A Baby Again

I want to be in your arms forever,
Resting my head on your lovely chest
I want to be a baby again
In your warm cuddle and embrace

Author's Notes/Comments: my love.

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Something Like Alvaro

“Something Like Alvaro”



Jay and Courtney were the coolest and happiest couple in the whole town, everyone wanted to be just like them. They had been going out since Courtney was in middle school and didn’t plan on breaking up at any moment. Courtney, the captain of the cheerleader squad, who was 18, walked every morning with her cheerleader outfit through the hallways of Saint Joseph’s Academy as all the guys sweat and look at her from head to toe, “What a goodie” they all said. Jay, on the other hand, was this “bad” and “rough” guy, who wore leather jackets and rode a matte black Yamaha R6, he was 24 and had already graduated from college. Well everything was perfect from everyone’s point of view, except by the fact that Jay was the most jealous person there was. Courtney was the prettiest of them all and wasn’t allowed, by Jay’s commands, to talk to boys, though of course she did, she was tired of it.


It was already spring break, Courtney’s SENIOR spring break, and she planned on visiting her friend Lucia, who lived in Madrid, together with her sister Cecile. The Connor sisters were so excited, though Jay wasn’t, he was sure something bad would happen, he was mad, FURIOUS, he didn’t like what was going on. Well, he was going to go with his whole family to LA beach so that should do for the moment. Jay left for vacations before the Connor sisters did, so they went to the airport by taxi. As they climbed the stairs to the plane, they drank their Starbuck’s coffee happily and sang to The Killer’s “Mr. Brightside”. Courtney had met Lucia in a summer camp 5 years ago and hadn’t seen her since. Her excitement filled her with such grace, she just couldn’t keep herself from smiling the whole time. As they arrived to Madrid’s airport after a LONG airplane ride, there she was, Lucia standing with a sign that said “Connor Sisters”. Courtney and Cecile ran to Lucia and hugged her, they were so glad to see her. “Hola niñas vengan! Hay muchas cosas que hacer, apúrense!”. Lucia lived alone in Madrid, her parents had died three years ago in a car crash and she was old enough to rent an apartment with her inheritance. She, of course, had a boyfriend named Jose Luis, who was driving a baby blue Beatle, waiting at the airport doors for the girls to climb in.


That first day they had planned on riding horses. As soon as Courtney had signal she called Jay, of course, to tell him how the airplane ride was and how she was so happy to see Lucia.


“What are your plans for today”, said Jay.


 “We are going to ride horses baby!”, Courtney said.


 “Are there going to be any boys around?”, Jay said.


“I really don’t know baby, but that doesn’t matter does it? You should trust me”, Courtney said.


“You know I do Courtney, but boys are boys! Don’t you dare talk to one. Just don’t!”, Jay said.


“Well okay. You wish”, Courtney said and suddenly hung up.


So they arrived, this beautiful green fields full of grass and all sorts of animals. There they were, all of Jose Luis’s friends. And there he was, Alvaro. Courtney had met Alvaro the day she turned 18, well not actually met him, but talked to him by face time when Courtney had called her to wish her a happy birthday. They both were born on the same day and the moment Alvaro saw Courtney he knew he NEEDED to meet her though Lucia had warned her about Jay. Of course, Courtney knew about what Alvaro had said and so was really nervous. She was going to evade him, run from him, keep away from talking to him….. “Hey there!”, Alvaro said. Courtney felt her whole body shiver, her legs paralyzed. “Hey”, Courtney answered shyly. “Let’s ride. Everyone choose your horses. Courtney and Cecile, since you have never ridden before you need to go with someone”. “I’ll go with Lucia!”, Cecile said. Cecile had a boyfriend as well and really didn’t want to mess things up. Courtney was looking for someone to go with and they had all already left, except Alvaro. She knew everything was planned by all of them…. How dare they plan.. “Climb up”, said Alvaro. So Courtney had no way out. As she hopped on and wrapped her arms around him she knew Jay wouldn’t be near to…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really enjoyed writing this piece of literature. 

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I'm sorry you decided to stop loving me

I'm lost and alone,  without your company. 

I miss seeing your face,  and the smile you wear

I miss saying I love you,  because your not there.

You've chose to act,  as If I were dead

I just can't get you,  out of my head. 

I flash back on things,  you and I have done... 

Remember our road trips?  Boy they were fun! 

I remember too how I'd feel after we kiss... 

That momentary rush...  Then that feeling of bliss. 

I miss laying beside you, in bed, after dark.

You'd listen to me, as I talked and talked ..

