How is it that I can be so in love

With someone I barely know

I don't know too much

But that you make me glow


You put a smile on my face

That I think the whole world knows

And everyone can see that it is

Because its you I choose


You became my world

From the instant you walked in

I just knew that everything changed

When you came within


My world did change

When you said 'Hi'

I had intense feelings in my stomach

And I knew everything went awry


Then I started falling

Then you became my everything

Then I knew that things were off,

That things had already started blooming


I don't know how they are on your end

But I know that I told you how I feel

You don't have to question mine

Because I know that they are real


Even though you haven't

Said the same thing

I have a feeling that you will

All in time I know its baffling


But one day we will have

Absolutely everything

I know this just like I know

I am not bluffing



Written on


February 15, 2014

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the last poem I wrote to Bogs. Its over now and he is gone.

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