Sexual Thoughts [Sexual Fiverse: Poem of Five Lines]


Utterly sensual

Thoughts of you

I have in mind

By thinking, you I find

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Sex And The Water( Taste )

Smooth heat rubbed against my lips.
I went close to fetch a kiss and swallowed sips
Drawn from a tongue; fruit, bitten subtly,slow
Because I know I may hurt hers, mine also:
The same I feel is what there maybe is felt too.
Here now, we've came, than frowning me and you
Are holding tight behind our horse's neck
Riding through days and night's weave of starful black
There but I brighten night with all a sunny day;
Death to the lazy and to thee; her chastish ways!
And sky, its whispers blow the cool and quietest,
Fall from cloud rainless while it pours on thee, the first,
Woman of choice of heart struck loudest where it lives
It touches most; it brings the hand, a hand that gives!

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 Ensenada afternoon Sidewalk bench 

Outside the Oxxo convienice store 

A neon city of clamor

 a writhing restless hustle

Voices all around me

A Degas style impressionistic reminiscent 

Of acid trip teeth grinding

2 Hispanic women in an old brown Buick

Argue over who’s turn it is to buy beer.

A man with sleek pleated pants 

“I’ve got girls”

“Follow me...I take you”

“Whatever you want”

“I’ve got eet”

“You wanta the cocaina?

He wouldn’t let me sketch him.

2 girls cross the street

Very young 

Dressed in the scent of sin

“Hey baby”

“I’ll show you good time”

The man with the pleated pants

Scolded her in Spanish 

Then coolly  tips his hat to me with a half grin.

“Come on, I take you”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the strange get stranger.

A re-occurring theme.

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  Once a smoothed faced man

I , the one who may beacon with tendrils upon tendrils 

of Vast artificial contentment 

May become a wanton wanderlust searching upon searching 

The path has become part of us.


A wondrous derangement.

An engagement of planes upon trains from Strasbourg to Thames.

A suave Lothario flagrantly wears his gangrenous fougere.

A disheveled man, Long beard. Shoes worn affray.

High society Woman in gaudy bedazzle.

What do your shoes say?

Did you have a cinematic life?

Black and white?

Will you wind back the reels 

Of your 8mm 

Frame by frame 

Only to find you have been Alone, in a dark room

Nothing more than a spectator

Reduced to a Pair of staring eyes?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

From the road. Inspired by strange things in a strange world.

I Don't Know How It Goes

What do I write about?

The story of my life!
I don't know how it goes, do you?
It's a matter of question to you and me to ponder on.
This side of eternity once given is true........or false in ones perception of it all.
Do you remember or is it I've forgotten in all this distraction freely given, to what ends I do not know.
Make believe is what it is I think. It's here in one moment and gone in the next.
How could it be anything other than
Games, we all play them, in hopes to gain some more of it.
Of, 'it'!, whats 'it'?
Life I said. Don't you remember?
or have you forgotten what it is, what it's all about.
I'll tell you what, lets make believe that I am you, and you are me.
Okay now, tell me about your life.
I don't know how it goes, I've forgotten you.
             Copyright 2018 by RW Erskine
Author's Notes/Comments: 

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Broken Puzzles

In a unforgiving
train of thought
I lay my head
to weep
upon my pillow
Which comforts me
on the horizons
of my mind
I put together
of broken pieces
and never realize
How many of them
are missing.

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I lost her


I yearn for you,

But we're, sitting in silence and im just trying to catch a word of your thoughts,

Are you thinking about me?

Do you even still think about me?

Brutal heartbreak, how much can one heart take,

You sleep naked infront of me and my eyes search your body for the scars that I left,

I want to, be inside of you and heal you from within,

I want to,

I want to bend you over and,

I want to, but,

I am not your enemy,

I am not your friend,

I'm everything I couldn't be for you,

And everything that I'm not, within.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Forever my Taco

Mistress Please

I heard the words and it angered me more.

many phone calls, many texts.

message after message of would you do a three way with me and my girlfriend.

Mistress Please.


I wanted to scream.

you dont even have enough manhood to satisfy one woman and you want two.

Just because Im bi and strugggling financially doesnt make me your personal whore.

Mistress Please.


He plead and begged as though I would say yes.

His seventy plus year old frame requesting the imposssible.

All I could picture was him having a heart attack and me having to explain to his wife.

Mistress Please.


I promised your dad I would take care of you.

Yes but that didnt mean try and fuck me  anytime you could because I needed money.

That didnt mean you ask me to sleep with you and your girlfriend because youre married and dont care.

you con man of con men.

Mistress Please.


You cant have me I refuse it.

Im not doing it.

I trust my God to bless us and not fuck you.

Say what you want

do what you want.

Mistress please.



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J. White

The City of Dreams will be good to you;

perhaps, even, as good a girl I was to you (under you),

being adored by you (suffocated by you)

in all of my inebriated scrutiny, whimpering, and reticent nudity.

Perhaps, even, she may further your sobriety and nevertheless influence a Blue Period,

since, after all,

you aspire to imprison Picasso in your casa.

I became an oxford blue in front of you

and a rape green in crevices ideally only seen

by one lover,

though I must thank you (damn you),

not only because you demanded it with a dense hand against each of my cheeks,

but because the City of Dreams will be good to you,


and I an even better cherub to (ab)use before your departure. 

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