Astral, Aquatic, Arboreal: A Queer Love Triptych


Celestial Serenade


Silken skies, where starlings soar,

Zephyr's zest, we both adore.

Sapphire seas and sibilant shores,

Our love, like light, through cosmos pours.


Artemis’ arrows aim prestigious, 

Safely we dance under a moonlit aegis.
Entwined, we dream of Sappho's isle,

Our hearts aligned, mile after mile.


Earthen embrace, we root and grow,

Gaia's gifts, on us bestow.

Verdant vines and velvet moss,

Our bond, unbroken, knows no loss.


Eternal Echoes


Whispered wishes in the wind,

Two souls, genderless, have twinned.

Celestial bodies, we revolve,

Our love's enigma we'll resolve.


Neptune's nymphs sing siren songs,

To depths where our passion belongs.

Poseidon's realm, a vast expanse,

Where our love story finds romance.


Persephone's pomegranate seeds,

Bind us like eternal deeds.

Through seasons' change, we persevere,

Our love grows stronger year by year.


Infinite Iridescence

From Elysian fields to Avalon's mist,

Our lips, like petals, gently kissed.

In this cosmic dance, we twirl and spin,

Two hearts, two bodies, joined within.


Forever more, our love will soar,

Beyond the sky, beyond the shore.

In life, in death, in joy, in strife,

We'll love each other, beyond this life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

With International Non-Binary Day being celebrated this weekend (though it is technically the following week), I though I should prepare something different from my usual poetry.

I have edited this poem as someone mentioned they "baulked" at the tautology used in one of the couplets. To be fair
, I wrote this at around 2 AM this morning in an insomnia-induced session of hyperfocus. 

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A love poem for Nyarlathotep.


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Love poem for Nyarlathotep.

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I really enjoyed writing this piece of literature. 

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