance Poem Darlene169 Struggles Mar 14th
Narcissistic Poem dani_k Mar 14th
Love is insanity Poem aliera86 Mar 14th
Love is insanity Poem aliera86 Mar 14th
Curtain is Closing Poem sayianprince Mar 14th
Take a Picture Poem Chadical Mar 14th
;) Poem lovingdaisys Mar 14th
Tomorrow Poem humanpulse Mar 14th
Friend Poem humanpulse Mar 14th
LIFE, AS I TAKE IT TO BE! Poem pbenarumairaj and what I look like, What I am Mar 14th
You better live it Poem Daniel-59 2 Mar 14th
Curiosity Poem Sky cosmos, curiosity, revelation, Science Mar 14th
To My Best Friend Poem cdj410 Mar 14th
THE BUTTERFLY Poem joy Mar 14th
the old and the new Poem smooth Mar 14th
remembering and forgetting life journey Poem smooth Mar 14th
perception Poem smooth Mar 14th
All For Chad Poem crimsonangel24 distance, Travel, true Mar 14th
Simply Summer. Poem sweetwater 2 Mar 14th
Future Poem crimsonangel24 desire, future, hand, Touch Mar 14th
My Everything Poem crimsonangel24 king, singing, stolen Mar 14th
Chad Poem crimsonangel24 heart, love Mar 14th
For You Poem crimsonangel24 Love Songs, real Mar 14th
Remember To Breathe Poem crimsonangel24 Bliss, breathe, wrapped Mar 14th
Leading Poem crimsonangel24 leading, steps Mar 14th
Ghost Poem crimsonangel24 anything, World Mar 14th
Breathe Poem crimsonangel24 instantaneous, leading, Stones Mar 14th
So In Love Poem crimsonangel24 feelings, in love Mar 14th
I Know Poem crimsonangel24 dreams, need, want Mar 14th
Infinity Poem crimsonangel24 Mar 14th
Trouble Poem crimsonangel24 love, Pain, subscrition Mar 14th
Unbalanced Poem crimsonangel24 forever, nuts, unsound Mar 14th
Perfection Poem crimsonangel24 feelings, love, mistakes Mar 14th
Different And Same Poem crimsonangel24 1 exist, Faith, trust Mar 14th
Complexity Vs. Simplicity Poem Darlene169 Lessons Mar 14th
Everything And More Poem crimsonangel24 muse, sea Mar 14th
She's my everything Poem d_ranshaw # addiction # love # passion # relationship # struggles #wait #confused # madness, love Mar 14th
Soul Mate Poem crimsonangel24 Chance, forever, soul mate Mar 14th
Our Lives Poem crimsonangel24 control, Dom/sub, falling Mar 14th
I Want To Poem crimsonangel24 Meister, v-day Mar 14th
thesecret power of the mind Poem smooth Mar 14th
To You Poem crimsonangel24 Amazing, Charismatic, Meiser Mar 14th
To You Poem crimsonangel24 Amazing, Charismatic, Meister Mar 14th
Choose Poem crimsonangel24 baffling, falling, love Mar 14th
thought is controlled or free Poem smooth Mar 14th
points Poem smooth Mar 14th
whats on your mind Poem smooth Mar 14th
Undeserving Poem LyricalUndertkr ex, loveless, moving on, Pain, regret Mar 14th
For You Poem J_R123 Mar 14th
Plans of salvage Poem millyardo heart break Mar 14th
The Unstoppable Force Meets the Immovable Object Poem millyardo heartbreak Mar 14th
MORNING TIME HEAD. Poem Dadio 1963, boy, girl Mar 14th
Pagans Poem Chadical Mar 14th
FDA, CDC, USDA Hide, Animal, Bird, Fish Flesh Deaths As Well As Eggs, Dairy Poem saiom2 Mar 14th
Beethoven In Clover Poem saiom2 Mar 14th
Scoot!! Poem GashMusic Mar 14th
IN THE LIFE OF OUR DREAMS Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 14th
Hey, Diddle Poem Poetic_Distortion Mar 14th
A Daily Life Poem Poetic_Distortion 1 Mar 14th
Come on - JUST SAY IT Poem Davin 2 Mar 14th
Wide Awake Poem Davin 2 Mar 14th
SPRING Poem chris Mar 14th
Choices Prose Darlene169 2 Life Mar 14th
That Room Had Teeth Prose Chadical Mar 14th
Bliss Addict Poem RockofShades 4 Mar 15th
The Silence of the Lamb Poem imagene introspection Mar 15th
beautiful weather never hurt like that rainbow i once followed... Poem SSmoothie 1 Mar 15th
Aisha Poem Layem desire, love Mar 15th
Something worth knowing Poem wicke #alone #sad #lonely #pain #lost #past #waiting Mar 15th
NEVER GET BACK. Poem Dadio 2 father, mourning, son Mar 15th
Lamb to Slaughter Poem GashMusic # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #learninlove #theone #life #secondchoice #youtwo #fool # madness # disease # depression Mar 15th
"To a Certain Someone" Poem LyricalUndertkr 1 clarity, DESPAIR, Fear, love, uncertainty Mar 15th
EARTHLY EXCITEMENT Poem pbenarumairaj The excitement that one finds in nature Mar 15th
PERFECTION Poem joy Mar 15th
certainties and perspectives Poem smooth Mar 15th
perceiving Poem smooth Mar 15th
beyond the imagination Poem smooth Mar 15th
competing realities and imaginations Poem smooth Mar 15th
