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nothing really to say, i sit in my room all day since i know no one in this world, i play video games & sometimes write things, i use to write alot..almost every single day at least 2 - 3 things, but now its just..-sigh- maybe once every other month
just lost that spark i guess.
Anything else ,just ask? w/e idk .-.

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my navel? xD interesting..uh..flat..normal? i have no idea x__X

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fav stuff eh?..
well i enjoy watching movies+ listening to music & i love watching anime's *~*
i love playing chess, but no one to play with v_v
& my one hobby is collecting all things Disgaea friggen love that game/anime.
& my fav book is The Reckoning by Sarah Pinnborough. (prolly spelled her name wrong but eh you can find it w/e x.x)


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