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The cold gray grasp of winter

Had passed like melted snow

Reflections of silvery frost

And the pale pulsating aura of stars

Still haunting me on this equinox

Yet as these days grow longer

I feel such yearning, a calling

That draws a man into the forest

As spring thaws this land of my ancestors

There I fast, lying quietly down

Thirsty, without water, beneath a tree

Everything is a revelation, a sign, a symbol

As each hawk passes, each coyote cries

My senses seem to flourish and blossom

With all that is lacking, in this state of deprivation

I am finally nourished, I can only grow

Transcending these April skies

These magnificent dreams and visions

Feed me like a newborn baby

Guiding me on the right path

On the future road I must take

In this most blessed Giigwishimowin

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Vermillion River

The majesty I find, in a wooded ravine

Your crystal clear creeks are the divinity I seek

I descend down into your beating heart, a valley

Slipping and sliding, down icy canyons and ravines

This clay is your flesh, frigid water your blood

I kneel and touch each obsidian pebble and stone

They remind me of permanence, wisdom

And the consciousness that permeates this existence

I drink up its essence like syrup tapped from the Maple

In the northern night, I am held breathlessly in awe

As I gaze up through a towering canopy upon a hill

My eyes suddenly align with constellations igniting

And flickering ancient galaxies and universes all aglow

Invisible and unnoticed to the blinded sprawling cities

I reach for these magnificent glittering stars

And a luminous crescent moon levitating

Just above outstretched gray branches

The sky is frozen, ink black and endlessly immense

The forest is so vibrant, full of life and the sacred

I smell the scent of ancient embers and drifting smoke

And sleep outstretched upon the frozen earth

Just above the sound of water flowing slowly

Meandering softly down the Vermillion River

These frosted leaves I lay upon, thaw restlessly

Casually in the warmth of the midday sun

Decaying back, into rich spring soil

Announcing March has finally arisen


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Epping Forest.






Spirit of green engendered in liberty


Sweeping across the glanded glades


Tangled tree spirits in tarnished brief


Dancing shades of sunlit lauded leaves.




Some reveries of buttercups in a sea of grass


Sporting squirrels where frolicking en-mass


A listed gesture abbotted in a shallow ditch


Songs of flyers in myrtled melodious pitch.




Conversers of the mind in greenish code


Stimulations of heart in a gentler mode


Spirits of nubile shadows laying aside


Some sultry caresses for the winded bride.


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Lush vegetation, rushing water, we walk along,
music fairly vibrates the air, humming in ones bones,
the scintillating scent of food, awakens the scenes,
crowded, flooded with people, variation,

Trees stretch their limits, brushing past the sky,
flourishing, luxuriant, casting cool shadows,
restaurant after restaurant, people fill them to brimming,
performs stand, sit, sending thrilling music into the throng.

The music dances in ones soul, awakening the spirit,
the rushing water, flows in ones lives blood, enchanting,
the canal, lives in ones heart, a exotic allure,
igniting the scenes, engulfing the soul, capturing the heart.

The abundant scents speak deep, the tongue throbbing to taste,
a nip of food here, addicting, a bite of food there, fanatic.
Sweet lavish pastries, entrees’ of potent perfection,
Rich fragrant coffee, a flavor like no other.

Rush of flowing water, dance of wind filled trees,
sounds of night flow through you, music fills you.
Walk on, scents entrap you, enthralling, welcoming,
The canal, a living breathing entity, beauty all its own.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was actully written for a contest inspired by a painting please enjoy it!

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Nature's Dance

The trees in this world don't just blow around in the wind with no purpose.
They dance in the music of your soul.
A bird isn't just a bird.
It's a messager from God.
Sent to advertise the treasures of the world.
Birds don't just chirp,
they sing.
They are an inspiration for me to do things that make my heart soar,
like they do when they fly.
You could look at nature with horrible thoughts in your mind
and see nothing.
When you change those thoughts into beauty you see everything.
The way you see things,
is the way they are.
Well at least in your mind.
It just depends on who you are.
Everyone sees it differently,
but when I see nature,
I see me.