Time and Memories {Revisited}


I dreamed a dream of stars and light

Shining brightly in the night

But then I saw, to my surprise

That they existed in your eyes

I had an illusion of desire

It's scarlet flames were rising higher

And soon after we took flight

You quickly vanished in the night

I gained an insight of your being

Sitting, broken, hopeless-feeling

I sat next to you, contrite

To tell you it was all alright 

I bear a vision, dark and deep

It has me turning in my sleep

Your memories I'll keep and keep

As I sit to sigh and weep

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just felt like tweaking it a bit, the first part is still my favorite




I ask myself

why I ever wanted

to resist

when you are

sitting there like that


begging me to

touch you taste you

and at the same time

a gate I can’t

open until I find the code


You are

lighting me up from the inside

I can’t I can’t I


and there we are

tangled beautiful

diving in the midnight again

pulling out the monsters from each other

letting loose the more.


You are

my own fire

born in a body

you are

staying here

until we lose track of time

you weigh

me down into this soft this need this pull

and I don’t want to

ever catch

my breath

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/31/18

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what it takes


Maybe I’ll drag my feet

along all of the glass

that cracked on the floor

the same day we shattered


Maybe I’ll smoke you out

with one bottle

or however many it takes

to strengthen gravity on my feet

till I hit the floor


Maybe I will hide these tears from you for once

because I have no right to your head

I have no right to keep you

and just because I’m blind in your sunlight

doesn’t mean you can’t still leave

I am not your first I won’t be your last I might as well be wasted


I want to pick a stranger to prove something

but it’s going to leave me faded

there are not enough pieces of me

and I can’t fool you the way I can fool myself

pretending I want anything but you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/13/18

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unsung story

first time

breathing in, breathing out

wanted you to figure out

I know, never remove the curtain

which was hiding all the show

some mystery, unsung story


I was right there, right now

never reflected on that side

desperate you to know

guess what, even I didn't know

how foolish, still wanted you to know


breathing in, breathing out 

I know right now, I was there 

desire was very simple

how foolish, to get just noticed...




Author's Notes/Comments: 

well one can say its imagination where someone is looking at the other person (the person is not completely a stranger, its just not easy for her to interact) and he/she wanted that person to realise her/his desire 

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A Sense OF Love

Passion and love

Flows from your fingertips

Stimulating the desires

Held within my humble being


As they trace the contours

Of my wanting body

Heat builds within my soul


Whispered words of eternal devotion

Caress my ears

Images of happiness and bliss

Dance before my mind’s eye


Your loving light

Shines bright within me

Chasing away the darkness

That has hidden my heart


Your supple flesh

Now lays bare before me

Your beauty and innocence

Now fill my expectant eyes


Gone now are the bindings

That have constricted my emotions

My torment and frustration

Finally set free


Wondrous new feelings

Inhabit this lonely vessel

That manifests into a life ready to be lived


And a glorious love yet to be shared

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Finding myself longing for the past,

That fleeting moment I was with you,

The scent of your cologne,

And your sheltered embrace.

Finding myself desiring contact,

To reach out and call you mine,

Not knowing what happened,

Finding myself far away.

The words you spoke,

The manner in which you made me feel,

I yearn for your presence,

Just once more.

Dreaming about us,

Never wishing to wake up,

It's the only place we can meet,

Anticipating our next encounter.

Discouraged is how I feel,

Upon waking up,

Finding I hadn't dreamt of you,

Taking a moment to remember our last.

Coping without you,

Something I didn't imagine I'd have to do,

Our meeting was brief,

But there's an imprint left from you.

Milking the past,

To nurture the present,

It's how I get by,

Without your essence.

Dreaming of You

anticipate going to sleep at night,

Hoping that I'll dream of you.

I hope to seeing your face,

Your voice, serenading.

In waking life you are absent,

But our lips met in my sleep.

Our bodies danced together,

In a familiar room.

It was in that moment,

I felt at home with you.

Fixated On You


I can't seem to stop thinking about you,

It's like I am back in highschool


I daydream of us being together

But I have a boyfriend I plan to love forever


My heart and my head are fighting,

I'm having such trouble deciding


I have no one to talk to about this,

None other than this pencil and paper


I don't know what answers I need,

But I hope to find them soon


I feel a a little lost in my relationship,

Wondering how my mind can be so fixated on you


I feel guilty,

Because you make me happy,


I don't want these feelings for you to go away,

But I'm afraid they may lead me astray

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written March 3rd, 2017


We have since then opened the doors to our relationship after we discovered we were both feeling these kinds of feelings. The start of a new journey.

Better Than My Dreams


I say goodnight,

but how can I go to sleep

when the mere thought of being with you

is way better than my dreams?

Me and you, the unexpected.

Me and you, the profoundly reflected.

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