Greening Poem Beavis 7 Mar 15th
will and societies Poem smooth Mar 15th
city diamomds Poem smooth Mar 15th
thoughts Poem smooth Mar 15th
imagination and logic Poem smooth Mar 15th
bubbles Poem smooth Mar 15th
WORDS OWED TO OUR LONG HELLO Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 15th
A Gothic Poem. Poem Tom_Shrapnel 2 Mar 15th
Lonely Boatman Poem KingofWords 2 Lonely Boatman Mar 15th
Still Broken Poem LyricalUndertkr Broken Hearted, ex, hurt, love, regret, relationships, romance, what if Mar 15th
Broken Chains Poem Darlene169 Life Mar 15th
I'll make it all better Poem Tina3987 2 Mar 15th
Prison, the Freedom Poem Atramentous Mar 15th
She called Poem WiseWolf # addiction # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #learninlove #theone #life #secondchoice #youtwo #fool # madness # disease # depression # peace # joy # happiness Mar 15th
HOTEL MAID Poem chris Mar 15th
MILKA TOUCHED. Poem Dadio 1964, boy, girl, sex Mar 15th
Polite Conversation Poem Chadical Mar 15th
longing Poem christhedane Mar 15th
When Humans Aren't Around Poem Chadical Mar 15th
PASSION ROSE Poem shelandrazee Mar 16th
Petals In The Wind Poem shelandrazee 1 Mar 16th
Flickerrss Poem SSmoothie 1 Mar 16th
What About Freedom Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Mar 16th
Full Moon (Help Us See Our True Course) Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 16th
The Shadow Of The Wing Poem Ahmad-poet-89 # addiction # love #learninlove #theone #hate #pity #like #relationship #relationship #firstpoem #new #younglove Mar 16th
The Dark Road To Mercy Poem Ahmad-poet-89 1 #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #Lord #waiting #hate #anorexic #fail #miss #life #music #help #lost Mar 16th
The Conscience Poem Ahmad-poet-89 # love # flowers # life # distrust # disappointment # lost # theone # faith # bloom Mar 16th
Show Them (The Truth ABout Labels) Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 16th
Dark And Dim Poem trumpet7 Mar 16th
Thoughts Poem Poet11 1 Mar 16th
Outraged Poem Poet11 Mar 16th
Just Go With It Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 16th
IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED... Poem joy Mar 16th
A CO-MINGLED JOURNEY Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Mar 16th
THE GAME Poem chris Mar 16th
مستی می‏ Poem ruby Mar 16th
The Number Six is in Style Poem Chadical Mar 16th
Orthodox Jews Refuse To Kill Poem saiom2 Mar 16th
Iceberg Divorce Poem saiom2 Mar 16th
Kasturi's Car Poem saiom2 Mar 16th
Pill Popping People Poem ramonathompsont Mar 16th
Untitled Poem olivia_mvlm Mar 16th
Fish Can't Scream Their Flesh Is Radioactive, Neurotoxic, Carcinogenic. Prose saiom2 Mar 16th
Superior Brain Function In Vegans, Vegetarians, Fruitarians Prose saiom2 Mar 16th
Untitled Prose olivia_mvlm Mar 16th
My darling love Poem Tina3987 Mar 17th
Inspiration Poem WiseWolf # addiction # love # disappointment #learninglove # inspiration # servant # chains # Secrets # madness # chaos Mar 17th
It's My Booty Poem ramonathompsont Mar 17th
Temptress Poem WiseWolf 1 #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #upset #secret #suicide #love #peace #miss #grief #time #lost #crazy #mad #gone #relationship Mar 17th
I Am Poem lukekelly94 1 #addiction #love #I #blessings #life #thought #age #failure #nature #faith Mar 17th
Propaganda Poem Dazedloser99 Mar 17th
Long Live The Irish Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 17th
I will always be here for you Poem Tina3987 #building #strength Mar 17th
Heaven Calls Poem ChandaHealton cat, death, Kaidyn Mar 17th
Leaving You Poem MajesticDravon Mar 17th
Fall of Roses Poem MajesticDravon Mar 17th
Highway 1 Poem MajesticDravon Mar 17th
Jazz In The Garden Poem wisdom Mar 17th
Love Signals Poem jordanchambers 1 shy love hidden feelings Mar 17th
1967 VISIT. Poem Dadio 1967, boy, girl, hospital Mar 17th
COMPLAINING Poem joy Mar 17th
Bird Of Paradise Poem shelandrazee Mar 17th
melting of reality and imagination Poem smooth Mar 17th
special sense Poem smooth Mar 17th
dna Poem smooth Mar 17th
visual and numeric world Poem smooth Mar 17th
A Crime Poem missbliss Mar 17th
Words from the heart Poem Tina3987 1 Mar 17th
Lemon Poem BearByNight #love #loss #drinking #lies Mar 17th
Secrets of the tyrants Poem darklaser888 Fear, nothing but a man, oppression, rebellion, Revolution, secrets, tyrant, War Mar 17th