I miss seeing the way,  you'd look at me

I miss the feeling of love,  others could see. 


I hope where ever you are,  you're happy and well

As for me,  I'm living  next door to hell. 

Do you miss me,  am I even a thought?  

Am I just a bad memory, you wish you'd forgot? 

What happened to us,  where did it go wrong? 

When did our love,  become a sad country song? 

The thing I miss most,  about you and I

and this is the truth, I've no reason to lie.

What I miss most, since we came to an end... 

Is...  I miss you...  Being my best friend! 

I could tell you my secrets,  and yes too my fears. 

And you would tell me yours,  even if they brought tears. 

What happen to us, we're we not worth the time? 

Why didn't we see,  we're we both blind"

Was it something I did,  was it something I said

Why couldn't you tell me what was going on in your head? 

Gawd how I miss you,  every second of each day

Why couldn't I figure out,  a way for you to stay?

I hope you think about me,  and smile when you do.. 

Because then you'll remember,  that I'm in love with you!!!


Paul (ChryWizard)  Posney ©02/012/2018


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for the woman I thought would be my last love

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three little letters

i'm quite a simple girl

i only need one thing

with three little letters


y o u

with a smile so much brighter

than all the stars in the sky

you light up my life in the darkest times

all i need is you


y o u

with your godly hands

strong but soft; could destroy a city

or caress my face with the lightest touch

so gentle, yet so powerful


y o u

every single perfect imperfection

more breathtaking than a summer sunrsie

i adore your complexity

i adore you

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national poetry day


 National Poetry Day

By jfarrell





The stinking tendrils of ancient decayed flesh envelope you,

Engulf you in a nicotined-coloured fog;

Your devil has arrived, demanding payment.

              - horror


The moment I saw her face;

It was like a thousand rainbows shone;

All the stars of the heavens bursting into life again

My heart was hers. I would die for her.



There was a miserable sod, wrought from Bermondsey;

Dark clouds, thunder; all his life followed he;

But, when to ‘Wales’ he went,

A promised holiday was the event;

A ‘pain in the bum’ was all he received.



My madness has made me a god,

Or, maybe, I’m just a conceited sod.

                   - couplet


In the shadows, I watch and I learn;

The deep longing within me burns;

To love one, such as you;

And I know my love would be true.



Why poems?

I offer five reasons, five themes, five experiences;

Today is National Poetry Day.

Thank you for coming. Please enjoy your stay :-)



Author's Notes/Comments: 

happy national poetry day :)

A Mystery Called Love (reedited)

A Mystery Called Love (Reedited, original version is reposted below)


Water splashed. ...might be the

mistaken window pane dew 

On that stormy Independence [Day] night that which he hoped he knew—



Just when we waited... expected,

for the fire, shine; 

Later, we then have learned 

that 'tis...'tis a morning sign


If only the world is made for people

who know only love 

We, of course, would never 

have asked what 'tis made of. 

The reposted original, raw/unedited version:

A Mystery Called Love (unedited version)


Water splashed...might be

mistaken for window's dew

On that stormy independence

a night which he hoped he knew



Just when we waited..

expected, for the fire, to shine;

What we later have learned

that 'tis...'tis a morning's sign


If only the world is made

for people who know only love

We, of course, would never

have asked what 'tis made of.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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I’m walking in my sleep tonight

I’m walking in my sleep tonight

By jfarrell


I’m walking in my sleep tonight

As soon as my head hits the pillow

And I am away to the Land of Nod


With one stride I will cross the Atlantic Ocean

With the next I will be at love’s home

Then seated on the swing on her porch


Holding her in my arms

Kissing her passionately

*this is a “PG” rated poem - this scene has been deleted*




Author's Notes/Comments: 

dreams are magic :)

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Need You More


I used to wake up in your arms,
Opened my eyes right before your breath,
Rise me up with your love that portrays within you,
Don't be so hard on me today,
For i need more than ever,
Don't leave me right here in this darkness,
Don't let this end take what we've accomplish,
Don't let it blow our candle away,
And quench the fire fire we burnt,
Stay right here with me,
Don't let the wind blow me away like a dust,
And that i be seen no more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Alienate Beloved


There is silence in the world

Since we didn't said farewell;

And your beauty with an alien speech

An alien tale would tell.


There is silence in the world,

Which is not peace nor quiet;

Nei; a golden heart

Ever I seek to flee therefrom,

While I belong with Thee,

And walk the ways of the riot.


But when I hear the music moan

In rooms of thronging laughter,

A serpent-tongued demon drives me forth,

And silence follows after.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mythos love poem.

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