Beautyganda (in Filipino language with a coined word)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This expermental poem has also been partially inspired by my most recent researches on A.I. generated images which had consequently catapulted me to write/compose something relating to the ideal beauty in my own predilection that coincided or have had happened at this particular time..during my studies about aesthetics and aestheticism...and my actual notions on Love, expressed in Filipino.


The term was invented by myself [I hope I coined it first] as I cannot translate what I have in mind at this time to denote both beautiful and cute [I often refer to it as, perhaps in my own invented word, "Cutieganda"..] which was also supposed to be formerly included or have been used in this particular poem. Thanks for reading on.

Cut Me Deeper

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No, I am not now, nor have I ever been a cutter. It's a metaphor for the poetic 'RELEASE' ink, like blood.

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Guide Me

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guide me

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what stops me.

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Everything And More

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I may have lost my muse, but I can still write. I guess I'm my own muse

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Why Did You Hide Your Face?

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